One Twitter user said: “TikTok Willy Wonka getting cancelled for eating chips n salsa and saying hola soy Willy Wonka? The reason for his popularity have to do with the different characters that he plays on the same app. Other saw a challenge in that comment but for Willy Wonka it was some good material for his new video. “People making a big deal outta nothing. So the willy wonka dude got cancelled for saying “hola” and eating crisps, are you lot ok?? Duke Depp, better known as @willywonkatiktok is a popular TikTok user who dresses up as and pretends to be Willy Wonka from the 2006 film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Results of recent studies by the Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory show that “in the face of stressful imagery, comedy is a more effective coping strategy than solemnity—and positive, optimistic humor is more effective than cynicism.” This may account for TikTok’s recent inclination toward generally wholesome or at least positive trends instead of our frequently darker memes. XperimentalHamid is for news and trend enthusiasts….

He said:“Hey guys I just want to come on here and apologize for a TikTok video that I made a few days ago that was ‘Willy Wonka Speaking Spanish,’”. On Twitter he said: “I am so so sorry about my “spanish speaking video” on Tiktok. Calls for canceling him have made the rounds on the internet but the timely apology in the wake of all that went wrong saved Willy Wonka from being erased from social media. Generation Z undoubtedly has a quirky sense of humor and that’s putting it nicely. Twitter claims during presidential debate debunked! The video, which was posted to his account on October 1st, was a response to a question from a fan that asked: “Do you speak Spanish?” Willy Wonka then replied by saying “yo soy Willy Wonka, si?” before eating a tortilla chip. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});TikTok Willy Wonka gone sexy is exactly on brand with our absurd and weird sense of humor. Quite frankly, it doesn’t make much sense. In a recent video that he posted on TikTok, a fan mocked him that he can’t speak Spanish. 26.9K fãs. There is simply no other point or commentary behind it. A dancing Willy Wonka trend is dumb, but not in a negative way. Another point that makes him so popular is the fact that he is quite responsive to his fans. It’s a step away from our tendency toward dark humor and that distraction is a nice interruption from the scary ongoings and turbulence everywhere. Friends DM me his TikToks on Instagram or I see them posted on Snapchat stories. How Will the Events of 2020 Shape the Generation After Gen Z? nick:MaluzinhaMC jogo favorito:Adopt me,tower e rangool Willy Wonka (@ilxwilywonka) no TikTok | 292.2K curtidas. He’s even a verified user, meaning he has that famous blue tick next to his name. 4 Fans. Or maybe it’s simply the pure ridiculousness of TikTok Wonka as a whole. Some of his followers have replied, saying they felt it was a minor offense and those offended are just too "sensitive," though other followers pointed out that one cannot speak for a whole community, and it's up to Hispanic and Latinx people to accept his apology. He has 14 million followers on the short-video sharing app, TikTok.

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