Learn more about the Hopkins Pathology Residency Model and its results.

Travelling can be very tiring and interview day can be very stressful, but remember this is the one chance you present yourself. Whatever you like, you will find your place here! This education allows our residents to pursue a wide range of career paths. There are many programs that consider international medical graduates for residency positions and you may be able to get an idea by looking up the program website for current residents. Check out our Instagram at @jhpathresidency! Compared to all residency programs in the USA and Canada, Stanford typically has among the largest number of resident presentations at the annual USCAP meeting. Do not get disheartened with one or less than five interviews, as candidates have matched with only one interview. Even after the SOAP some programs may have unfilled spots due to various reasons including unfilled through SOAP, some candidates do not get visas, etc.

Our mission embraces three core principles: diagnostic excellence, research, and clinical care. Many successful applicants do well with self study without spending a lot of money on tuitions.

enjoy spending time together outside of work. If you have additional info or suggestions to add, please do so, but please do not remove any info from this page. Hear from Alisha about her experience at Johns Hopkins.

I often receive questions from international medical graduates about how to obtain a pathology observership rotation in the USA or how to apply for pathology residency in the USA. Step 3 can be given anytime up to March, as programs require your results only after match day for your work visa. It is best to keep checking for possible vacancies. As the Program Director of the USC/LAC+USC Medical Center Pathology Residency Training Program, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors of our newly-developed website, designed by our residents. Although getting spots through SOAP for international graduates can be very hard. We are deeply committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity, core values of Johns Hopkins Medicine. It is better to apply for observerships first and schedule the Step 2 CS after you have spent a month or two in the United States, so you get accustomed to communication here. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.


Lack of planning and preparation could leave a lot of aspects to chance. Pathology residents in training at residency programs in the USA are eligible to apply to essentially any USA pathology fellowship program; this is true regardless of whether they completed medical school in the USA or at an ECFMG approved international medical school. You have to get ERAS token to apply, information on ERAS website.

To be ECFMG certified you need to have Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS. A very good number of interviews is ten, wherein the chances of getting selected into a residency are extremely high. The other option of student visa requires you to do a waiver job that can be hard to get or work in the home country for two years. The Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins provides world-class training in anatomic pathology (AP), clinical pathology (CP), and neuropathology (NP).

They are collaborative, collegial, and downright nice. --- PLEASE ADD PROGRAMS & URL LINKS TO THIS LIST---. Step 3 is required for getting a work visa, however requiring the work visa puts limitations on the number of options you may have for residency positions and even future fellowships. It helps to do observerships in large institutes as well as in programs that consider observers for prospective residency positions. The documents are sent back and forth by international mail if the medical school does not have the online medical school web portal. Our laboratories process over 7 million laboratory examinations annually, including 200+ autopsies, and 146,000 anatomic pathology specimen tests. Getting a very good score makes the chances of getting a residency position very high. We cultivate an inclusive and safe learning environment, which allows individuals of all backgrounds to thrive and realize their fullest potential. Many applicants study till they get high scores on self-assessment exams before they give the USMLE. The essential ingredients of a good application though are: planning, good USMLE scores, observership/internship/research experience in the United States, and letters of recommendation from pathologists in the United States or pathologists who are known to people in institutes you are planning to apply. The nature of the residency application process in the United States is unique and takes planning and advance preparation to be done the right way to increase chances of success.

Importantly, you will work one-on-one with faculty, many of whom have helped to describe and define these diagnoses.

In recent years, many of our residents have won awards for their original research at USCAP and other meetings. The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine supports 24 post-graduate physician residency positions (6 per year) and up to 17 post-residency fellowship positions. The most popular exam centers among international medical graduates are in the South and West of the US, the warmer weather could be one of the reasons. You may want to see online USMLE forums for the latest online discussions that may give you an idea of current changes, which specialties are competitive, where to get observerships, etc. Pathology residents in training at residency programs in the USA are eligible to apply to essentially any USA pathology fellowship program; this is true regardless of whether they completed medical school in the USA or at an ECFMG approved international medical school. This leadership may take on a variety of forms including becoming a clinical laboratory director, a dedicated educator in academic medicine, a grant-funded researcher, or a department chair. It is always better to do the Step 3 before starting residency if you can, in order to focus on pathology and work. Lastly, Johns Hopkins Hospital sits in the heart of Baltimore, an underappreciated and often overlooked hipster-cosmopolitan city. We are developing a physician-scientist track with support for residents with a research career in mind, hopefully ready by July 1, 2020. Doing a case report or review article with your mentor enables them to write more strongly about you and your work. If you are still left to apply for next year, remember the combination of planning, good scores, US letters and experience; and try to figure out where your preparation was deficient. Research is strongly encouraged with numerous available research projects in various fields. Senior residents may apply for a departmentally-approved research year. The results of each exam take 4 weeks to come out usually, and the Step 2 CS has a schedule that can viewed online about time frame when results would are delivered depending on your Step 2 CS exam dates. As an American medical graduate, I lack personal experience with these things, but I wanted to provide a resource so I can more easily answer these questions. AP and CP disciplines are integrated over the required four years. --- PLEASE ADD MORE PROGRAMS & URL LINKS TO THIS LIST---. Occasionally, residents choose anatomic pathology (AP) or clinical pathology (CP) alone, … The most important email to write about during the first week of January to all programs you interviewed is to inform them about your interest in the program and that you would like to be there. - Pallavi Patil MD. Our faculty are dedicated educators who relish the opportunity to work with residents both in a clinical and research setting. After your interview it helps to inform the programs about additional accomplishments like publications.

Getting medical school transcripts, MSPE, ECFMG verification needs to be started at the outset, essentially, because some medical schools may not be familiar with the process or have formats. If you want to be very careful and increasing chances training courses ranging from 1 day to a few days could be taken while in the United States or online.

It still works to apply by end of September, applying after September can greatly diminish the number of interviews you may get. As online forums do not have vetted information, it needs to be used carefully. Applying for observerships, particularly for international medical graduates requires advance planning, as getting time slots that can get difficult and are usually booked 6 months to a year in advance. Note: This website is for the sole purpose of providing residency specific information.

Writing thank you and follow up emails after the interview to the people you met with on interview day is important. During the first week of your observerships it is important to observe the ways of communication and practices in the workplace. Accepting all interviews is very important, as getting a residency if very multifactorial and does not always depend on your scores, letters, or profile. They come from all around the world with unique backgrounds, bringing to the program a variety of life experiences, opinions, and interests. PhD, fresh graduates, experience in pathology etc. This is a list of pathology fellowship programs that allow international applicants who have not completed residency training in the USA. Often you may find good study partners or friends who have passed the Step 2 CS to help to practice Step 2CS in person or on Skype. For prospective applicants to all residency programs at Johns Hopkins.

The first thing to start with is a firm decision to proceed with trying for residency because of the amount of time, effort and money required to complete till you get a residency position. For American Medical graduates a pathology elective in your own medical school and/or prospective program of interest is recommended, to get an idea of the nature of the practice of pathology. Medical student teaching is also encouraged at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. However, pathology residents or in-practice pathologists who did their pathology residency training outside of the USA may not be eligible for some fellowship programs in the USA… Users are encouraged to contribute information regarding faculty, number of positions, etc. At Johns Hopkins, pathology trainees underrepresented in medicine (UIM) have the opportunity to network and fellowship with UIM trainees and faculty through the active institution-wide House Staff Diversity Council, while the Pathology Diversity Committees work in parallel to recruit and retain the next generation of pathologists and laboratory professionals. Occasionally, residents choose anatomic pathology (AP) or clinical pathology (CP) alone, but most complete an integrated AP/CP program. They are integral to the functioning and advancement of our Department.

For e.g. Step 2 CS can be challenging and passing it could become a real hurdle to applying for residency.

Hours, vacation time, teaching, preview time, etc., are usually informed by residents or faculty during the interview.

You need to be ECFMG certified usually by August end, as the applications are sent out to programs starting September 15.

The CCS portion of the Step 3 of the USMLE can be challenging and the most popular study material for the same is Archer full length CCS workshops.

The very practical structure of USMLE questions and study material makes it very interesting to read and practice. The sky's the limit! Our fully-accredited training program is structured to prepare residents for academic or community practice. Wesley Naritoku, M.D., Ph.D. Our residency has been consistently ranked #1 or #2 by Doximity and has been #1 two years in a row! If you have a soft spot for nature, you'll enjoy the historic and majestic Chesapeake Bay in one direction and the bucolic beauty of the countryside and mystique of the Shenandoah National Park in other directions.

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