It was also the first topic. transcript. On 29 September, US president Donald Trump went head-to-head with Joe Biden in the first presidential debate of the 2020 US election. Mike Pence argued that the Green New Deal would ‘crush American energy and jobs'. She met her goals. The coronavirus pandemic was a prominent topic at the debate, which came less than a week after President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19. The identity of the next US president is yet to be determined, but the foreign policy views of the American public are already clear. She isn’t directly coming at the question, other than pleading for votes. The source, who praised Pence's performance, said several people took turns playing the role of Harris: Scott Walker, Pam Bondi and former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. (Biden supports 100% clean electricity by 2035 and wants the US to re-join the Paris Agreement; Trump favours neither.). A fly lands on Vice President Pence's head during the debate. Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), US Vice Presidential Debate: Five Key Takeaways, First US Presidential Debate – Five Key Questions Answered, US Electorate Shows Distrust of the Realities of Foreign Policy, Choosing Kamala Harris Puts Identity at the Heart of Presidential Race. It's unclear whether it will be the last debate of the 2020 presidential campaign. And instead of the blatant insults and outright deceptions of last week’s debates, they deployed the more typical tricks of slick politicians: dodging, obfuscation and exaggeration. This live coverage has ended. "Joe Biden will not ban fracking. Trump interjected on Twitter during the vice-presidential debate Wednesday night by accusing Biden and Harris of seeking to ban fracking. How can the vice president claim character and Christianity and lie to us? America’s global leadership is rooted in these alliances, and they are a key component of US national security. While both made good points, I think overall, Kamala Harris's points on Covid-19 and health care were her strongest and really pushed her forward. 2. Kamala Harris seemed to distance herself from the Green New Deal, but claimed that a Biden administration would invest in green jobs. Then, when it was over, his wife stripped off her mask. Re-establishing credibility with America’s allies should be the top foreign policy priority of a Biden administration. Debate commission to cut the mics at Trump-Biden showdown. They dodge any point-blank questions that should honestly be easily answered by those who either are or seek to lead our country (i.e., Trump on denouncing White supremacy, Pence on climate change. The gloves stayed on. I'm speaking" — making it clear she wasn't going to let a male debate opponent get away with any intimidation tactics. Vice President Mike Pence and democratic VP nominee Kamala Harris will participate in the Vice Presidential Debate on Wednesday, October 7 from The University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT). The US labour market is in need of an upgrade towards higher quality jobs. Doing this while addressing climate change is a no brainer. through the prism of a partisan blame game. Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images A Republican bill backed by Trump included ACA state waivers that would allow insurers to charge higher prices to people with pre-existing conditions, potentially pricing them out of the market. Biden is not seeking to repeal all of Trump’s tax cuts. Biden says he will allow fracking to continue on private lands, where most of it takes place. ", "While both candidates were equal in debate style, Harris (in my opinion) won on the one attribute that decided the 1960 TV debate between Kennedy and Nixon: physical appearance. hide caption. Leslie Vinjamuri and Anar Bata: Last night's debate left no doubt that the pandemic is the number one issue driving this election. She cited a recent poll that found Western Europeans have more confidence in Chinese leader Xi Jingping than President Trump.

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