", "Exactly," said the dragon; "and that's where I come in. Boy," said the Saint, kindly. Terror-stricken and chained to a rock, and all that sort of thing. In the morning as the villagers are here and Sir Giles is ready in armor on horseback, everyone waits for the dragon to come out of his cave. "That's just what I don't precisely know,", said the dragon. The Boy had secured a good front place, well up towards the cave, and was feeling as anxious as a stage-manager on a first night. adorable, dragon is a good guy. ", "Well, it's irregular" said St. George, rising, "but really it seems about the most sensible thing to do. But when the boy calls the dragon a "punk poet," the dragon gets angry and starts to breathe fire, only to become thrilled upon realizing that being insulted will work. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published When the other people find you out, they'll come after you with spears and swords and all sorts of things. In this beloved classic story, a young boy befriends a poetry-loving dragon living in the Downs above his home. But in spite of much valiant talk no hero was found willing to take sword and spear and free the suffering village and win deathless fame; and each night's heated discussion always ended in nothing. And his chin sank on his broad chest and he slumbered peacefully. So we set off into the wide snow-clad world, hand in hand, our hearts big with expectation,—complacently confident that by a few smudgy traces in the snow we were in a fair way to capture a half-grown specimen of a fabulous beast. my six year old and i were reading for a library list and this story, oh this story is so witty and hilarious. There was a moment's entanglement of golden armour and blue-green coils, and spiky tail, and then the great horse, tearing at his bit, carried the Saint, his spear swung high in the air, almost up to the mouth of the cave. A good dragon. As he breathed, there was that sort of flicker over his nostrils that you see over our chalk roads on a baking windless day in summer. The Reluctant Dragon is a mild-mannered specimen of his breed who, unlike the "active and earnest" fellows who used to charge around battling knights, has survived long enough to develop his passion for poetry. The dragon, on hearing the approaching footsteps, made the beginning of a courteous effort to rise. "Why, our villagers are the biggest story-tellers in all the country round. "I assure you, St. George," he said earnestly, "there's nothing of the sort in the cave at all. I'll look you up tomorrow, sometime or other, and do for goodness' sake try and realise that you're a pestilential scourge, or your find yourself in a most awful fix. Kids and adults love dragons, and this one is drawn with such humour and wit that he is totally adorable. "End of Round One!" "Oh, I think not," said the dragon in his lazy way. I can't be certain which of them was singing, but I think it was the Dragon! "You know that cave up there—I never liked it, somehow, and the sheep never liked it neither, and when sheep don't like a thing there's generally some reason for it. I love that it celebrates friendship, looking past prejudices, and judging someone for yourself instead of believing the tales you hear. he said to himself "None of my books ever told me that dragons purred!". And it's getting dark, and he seems to have got away for the present, whatever he is. ", "Impossible, I fear," said the Saint. The Dragon is one of the last characters to take the stage. "I was just—er—thinking about things," he said in his simple way. "What's the matter, Boy?" "What a night, George!" "P'raps it's true for all that," I replied encouragingly. But when Sir Giles tells the dragon that the boy told him that the dragon is an accomplished poet, the dragon is flattered; not exactly what the boy was expecting him to tell the dragon. This excellent abridgement of Kenneth Grahame’s classic and deliciously funny tale is beautifully created. After refreshment St. George made a speech, in which he informed his audience that he had removed their direful scourge, at a great deal of trouble and inconvenience to himself, and now they weren't to go about grumbling and fancying they'd got grievances, because they hadn't. We set off briskly, the Man in the middle. I think it's a dragon! ", They had descended the hill and were almost back in the village again, when St. George stopped short, "Knew I had forgotten something," he said. There's so many good children's books and comics that I've come across recently, like The Little Prince, Calvin and Hobbes, etc. Lovely. So the two sparred for an opening, while the spectators maintained a breathless silence. Don't you worry. "Quite against the rules. And they shouldn't be so fond of fights, because next time they might have to do the fighting themselves, which would not be the same thing at all. Go! "He was sticking half-way out of the cave, and seemed to be enjoying of the cool of the evening in a poetical sort of way.

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