Real name: The Team regrouped in Bibbo's Diner, where they analyzed a photo found on the body of Mason. To cheer Artemis up, Zatanna persuaded her to a girls' night out. Tigress was forced into hiding afterwards, and while staying at the Carmine's Taxidermy Studio, Batman broke in.

She debuted in Infinity Inc. #34 and was created by Roy Thomas and Todd McFarlane. She had taken up a career in crime, modeled after that of her parents, but only after some years did she take on the mantle of Tigress. Red Arrow called backup, and took on Sportsmaster.
On the train to the next tour stop, Miss Martian fell ill with a flu that went around.

Paula Brooks‘ version of Tigress appears on the DC Universe streaming service show Stargirl played by Joy Osmanski. Still unconscious, the Team (minus Miss Martian and Wolf) were brought to the Brain, Ultra-Humanite and Monsieur Mallah at the Gorilla City compound. In Young Justice #9: "Cold Case", Captain Atom gave the Team a lecture on espionage. Red Tornado fled, leaving the Team to face Red Volcano. Kaldur had gained more trust from his father, as planned. Kid Flash soon arrived to take over for Artemis in her fight with Cheshire. They eventually met up with Robin and Miss Martian. They decided to head to the library, to access a secret passage. Artemis used the name Diane Danger, and with Red Arrow, played an archer. She wore tiger-striped sweaters and ran gangs of thieves and murderers. She was a member of the Young All-Stars and later became the villainous Huntress. After being told by Superboy — who had overheard a conversation between Aqualad and Batman — that Aqualad had withheld knowledge of a mole from the team, Artemis and the others spilled their anger on Aqualad. Green Arrow and Artemis convened with Batman, Robin, Flash and Kid Flash, who had also investigated robberies that brought them to the city. Unknown She was reluctant to give up her friends at Gotham North, but her mother insisted, or she would have to give up the Team instead.

Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles needing additional references from November 2015, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A drastically different Tigress appears in the, A different kind of Tigress appears since the second season of, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 20:16. They soon spotted Black Manta's forces emerging from the beaches. However, she used her teachings to begin a life of crime as Tigress. Paula Brooks‘ version of Tigress appears on the DC Universe streaming service show Stargirl played by Joy Osmanski. Artemis joined the rest of the Team in taking on Abra Kadabra whilst Nelson and Wally stopped Klarion. Even though she had animal genetic augmentation, she was outmatched by Barbara Gordon.

Tygrus was born in a laboratory, created with many traits, including increased agility, strength, and stamina. In "Coldhearted", Wally celebrated his birthday in the Cave; the Team had organized a surprise party after he had made it clear multiple times, and not quite subtle, when his birthday was. While the others were reorganizing, Artemis shot another tracer at a passing train. Aqualad called a halt to the conversation just before the Team was ambushed by Gorilla Grodd and his Kobra-Venom enhanced gorillas. The original Tigress appeared as Zatara's primary foe throughout twelve issues of Action Comics, including issues 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 22, 23, 25, 30, 35 and 42. She then showed Zatanna the neon sign of the magic store across the street, which was broken, leaving only the word "Secret" highlighted. After touching one of the robots, Red Tornado turned on the team and sucked all the air out of the room, knocking everyone out. After Solovar arrived with Miss Martian, the Team and their gorilla allies attacked their captors.

They made it to an apartment where Harm caught up to them. The Team set out to guard Doctor Roquette at the local High School. He knew she wasn't who she claimed, but decided to play along because Batman and Green Arrow would be lying only for a good reason. With his reason given, the Team voted to keep Aqualad as leader. She ignored it, disembarking close by to get a better look. They were ultimately told to not pursue the matter. After disabling the security paraphernalia and fighting against the animals, they made it inside. An unknown woman dubbed The Tigress or Tiger Lady appears in Blackhawk #11 (June, 1946). They soon found Aqualad, severely dehydrated in the desert. The recently broken out Serling Roquette was still wanted by her former captors, the League of Shadows. Robin tracked down possible locations for the next heist, and they posted outside one.
That was when Cheshire found her again, and alluded to revealing her secrets. After dealing with the erupted volcano, they took Red Tornado to Morrow's lab and repaired him. Upon attempting to delve into the secrets she was keeping from her teammates, Artemis's reaction betrayed her prior lack of concern, and was especially worried about Wally finding out. Artemis retreated to an air-vent and contemplated her options. Artemis followed Cheshire outside, and after a short fight, knocked off her mask. Artemis trapped the Brain with a foam arrow. After heading to Teton County, the Team was challenged by Red Tornado, who prompted the Team to play dead.

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