. Ooolalaa. As is the father, so is the son. But it was just simply not. I just hate Joon-Young that's all. She wants to leave him with nothing. K May 02 2020 12:34 pm so now ep 7 is going to be a story of husband get's revenge on his ex-wife ? So unfair.. MidnightGuardian Apr 16 2020 1:24 am The World of the Married (Korean: 부부의 세계; Hanja: 夫婦의 世界; RR: Bubu-ui Segye; lit. The ending to me was okay. But it was none of that. Omg I am absolutely obsessed with this drama. Gnet May 16 2020 9:58 pm Korean drama fan Apr 26 2020 12:31 am episode 10 was f*cked up but episode 11 seems much more intense. And I hope Dakyung goes for men who aren’t taken sis. Anyways great job to all the cast, hella a ride, extremely crazy but I love it. Andre Apr 05 2020 6:18 am It is worth to watch. Bella Apr 26 2020 7:10 am [41] Emons Furniture also saw its sales volume almost doubled after its products appeared in the series. I'm in my 20's now, but seeing joon-young gave me flashbacks of my childhood. Unable to cope with her son's hate for her, Sun-woo goes missing. Teach them both a lesson! So its not surprising that the nice and caring Doctor was not her choice. I hope it ends with a bang. no matter how trash your dad, no matter how many times you said you hate him, when you see him in person, you will realized that you still love him.

Girl, aren’t you afraid of Karma? ????? Great drama ever. Lita sugar Apr 11 2020 9:12 pm this is not very bad ending. This drama deserves high ratings and awards! he only know his father's mistake is only cheating, but he never know about the money his father took.. he never know how many times his mom had a hard time because of his dad.

Growing up my parents fought all the time and I remember cuddling with my baby sister in the dark terrified and wishing all along that my parents would just get divorced and put an end to this misery. why I feel everybody except Min Hyun-Seo and Kim Yoon-Ki around Sun-Woo are damn evil ? I'm the sense the drama will never go on viewer expectations and I can't believe the screen writer is Revolutionary Love drama writer, Constance Apr 29 2020 6:52 am Kristine Joy Apr 19 2020 8:58 pm I don’t see him getting a happy ending at all. K Apr 17 2020 3:28 pm Sun-woo and Tae-oh continue to blame each another for the cause of their broken family, while Joon-young feels anxious about the problems between his parents. I thought I was the only one getting all stressed from watching this drama, turns out that everyone did. Why would you want your son to see or believe that? I hope to see her downfall because she is so talented at being sly. Dabaek! Other name: I hope the shot gun is a fantasy she have...but who know? She is married to Lee Tae-oh (Park Hae-joon), with whom she has a teenage son, Lee Joon-young (Jeon Jin-seo). Oke.. let's watch this drama.. sf Apr 23 2020 1:52 am I guess it is irrevelent but i love the series and actress so much i just suddenly thought how much i missed hwang jung eum to play a role like this female lead... she is also so goodd.. it is just that after a long time it is my second time enjoying a heavy drama after Secret Love ..that is why it reminded me of her, Niharika Ghosh Apr 07 2020 12:01 pm You deserve it. I liked every second of it....... that is until episode 14. well, everything is great except the ending. Another drama about adultery? Tae Oh deserved what is happening, but I wouldn’t wish upon death. Fighting for all single parents out there!!! Thank you, Netflix, now I can rewatch this great drama again! He crazy as fudge and his house, marriage picture and even the merchandise he brought for his new wife is similar to his house with sun woo. Even if you're not into serious relationships dramas, this is a must watch. ? Mhay G Mar 30 2020 10:35 am The kid suddenly running away like ???? She wii getting mad and crazy. In the phone gallery, she finds photos of a joint vacation of Tae-oh, Da-kyung, and Sun-woo's friends Ye-rim and Je-hyuk. the detaill about a man who fell from rooftop. It's really good! I am amazed how well cast this production is. [37][38] As a result, the keyword 'adultery', which was considered to be a serious and rarely-discussed topic on Korean broadcasting channels, went beyond the series and became a widely discussed topic on social media. Myung-Sook, ah, even though I hate Tae Oh, she’s one I hate the most. Hahahaha but I'm pretty matured. she’s professional, intelligent and strong woman.

Aurora Apr 05 2020 4:47 am Only when he saved Sun Woo in the beach, then I know ok he actually love her and there is no twist on this. Why would Han so Hee mess with the mind of a child???? Hopefully, JTBC will come up with another drama like this, something that will hooked you up when you started watching it. Excellent cast, well deserved ratings as it truly is a masterpiece. I wanted to fall asleep early before the fighting started but always ended being woken up anyway cs they were always so loud. Many people talks about this drama.. Joon-Young of all people should know how hard it is for his mom.

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