The synopses were excellent and I love your inclusion of books that may not be deemed as inspirational without further contemplation (Black Beauty, Oh the Places You’ll Go, etc). I have never stopped reading since the monk who sold his ferrari. The Mouse, the Monster & Me; Liking Myself; Uplift Programs Uplift Programs Home Our books all offer hope in the form of wisdom and real skills you can put to use in creating an uplifting life experience, characterized by love, joy, and great relationships. This is a wonderful and uplifting collection of poems that you can dip into time and time again. Written by the amazing Olympic champion Dana Torres, who at the age of 41 took 3 silver medals at Beijing, years after being retired from competitive swimming, you just know this super motivator knows what she is talking about. More reviews of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. you’re in! Nobody had ever read anything quite like this before. I will wake up from my slumber-land and read as many as I can! More reviews of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari on Amazon. Incredible and powerful reading. You can read this book a hundred times over and still learn something new and wonderful each time you read it. The simple answer is yes. Uplift is a one-of-a-kind collection of anecdotes and advice, told in the words of everyday women of all ages who are part of the ever-growing sisterhood of breast cancer survivors. That’s easy; it’s this one. follow him at twitter he has breathed life in me. However, to this day, I am so glad I did. This book transformed my life and opened the door to many different things. Stay motivated and inspired for your whole life with this cracking inspirational volume.

All Rights reserved, The Fool-Proof Way to Make Any Man Commit To You. Never thought you would be inspired by a children’s story as an adult? To indeed look for the true man/woman in us and give him/her a voice! Since then he has penned many other inspirational books. A modern day tale full of wisdom and insight, this extraordinary and entertaining book is a modern day inspirational fairy tale for the open minded. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ shows you how to heal all areas of your life from the emotional to the physical. :). Oh yes, I am afraid that this Christmas classic gets a firm place in the inspirational books list. It’s the bit in between your birth date and death date…that’s the dash. This book of wisdom from the greatest martial artist who ever lived is one for everyone’s bookshelf. What a wonderful list, thank you! Its going to be so exciting to track down the others! Google the title and find his web site. Live is all bout knowledge. Wow! This is another book for young readers but definitely worth a read at any age. Some wonderful responses and great suggestions for future lists. thank you so much. Since this book was first published Atticus Finch has served as a moral hero for many over the years, and in one book poll the book has been considered more inspirational than the Bible. It is not until he meets a mysterious gas station attendant named Socrates that his odyssey really begins. So, what’s the dash? More reviews of Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants. Uplifting, inspirational and incredibly practical. Based on the law of attraction and positive thinking, this book shows you how applying these concepts into your life can bring about life changing health wealth and happiness. Barbara Delinsky's 1998 bestseller, COAST ROAD, featured a heroine who was a breast cancer survivor. Delinsky (A Woman's Place), a prolific popular novelist, lost her mother to breast cancer and is herself a survivor of the disease. Some of it is good old-fashioned common sense, which let’s face it, in our modern stress filled lives can sometimes fly out of the window, to more scientifically researched methods…we are talking brain chemistry here. All about jacking in your job and taking control of your life. Most of us are now familiar with the concept of what we think we become, but what about our dreams? Delinsky also contributes several reminiscences, e.g., of her determination to remain physically strong and emotionally healthy after her diagnosis. They help find meaning in one’s life. And men? This allegorical novel by Paulo Coelho is an inspirational bestselling classic which projected Coelho and his work into the limelight. An inspiring, poignant and moving autobiography of a remarkable man who saw himself as ordinary. A well-loved classic and of course the title gives away what this book is all about; in short it covers the Dalai Lama’s views about happiness and human nature. Despite the suffering and horror he witnesses, in this book Frankl shares the lessons he learned for spiritual survival. 14 Sexy Valentine’s Day Looks To Spice Up The Night, The 15 Best Double Umbrella Strollers: Mom’s 2019 Review & Buyer’s Guide, How A ‘Girl’ Becomes A Woman (Your little guide). You might be wondering how an historical novel about slavery could possibly be an inspiring read, but once you have read this beautifully profound and moving book you will wonder no more. Ranulph Fiennes is known as the ’world’s greatest living explorer’ and in this book you will find out why. This is a wonderful list.Thank you. Now, a small remnant – the descendants of the few survivors who were able to escape the massacre bel…, Jack Holloway works alone, for reasons he doesn't care to talk about. Several women, for example, thought that hiring a professional to clean for them was extremely beneficial during draining treatments, while another found the mindless "therapy" involved in weeding the garden helpful. Wish to recommend “The Principle of the Path” by Stanley. Amazing list!I haven’t find here “Reject Me – I Love It!” by J. Fuhrman, great-great book! Almost everyone will find something in this varied advice that applies to her particular situation. Once you have read it, it’s unlikely you will forget the message; this book really will make you look at your life from a different perspective. I’ve read 20 on this list and I am excited to have a lust of books to choose from. But Uplift isn't only for those with breast cancer.

However, this is the first of the genre and acts as a metaphor of life as the narrative take us on the journey of a shepherd boy’s quest for treasure. More reviews of Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living . The Way To Talk To Your Guy About Starting A Family, Bored In A Relationship? This book should come with a health warning. Well, there’s a quiet life surrounded by people you care about, people who love you in return, of course.

Written initially to promote the welfare of horses, this incredibly brave, beautiful and heart wrenching book tells the story of a horse’s life as seen through the eyes of a horse.

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