Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (1 Cor 1:20), the Apostle asks emphatically. Reason lays the foundation for faith and makes revelation "credible."

Moreover, one should not underestimate the danger inherent in seeking to derive the truth of Sacred Scripture from the use of one method alone, ignoring the need for a more comprehensive exegesis which enables the exegete, together with the whole Church, to arrive at the full sense of the texts. This knowledge expresses a truth based upon the very fact of God who reveals himself, a truth which is most certain, since God neither deceives nor wishes to deceive.6.

Prov 20:5). If you were not such, something greater than you could be thought, but this is impossible”.20. Against the temptations of fideism, however, it was necessary to stress the unity of truth and thus the positive contribution which rational knowledge can and must make to faith's knowledge: “Even if faith is superior to reason there can never be a true divergence between faith and reason, since the same God who reveals the mysteries and bestows the gift of faith has also placed in the human spirit the light of reason. The result has been a pervasive skepticism and relativism, which have not led to a more 'mature' humanity but to much despair and irrationality" (Address, n. 5). It should never be forgotten that the neglect of being inevitably leads to losing touch with objective truth and therefore with the very ground of human dignity. the face of created reality. In this work of discernment, which finds its inspiration in the Council's Declaration Nostra Aetate, certain criteria will have to be kept in mind.

I turn in the end to the woman whom the prayer of the Church invokes as Seat of Wisdom, and whose life itself is a true parable illuminating the reflection contained in these pages. There was a problem loading your book clubs. It is an illusion to think that faith, tied to weak reasoning, might be more penetrating; on the contrary, faith then runs the grave risk of withering into myth or superstition. One reason why the truth of these answers convinces is that they are no different in substance from the answers to which many others have come. I wish to thank them for their service to the Church. It loses its universality (n. 48). It proposes truths that might never have been discovered by unaided reason. Cultural context permeates the living of Christian faith, which contributes in turn little by little to shaping that context.

In brief, there are signs of a widespread distrust of universal and absolute statements, especially among those who think that truth is born of consensus and not of a consonance between intellect and objective reality. The chief purpose of theology is to provide an understanding of Revelation and the content of faith.

This is one of the tasks which Christian thought will have to take up through the next millennium of the Christian era.

By the same token, reason which is unrelated to an adult faith is not prompted to turn its gaze to the newness and radicality of being. What human reason seeks so ardently can be found only in Christ (n. 34). A lack of confidence in one's ability to know the truth has serious consequences for man's behavior in daily life. 3: 16). CHAPTER V - THE MAGISTERIUM'S INTERVENTIONS IN PHILOSOPHICAL MATTERS, The Magisterium's discernment as diakonia of the truth. Since the last century, however, the affirmation of the principle of immanence, central to the rationalist argument, has provoked a radical requestioning of claims once thought indisputable. Surpassing the goal towards which it unwittingly tended by dint of its nature, reason attained the supreme good and ultimate truth in the person of the Word made flesh. The term was first used with reference to aesthetic, social and technological phenomena. Anthropology, logic, the natural sciences, history, linguistics and so forth—the whole universe of knowledge has been involved in one way or another. 108 This task, which is theology's prime concern, challenges philosophy as well. We see here philosophy's valid aspiration to be an autonomous enterprise, obeying its own rules and employing the powers of reason alone. Yet the Church knows that “the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” are hidden in Christ (Col 2:3) and therefore intervenes in order to stimulate philosophical enquiry, lest it stray from the path which leads to recognition of the mystery. This opened a path which took its rise from ancient traditions but allowed a development satisfying the demands of universal reason.
All human creatures, not just philosophers, have the right to receive the truth about their existence and destiny (n. 38). Science and religion debated about the origin of the universe, the meaning of life, the occurrences of phenomena, and gave different answers. St. Paul’s Press, 1998.

91. They can continue on their way to the truth because they are certain that God has created them “explorers” (cf. The late Avery Not only because theology has the living Tradition of the Church as its original source, 104 but also because, in virtue of this, it must be able to recover both the profound theological tradition of earlier times and the enduring tradition of that philosophy which by dint of its authentic wisdom can transcend the boundaries of space and time. In Aristotelian philosophy, for example, the name signified the noblest part and the true summit of philosophical discourse. Underlying all the Church's thinking is the awareness that she is the bearer of a message which has its origin in God himself (cf. By the revelation of Jesus Christ, God has made the truth accessible to every man and woman.

Eph 1:9), by which, through Christ, the Word made flesh, man has access to the Father in the Holy Spirit and comes to share in the divine nature”.5 This initiative is utterly gratuitous, moving from God to men and women in order to bring them to salvation.
The message of Fides et Ratio is that

Person and who became incarnate precisely that we could come to know Thus for them the history of thought becomes little more than an archeological resource useful for illustrating positions once held, but for the most part outmoded and meaningless now. It is essential the he find the truth because only by choosing true values by which to live can he be true to his nature and find happiness (n. 25). Studies of the thought of Saint Thomas and other Scholastic writers received new impetus.

The Apostle's words seem all too pertinent now if we apply them to the various kinds of esoteric superstition widespread today, even among some believers who lack a proper critical sense. 23. Ten … A philosophy denying the possibility of an ultimate and overarching meaning would be not only ill-adapted to its task, but false.

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