Anything.▸ The Vault can securely store - and play - animated GIFs.▸ The Vault can securely store *any* office or other document.▸ Many secured documents can be viewed directly from The Vault, including PDFs, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Powerpoint, Excel and Word files. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Make it long, and make it random!Read more about why and how inside the app. want all this to be secure, but still very simple to use?Then ◆The Vault◆ is for you!The Vault provides straightforward, easy to use, secure storage for all your documents and other data, such as passwords, login credentials and any other confidential information. I can’t keep track of the 50 or so passwords I need to remember, never mind the number of them that I have to change every couple of months. But Bitcoin is not Blockchain.

When I first got an iPhone (4s), I realized how completely this new gizmo was going to eclipse my long-gone PDA and all other methods of keeping records safe. Consumers can effectively shield all of their belongings from outside influences and retrieve their items easily with the ivault global search engine. Press Ctrl-CMD-T while browsing a website to immediately open the corresponding Note in your Vault - For example to look up your username and password.4.0========FEATURE+ Bulleted lists now support Roman Numerals+ CMD-Click to finalize a ToDo list item on a Note3.0 - 3.9.9========FEATURE▸ "Fast Favourites" : add keyboard shortcuts for your most often used passwords and usernames (or any other content)▸ Within-Folder search with live-toggling between search grouping▸ Automatically create a multi-line ToDo list from selected text▸ Search includes Folders in the list of search results▸ InterNote Links! ...and then either securely store it in The Vault, or write it back to your camera roll+ Automatic SecureBackup: directly to iCloud Drive, or to iTunes+ Preferences setting for Universal Clipboard support+ Add Smart-Copy paste for quickly copy-pasting Credit Card Numbers etc without spaces and dashes+ Improve HotContent parsing of answers to online security questions+ PDF Preview - Quickly preview, search or print PDF documents sent to The Vault - without having to login+ Tap to re-hide a temporarily revealed Hidden Folder+ Auto-insertion of a properly randomized password when inserting any password Template Note+ Updated Photo Editor+ Improved handling of encrypted PDFs+ Send & Receive SecureBackup bundles directly to and from iCloudDriveUpdate 4.0 - 4.9.9===+ Autosaves your changes while you are editing your Notes+ Improved handling of Template insertion, auto-positioning your cursor for immediate text input+ Auto-hiding of sensitive HotContent!+ Duress-protection for biometricID users: shake your device or quickly hit Cancel instead to completely disable biometric access to The Vault. If you sync setup is not correct that may indeed never happen. It can securely store any number of documents, screenshots or photos along with your confidential information. I have no regrets changing from Firebox to this tool. Supply chain: Counterfeit protection with blockchain – a competitive advantage? ivault secures supply chains and fights counterfeit using blockchain technology. Vault is a mobile app designed to hide private photos, videos on your phone. It is SO nice to use.
I recommend The Vault to my customers when asked what I use myself. From this point on it is technically impossible to access to your Vault without first manually entering your passcode.Improved HotContent parsing: + detection of IBANs+ improved handling of usernames that are email addresses+ new detection of answers to online security questions. ivault is solving the world’s security challenges with state-of-the-art fraud protection powered by a ground-breaking technology: The Blockchain.

ivault is solving the world’s security challenges with state-of-the-art fraud protection powered by a ground-breaking technology: The Blockchain. (Some other - payed - apps do too, but some apps advertised as "secure" really do not, and for example save your data using a simple base-64 encoding: your information looks scrambled, but is as readable as plain text when you know how).▸ The Vault will - never - show ad banners! This app is perfect for that. Do you...... have trouble remembering tens or hundreds of online passwords?

The app has been helpful but I’m done... it’s eaten one too many photos in random fashion & I'm looking for a replacement now. ◆ ◆ ◆ ▸ See all features:▸ The Vault is very simple to use, yet it employs industry-standard encryption to keep your data safe.
using SHA, MD5, or, god forbid, nothing at all (!) After missing a recent feature update, I emailed the developer for support.

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