Knowing is Half the Battle, Wisdom is needed for appropriate application of knowledge and right reasoning.

Blacks being the original race once occupied virtually every corner of the globe. 15; cp. ibid Tacitus in 70 or 90 b.c.e. Were Vikings really dirty savages who wore horned helmets, or did they look like we do today? . The Phoenicians were also commissioned by the Egyptian King Necho II (Nekau II) to sail around Africa.

William Chamers , in Information for the people, said the Celts were descendants of Blacks who mixed with invading white tribes.

When Julius Caesar invaded Britain he met these Blacks. It is known that the menhirs and dolmens of Brittany date back to an epoch of an agricultural and copper civilization. ", However, Whites did not consider Blacks in Early Europe as being all evil and dangerous. The vikings were familiar enough with african people to give their ethnicity / appearance a name - blámaðr. He was a son of Run, King of Strathclyde, and his mother was the daughter of Kenneth MacAlpin (NIGER VAL DUBH) The Moors were dominant in Scotland in the 10th century.

One of them, was known as King Kenneth, sometimes as Niger or Dubh, a surname which means ‘the black man.’ It is a historical fact that Niger Val Dubh lived and reigned over certain black divisions in scotland – and that a race known as ‘the sons of the blacks’ succeeded him in history. x.

(11)This is made clear in the Oseberg 8th Century Vikings on the Norway Sledge carving of the Black seafarers that populated the region at this time.

In fact Blacks have served as Roman emperors on a number of occasions. Why did Vikings have ‘Allah’ embroidered into funeral clothes? In the second volume of Ancient and Modern Britons, were are presented with “Maga Dubh,” which in the Scottish language of the time meant “Black King.”, Two British writers, Gerald Massey and Godfrey Higgins believe that Blacks built Stonehenge. Source: An Interesting Side to Black History: The Black Vikings By Demetrius Dillard.

According to Al-Amin, a wide range of Black groups, such as the Scythic peoples, the Danes, the Celts and the Skjoldungs inhabited and ruled much of Northern and Western Europe and built megalithic structures which are reportedly still standing more than 1,000 years later.

5 years ago. Here’s what the experts say. He says, “Now, as a Negro is still known as a MORIEN in English, may not this indicate that MORIEN belonged to the black race, the Kushite builders?”, Godfrey Higgins says in the first Volume of Anacalypsis, “In my Essay on The Celtic Druids, I have shewn, that a great nation called the Celtae, of whom the Druids were the priests, spread themselves almost over the whole earth, and are to be traced in their rude gigantic monuments from India to the extremity of Britain. 1 2. Diop in his work, The African Origin of Civilization made reference to the megaliths. Quote: “here is genetic and linguistic evidence that proves that the Celts were Black or African people. 3: in romances blámenn are mentioned as A KIND OF ‘BERSERKERS,’” q.v., Finnb. One of the Black Vikings was known as Thorhall, living at the time of Eric the Red.

Local netizens are not calm. He said they were of the descendants Black Celts. Sharon.

These Negroes were builders, scientists, masters of ocean travel and inventors of letters, according to Higgins, they built Stonehende, Gerald Massey agrees pg 11 Book of The Beginnings, genealogies, it was the actual name of a grim old pagan Dane who ruled over, Moorish Princess Zaida of Seville, an Ancestor of the current Queen Elizabeth, In Response to “National Geographic’s “Racist” article “Who were the Moors” by Erin Blackemore, Introduction To Moorish Race & Nationality, An Interesting Side to Black History: The Black Vikings By Demetrius Dillard, AN ICELANDIC-ENGLISH DICTIONARY by Richard Cleasby and Gudbrand Vigfusson(1874), A HISTORY OF THE VIKINGS by Gwyn Jones(1968). There are other Black giants mentioned in the Bible.

Dane-gelt was black-mail, equally with the tribute paid to the black Huns by the Romans. Bye-Gones, 26 Feb, pp.320-321. An ancient ring has shed new light on the ties between Vikings and the Islamic world, more than a century after its discovery. The Gael at Bala. Carthage was a Phoenician colony. 51, Orkn. American born Moor, Author, History Researcher, Modernist, 720 Entrepreneur/ Corporate Mogul in the making; who observes & analyzes human nature for data mining purposes. The White Druids had nothing to do with the construction of Stonehenge since it predated their emergence by several centuries. There, they were quickly joined by another immigration wave, this time from the east, resulting in stone age Europe’s most diverse population, a new documentary by Sweden’s national SVT broadcaster has claimed.

From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. According to Gwyn Jones (perhaps the world’s leading authority on the subject), to the Welsh chroniclers, “The Danes coming in by way of England and the Norwegians by way of Ireland were pretty well all black: Black Gentiles, Black Norsemen, Black Host.”, “There is also strong reason to suggest an African presence in ancient Ireland. He said, "These are found only in lands inhabited by Negroes or Negroids, or in places that they have frequented, the area that Speiser calls “the great megalithic civilization,” which extends from Africa to India, Australia, South America, Spain and Brittany.

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