Did BCT at Polk Sep 67 to late Nov 67. I am proud to have done my part in the war, and proud to have been a part of the support team. You may recognize some of the people and then will know what unit you served in. After medic school, I got a 2-week leave, because had to go home to get a divorce (while in medic training, I got a “Dear John” letter). I was at Tigerland from November ’66 to the end of January ’77 and then off to the 4th Infantry Division in Pleiku South Vietnam, and from there into the Red Warriors “A” Company 1st of the 12th Infantry Batallion and most know the rest of how this story goes. I work for the DAV 1 day a week driving vets to their medical appointments at the Lebanon VA Hospital in PA. Spent my entire 2 years there. Saved by Jack Latham. Went to Ft. Sam Houston for AIT training as a Combat Medic, from 01/67 thru 04/67. I scored 100% on the AFQT 8C and afterwards was told that I could be a candidate for Officer Candidate School (OCS). do you know if they were stll doing AIT for Tigerland training cycles during 1970? Paul Newman had the nickname “Fast Eddie” Felson in the movie. I was told that anyone scoring above a 35 was eligible for service. The post was closed and we were denied day passes to leave the fort. They worked with me continually until the VA finally gave in and “blinked”. Arrived at Polk for basic in summer 66, C-4-1, “Charging Charlie”. Any one wit information or photo’s my company was Co. E 1st Bde. After our initial week of testing we moved up the hill to the newer barracks that were built of concrete blocks. One of the Drill Sergeant’s in our company was Staff Sergeant Harry J. Odom. He got very ill during an exercise and was carried to shade, they laid him on his back the medical report said that he died from pulmonary aspiration. Give me $20 Buck it will cost you $20 Bucks each and I will have you back here in 2 hours. You might try them. Go big or go home… (in a body bag). I was assigned to B Company 5 regiment of the 1st training brigade. Got to Nam and became 11B for 4 months before I touched a mortar. Troops. I understood that after you graduate from OCS you are assigned to one of the combat arms groups; Infantry, Artillery, or Combat Engineers. Then, after basic back to Tigerland. Got my right arm and left ass cheek screwed up and received a service connected disability from the shrapnel. He was one of the best supervisors that I had the pleasure of servicing. How many coaches do you think we ate at those old yellow mess halls? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The twelve or so of us who had just completed our basic training at Company E, 4th Battalion, 5th Training Brigade earlier in the morning of Friday, February 24, 1967 were the first to arrive at our Tiger Land company area because we had a short ride on the back of a deuce and a half truck.. Fred Dunlap A Deuce-and-a-Half Truck Entering Tiger Land, 1967 On graduation day Sgt Rainwater made us clean our M-16’s over and over saying they were dirty until late in the evening, making many of us miss our flight connections to go home, knowing we were going to Vietnam. Released back to duty in MP Bn and played police MP for remaining tour of duty. I remember, I was in Gene’s training company. I took basic at Ft. Polk, in South Fort, in company E-1-2. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. They had also put us together as they did because they intended on pitting us against each other. Welcome home Brother. I was totally scared. I got that 10 cents because I was a man. On the fourth weekend we would be allowed a day pass if we were the best platoon during our weekly inspection. Good luck, Mike. No worries, yet. We went through this bit of “training” many times before we were finally allowed to go back into the barracks. Almost got in bed about 2:00 am. The first week was test week. So he’ll yes it was still operating. It no longer made a difference to me that there were no partitions between the toilets. BTW, you should be able to get a copy of your service records from the Veteran’s Service Records section of the National Archives, if you’ve not already done that. I had tasted gender discrimination and knew I did not like it. After a few weeks I thought that being a helicopter pilot might be a better idea. We all knew that we were going to Vietnam after training and we were also reminded by the training instructors every day. I was there during the Tigerland AIT July-August 1970. He took me to the mill’s office and directed someone to give me a job, after which he disappeared into his own office. The heels were placed by their type into wooden boxes, about a bushel in size. Also the post mentioned the Danang experience’s and the atmosphere of the withdraw of troops from Nam at that time. And that if you signed your name would get a 35. All passes were cancelled of course. After basic, I was ordered to Combat Medic training at Ft. Sam Houston, TX then to Ft. Riley and, finally, the 3d Infantry Division(Audie Murphy’s outfit) in Wurzburg, FRG. When someone would ask “where did you go for AIT?” When you responded “Fort Polk”, there was always some kind of crazy comment. I can say that both physically and mentally, from July through September in Southern Louisiana was rough. Approximately one day before graduating from basic training we got our orders. I think my dad was there around the same time you were. I was at Ft. Polk from July- November 1971. We were trained in Infantry and the 81mm mortar in AIT. ( Log Out /  I would like to speak with you and I hope I can help fill in some pieces but not in public forum. It was not just a scare tactic. Please contact me My Platoon Sgt was SSG Spinney. So, I guess that he was a badass infantry grunt and did not care too much for other positions. Graduated from Polk in August of 71 and ended up in Vietnam on August 19, 1971. In another 50+ years it will wind up on ebay as a relic? But that was where all resemblance to those days ended. He was an E6 and fairly easy going. He did not yell, scream or shout but he was a disciplinarian and trained us well. "Tiger Land is tied to the history of the Louisiana Tigers all the way from the Civil War" said McKenna. Six, after the first couple of weeks we could get a weekend pass. I was at Fort Polk Tiger Land March thru May. She worked there long before I got there, whe was still working there when I left. I had taken it before. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The land that is now Fort Polk is part in a region of cultural resources, including archaeological sites, historic houses and structures, and other sites of historical value. !…” I think I still owe you 50 pushups sarge !! If there were black families in Lawrence, I never saw them and was entirely unaware of them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I took a 4 week leave and then was to report to Oakland on July 4, 1967 no later than 1200 hours to be sent to Vietnam. We were lined up at one door, pushed through the chow line, given about 6 minutes to eat and get out. Couldn’t believe the lousy treatment after being treated like crap in basic. I thought they were easier on us in Basic Training. Not any good memories, but many bad feelings about what we had to do. Never went to VN, but processed a lot of guys going. My last two years of high school were spent in Bordentown New Jersey where a number of my classmates were black or Hispanic. thank you lord!!!! One of my band mates just finished his Army service playing in the band at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, CA. The first team would lay down fire while the second team would advance and then drop and lay down fire for the first team to advance. Remember them who didn’t come back alive and those missing. Chaplain Charlie will tell you about how the free world will conquer Communism with the aid of God and a few Marines! None of it was near as rough as Polk. Probably because most of our NCO’s were Korea vets and did not receive that type of training and just told us to walk up the hill. Did you know that Fort Polk has all four varieties? Finally got in bed about 3:00 am. We got on board a rickety old plane and flew somewhere in Texas then took busses into Fort Polk, LA. If anyone remembers my brother or this incident I would really like to talk. At graduation on June 6, 1967, I received my new orders.

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