Katina Arnold – Vice President, Communications Bristol, CT 06010 e-mail: ESPN.com . ESPN SUCKS. Or. Tim Bunnell – Senior Vice President Production, Programming, Marketing and Advertising Sales – ESPN International Aaron Katzman – Coordinating Producer – ACC Network ESPN Plaza. I'm very excited I arrive at the visitor center I take a picture of the ESPN sign I walk into the visitor center where there's three men on June 21 at 6:24 PM i'm all excited I have to get the offer tours and the guys laugh at me. I was well aware that we weren't allowed to go on a tour unless we knew an employee that worked at the campus. Their opinion is not worthy but they feel they have trust and they are not apart of thee "fake media". The gentleman on the phone informed me that they can not reverse the no refund once that has been decided, but I should go ahead and use ESPN+ since I have paid for a year. Learn more. ESPN Magazine 147 Columbus Avenue New York, NY 10023 e-mail: ESPN… (By the way, why do you need two people sitting at the front desk to do one person's job??) They allowed picture taking and everything, it was an awesome experience, thank you ESPN! Tim Reed – Vice President, X Games I've never been so damn insulted in my life. Lo and behold, the staff sitting at the welcome desk were rude, unprofessional, and unintelligent. Michael Baltierra – Executive Editor|Executive Editor This company has attempted to pay off advertising and marketing companies to hide bad reviews. They should call it The NBA channel. ESPN Attn: ESPN Plaza Bristol, CT 06010. your mailing address is wherever things can be sent to you. Only gets 4 stars because the gift shop  was closed, and due to the antics of drama queen AB84 the sports center studio was on fire because we were there as the news was unfolding. e-mail: ESPN.com, What happened to the Cowboys, Vikings and Texans? Some may remember that one.College football/ basketball was just the local networks and that was pretty much it.Now there are games on every single day. I'm very excited I arrive at the visitor center I take a picture of the ESPN sign I walk into the visitor center where there's three men on June 21 at 6:24 PM i'm all excited I have to get the offer tours and the guys laugh at me. I used to have multiple TVs going when hockey and basketball had playoffs at the same time. e-mail: ESPN.com, ABC Sports Freddy Rolón – Vice President, ESPN Deportes Programming & Business Initiatives I mean, what do you usually tell people that walk into a WELCOME CENTER? Glenn Jacobs – Vice President, MMA Production We were given the same information. Julie McGlone – Senior Coordinating Producer Now I'm not huge into watching ESPN or many sports for the matter besides football, but I had friends who were coming to visit me and they were super excited to get a tour at ESPN. Mark Gross – Senior Vice President, Production and Remote Events I clarified what I had asked, and he responded rudely, "Well, what do you want to know??" With this kind of customer service, we would be hard pressed to recommend ESPN and any Disney affiliates to any family, friends, and loved ones. Was disappointed to see talking heads all across ESPN all week equivocating on the NBA-China story, calling it a "political disagreement" and making it seem like one side is totally legitimate and not a dictatorial regime using Orwell's 1984 as a playbook. Lo and behold, the staff sitting at the welcome desk were rude, unprofessional, and unintelligent. Jack Obringer – Senior Coordinating Producer, SportsCenter ESPN+ also does offer a 7 day free trial, so obviously we brought that up, again since we cancelled an hour later. Chuck Salituro – Senior News Editor It's just like Coke vs Pepsi guys, lol. Craig Lazarus – Vice President, Original Content & Features Patricia Mays – Coordinating Producer/Senior Director, Storytelling Unit Theyy only care about Cali teams. Dean Zirolli – Vice President, Controller. Touch one of the icons and that team's fight song places as you walk through. ESPN Headquarters 545 Middle St. Bristol, CT 06010. We were told no for both.... they have a Welcome center but it's pretty useless you're an athlete of some sort apparently. Scott Glaser – Executive Director, Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl That's next... 10/23/19My husband and I decided to sign up for ESPN+ August 31st 2019. I will not go back to ESPN until he is fired from ESPN  He sits back and sits on his ass and says words don't mean anything inaction that count but his hypocrite ass has done no action and says only white people have to do everything. Lee Fitting – Vice President, Production Vikram Somaya – Senior Vice President, Global Data Officer and Ad Platforms ESPN, Inc. ESPN Plaza Bristol, CT 06010. Scott Guglielmino – Senior Vice President, Programming and Acquisitions An original member of the on air crew. John Papa – Vice President, Programming & Acquisitions Mike Morrison – Vice President, Business Development Visit our FAQ page. Dan Margulis – Senior Director of Programming and Acquisitions Do like watching or listening to Mike & Mike in the mornings before heading out to start my day.Before...Our only option to catch a out of town baseball game was the 'Game of the week ' on Saturday afternoons on another network. Amar Melwani – Commercial Director, ESPN – Europe, Middle East and Africa Barnwell ranks the NFL's contender busts, Sources: Raiders place five more on COVID list, NFL moves Bucs-Raiders out of Sunday night, Sources: Vikes ship Ngakoue to Ravens for picks, Utah erred in athlete's death, settles for $13.5M, Mayweather critical of number of title belts, Source: Vikes' Hunter having surgery, out for '20, World Series 'travel day' roundtable: Everything we learned in Games 1 and 2, NFC East doormat: Giants trying to shed ugly label vs. Eagles, A four-win NFC East champ? Stephanie Druley – Executive Vice President, Event & Studio Production Over kill to some I get it.Will miss Chris( Boomer) Berman when he leaves later this year. Amy Rosenfeld – Vice President, Production Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Anyways, we left and took some pictures with the ESPN sign, and were quickly ushered off the property by security..... Tldr; If you're driving by just to be able to say "Hey, I saw the ESPN center! Armando Benitez – Director Sénior de Producción – ESPN International Bristol, CT 06010 Jodi Markley – Executive Vice President, Content Operations & Creative Services Alison Overholt – Senior Vice President, Multiplatform Storytelling and Journalism Chris LaPlaca – Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications Can Joe Milton put a stop to Michigan's quarterback carousel? You would think that people who help pay their salaries by subscribing to their Network would be welcomed, but NOOOOOO..... ol' John Q Public gets the heave ho for snapping a selfie with an ESPN sign out by the road!! I felt like a kid at Disneyland; much like a dream come true. I'm sick of it. I'm watching the Dodgers-Giants and they're talking about Camden Yards (!) My husband and I were on an East Coast road trip and decided to swing by the ESPN center to check it out for a few minutes. I wanted to make sure there would be no problems with cancelling, so my husband called the next day. They have done this for years. Chris Turner – Vice President, SEC Network, Programming Judi Cordray – Vice President, ESPN West Coast Production Center If Pepsi is always watching you and sends a goon squad to beat you and harvest your organs if you say anything it doesn't like. David Roberts – Senior Vice President, Production Kate Jackson – Coordinating Producer, Special Events You would be reduced to rags and ramen noodles. They want to interject politics into sports. They have done this for years. Maria Soares – Senior Coordinating Producer, ESPN International and ESPN Deportes Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about ESPN. John Vassallo – Senior Coordinating Producer I've never been so damn insulted in my life.Am seriously considering canceling my subscription. ESPN has been there for me my whole life. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews.

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