It’s sad to think it’s may take 500k deaths to fumigate the White House. And new aircraft to replace both the Hercules and Orion. Compare with Biden riding a bicycle a few weeks ago … I very much doubt Trump would be able to ride a bicycle in his current state. Biden and Harris have proven track records of pandering to the far left. We want and support religious liberty for all. This enables him to appear to be more successful than he really is while not taking the risk and leaving his silent partners to competently complete projects so it’s a win-win. The time for empty talk is over. Though personally I try to only make promises I can keep. Where some treatments have been successful, Trump had no role. It’s time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget, that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. 10. Trump is being investigated for tax fraud and the charge is easy to believe All Rights Reserved. The bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. Biden is NOT a socialist. The only rational explanation is that the Republican party has been so morally bankrupt for the last 30 years that the 1960s is the last time they really did anything socially useful. As long as I don’t have to pay for people’s divorces, I don’t care. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. I’d replace Ardern (or any other NZ politician for that matter, perhaps except Seymour) for Trump in a heart beat. I’ll wait. Trump said the centerpiece of his visit to the United Nations this year would be religious freedom - an initiative designed to appeal to his evangelical supporters. September housing sales at 14 year high - REINZ. You came by the tens of millions to become part of a historic movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. It’s pretty much a meaningless indicator. Updated: January 24, 2017 1:41 PM ET | Originally published: January 20, 2017 12:28 PM EST, TIME Replaced Its Logo on the Cover For the First Time in Its Nearly 100-Year History. This is why Trump refers to the share market all the time as a metric for the economies health. And this, the United States of America, is your country. #8 Twyford? Or he’ll place a pair of underpants on his head, stick a couple of pencils up his nose and say … wibble. Incidently Althouse is a retired law professor, very liberal on social issue and has voted Obama, Obama, Hillary in the last three US Presidential elections, so she can’t be dismissed as a RWNJ, as desirable as that would be. Same with the likes of Pelosi, Sanders, Obama, Clinton etc. Nonetheless this isn’t a battle where you choose sides. Biden will miss the debate, and be found arguing in a corner with a pot plant! Untrue. Probably the same reason that people that like Marxism also like Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, and Che Guevara. He is trying to persuade people — some of whom have been hurt by an unstable economy — that not accepting a bad deal with China is actually a win. Not sure how you did that, but well done for being so wrong. #14 – Respect is something that is earned. Here, we decode how his messages that were theoretically meant for other world leaders were really intended for an audience at home. Hard to believe, but 80 percent of the world's population lives in countries where religious liberty is in significant danger or even completely outlawed. And with your comment you’ve effectively highlighted the difference between Biden and the President. We will bring back our jobs. He is self obsessed and already proven that he is unable to cope with the job. #3 – Hardly fair to call China’s rejection of Trump’s tariffs as playing hardball. Guest Post: Light Rail to Auckland airport – dodging a bullet! JFK always read important speeches from notes, for instance. You have no idea how money works. I’ll pass that pro advice on to Donald, from … who are you again? Sad to see someone so fooled by the msm. The Democrats have been uncivil fucks for at least the last twenty years, as Bush, Palin and others could attest. Our nation's founders understood that there will always be those who believe they are entitled to wield power and control over others. These companies and their revenues are global so their share prices is not solely predicated on the US economy. Is the herald showing any news of those huge ‘boatillas?’ He's willing to negotiate with North Korean's dictator or Iran's supreme leader. Seriously? ", Legal Beagle: Election '20: The Special Votes, National rejects tonight’s result as a ‘rogue poll’. A week or two ago I bet $300 on SportsBet Aust that trump would win. Pro tip: He’s an Adderal addict (today, earlier in week). The wealth of our middle class has been ripped from their homes and then redistributed all across the world. The current regime is the Trump Party, it is shown by the way he paraded the whole bloody clan up on stage during the convention. Donald Trump delivered his first speech as President of the United States on Friday morning. Thanks to our pro-growth economic policies, our domestic unemployment rate reached its lowest level in over half a century. You will never be ignored again. The Republicans are concerned that in a Zoom type debate Biden can be spoon fed what to say. Some common sense is needed especially in difficult times. Not the same insurgent energy as in 2016, but you would expect that from an incumbent. We have worked closely with our partners in Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with the brand new and hopefully bipartisan U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. Trust in God, not in man. There is a lot of respect between Trump and Putin. I wouldn’t, he’d creep onto the kids, start an incoherent argument, then he’d grope the wife, and demand a cheque and a Board role for his grifter son on the way out. This judgement is contingent on the historical context. We are protected and we will always be protected. > He’s an Adderal addict (today, earlier in week). We will follow two simple rules; buy American and hire American. What else could it be contingent on? Trump’s handling of Covid was abysmal, Severe TDS. Their dreams are our dreams. The Iran Deal hardly merits mention, and Obamacare is now an old warhorse. Maybe ‘the porn star tainted, corrupt self aggrandising , using the office for financial gain malignant narcissism’? It’s almost as if he’s given up. Behind the scenes he is just another corrupt politician with a really dodgy son. Interesting viewing below –. A MESSAGE TO HIS BASE"This fundamental right is under growing threat around the world. We will always uphold our Second Amendment. Under Biden, Iran will go nuclear. "The United States is now taking that decisive action to end this grave economic injustice. Hopefully we can reach an agreement that will be beneficial for both countries. The symbolism, pomp and pageantry (for instance the flags, the White House setting, the enthusiastic live crowd in attendance, his beautiful family on hand in support, and the impressive fireworks display – giving a middle finger to the Washington liberals who could not have avoided it) all added up to an event that absolutely eclipsed and wiped the floor with the Democrat’s recent efforts. We are aware that many United Nations projects have attempted to assert a global right to taxpayer funded abortion on demand right up until the moment of delivery. 3. And he has continually pointed out that HCQ decreases the mortality rate by a huge amount.

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