Pat had enough Tyler's behavior and asked Tyler to sit on the porch. Despite, Nick wanted his belongings back from Sam and Amy, he threatened them that he wanted to kill someone, but Sam cannot grant Nick that he won't get his belongings back. The teens will break the house rules including backtalk to the strict parents, using profanity towards to the children and parents, smoking cigarettes, and not following the house rules, they will face the consequences such as dip on the pond, walking around by carrying a water slosh-pipe, push-ups, cutting a red-painted stump, running around the cones, cleaning the manure, chores, boot camp fitness, staying outside of the porch on cold weather and other numerous punishments by the strict host parents.

This FAQ is empty. The series ran until 15 December.

When Eddie and Susan confiscated their belongings from Jesse's luggage and Christine's luggage, Eddie found cigarettes and a. Jacob got busted for bringing cigarettes from his luggage by Pat and Holly, so Pat punished Jacob by carrying a slosh-pipe to walk around the field. Alex is kicked out of the Davis's house for a while after he smokes outside their house, but after a while, a guilt-ridden Alex apologizes to Dewayne and is allowed back in the house. Mark and Laura confiscated their belongings from Chloie and Kody, Mark identified that Chloie and Kody were bringing cigarettes with them.

Watch World's Strictest Parents - Season 1, Episode 16 - The McCormick Family: The McCormicks are a strict Iowa family who lay down the law both at work and at home. Mackenzie did as she was told whereas Ian disobeyed, smoking during the runaway. Reaired November or December 2015 on 7TWO. The whole family liked his food. Brian and Desiree went out of the house without permission by Adam and Pamela. One of the Forsyth children, Austin, who would marry Joy-Anna Duggar and later appeared in the reality show Counting On. The new family usually does not speak German and the teenagers likewise usually don't speak any other language than German so they can only talk through translators. Cassandra died on 16 November 2017. Season 1, Episode 8 The Forsyths First Aired: June 6, 2009 Rebellious teens are sent to live with a strict religious family who believe in faith and family above all else. World's Strictest Parents (2009– ) Season 1 Episode 8 All The Forsyth Family (I) (6 Jun. However, Blake found a box of cigarettes from Mackenzie's luggage, Blake punished Ian and Mackenzie by carrying the tree logs out of the yard. Sean and Irene McCormick (a police officer and personal trainer) in. As well other locales to have locally produced adaptations include Scandinavia, Turkey, and Poland.

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