And that totally excludes the so-called great apostasy that non-Catholic Christians have to use to claim authority. God bless, Michael. Because it doesn’t depend on mortal men. And now for the story. Each individual can be gates of hell to neighbours by poor example. “I am the Living One. A reflection in the wake of a storm that never came. But when the Bible speaks of the invisible realm of the dead, the word it uses is hades. It came in from all over Dallas. Gates are for defensive purposes & not offensive; so here we see two actions: a defensive hell & an offensive church. 18:4 as justification for leaving the Catholic Church: Pastoral Sharings: Fr. Trying to read backward into an unsupplied text is guesswork. A People Prepared: Latter-day Saints in West Africa. This idea is expressed in the Savior’s parable of the beggar Lazarus. On The Human Condition and Science. So in the text that concerns us here,  when Jesus speaks of the powers of Hell not prevailing, it would not seen that he has in mind simply Sheol (Hades), or purgatory. Many biblical texts admit of a number of different interpretations which need not be seen as mutually exclusive, even if they are rather different. Why? These words have a very precise meaning and a very precise application. Robert J. Devine (Deceased) Rev. First, the phrase “shall not prevail” is from the Greek word katischuo, which itself comes from two Greek words kata meaning “against” or “upon” and ischuo which means “to be strong” or “to have strength.” Put them together and you have katischuo, which means to have the strength to go into battle against the foe. But still Lekan was dead. In similar fashion the gates finds us in situations of sin and proceeds to entice us to sin. Jesus is saying that the Gates of Hell—whatever they are—may fight the church but they will not win. However, we need not understand this text in merely an “either-or” way. 1953, pp. Of that marvelous occasion, latter-day prophets have said that priesthood keys and sealing power (see Matt. For, one of the geniuses of human language and expression is that it can admit of many potential meanings. The next morning we had a sports tournament and he joined right in. Amen Recently I have found a persistent line of questioning in reference to the traditional understanding of the Lord’s promise to the Church: the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it (Matt 16:18) . He was the first international student ever to die while enrolled at Dallas Seminary. We will be presented, incorruptible, to a new Creation, in a position a little higher than that of the angels, awaiting the glory that no ear has heard, nor eye has beheld…, When He will be with us, and we will be with Him…. For as our reader states, it does not pertain to gates to do much more than just sit there.”. In chapter 16 we find his most extensive statement about the church. When Jesus said the power of death will never overcome the church, he said it because when he rose from the dead, he broke open the gates of hades. You sent him over here and he died in the middle of his studies. What would the Nigerians do? Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols., Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1955, 2:110–12). But when they heard that Lekan had died and when they heard—to use the exact words that were said to me—how he had died a “glorious death” serving the Lord, “hundreds of our people learned it’s not how long you live, but how well you live.” Then he said, “Our church in Nigeria is much, much stronger now.”. Rather, the gates of hell are to be sealed off by the Lord And locked from the outside  (e.g. We gathered our things and went back to Dallas. May you be blessed this Lenten Period Monsignor. It has caught various types of fish. What, then, is Jesus saying?

Jesus … the Messiah … the Son of God … was going to die. Some are sin-loving that even Satan need not tempt them. Many Protestants use Rev. But this is in the negative. If you wish to support Keep Believing Ministries, your prayers and donations are appreciated, and further enable this worldwide ministry to distribute all materials free of charge. So far as we know, our Lord only mentioned the church twice. 42:7.). That is the church’s assurance.

Read the latest on “The Anchor Project” and how you can be support our work. So Jesus is saying that the gates of the realm of the dead will never overpower the church.

Here too,  many insist that  the term only means “the place of the dead,”  and is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew concept of Sheol. First, the phrase “shall not prevail” is from the Greek word katischuo, which itself comes from two Greek words kata meaning “against” or “upon” and ischuo which means “to be strong” or …

It would make sense, because the understanding and conceptual framework of some of the underlying issues is different East to West, but I also wasn’t sure how there could be such a thing as a non-universal dogma. If the kids needed glasses, we found the money and got them glasses. J. C. O’Hair (Deceased) Rev. On page 27 is a listing of the former pastors of the church. However, I cringe intellectually and to the depths of my soul when reading the statement, “as with all Biblical texts, reasonable scholars will differ”! It is that shadowy, unseen world where the dead go. Arthur Fardon (Deceased) Rev. It does not always refer to the place of eternal torment. Specifically, he was the god of the realm of the dead. He tells the differences betewen the pastoral roles and the expectations of pastors in such congregations. Further, in the Book of Revelation 20:14–15,  there is the description of death and Hades being thrown into the lake of fire. Most of you know that I pastored a church in Dallas for almost six years. And he came out holding the keys in his hand. Gates are a means of access, a means of entry. The catholic church is built around Christ (the true body and blood of Christ). 3:18–20.) Gordon Kemble (Deceased). But there was to be no miracle that day. In May of 1984, we had a Men’s Retreat at Pine Cove in east Texas. It is certainly true that “Hades” most often translates the Hebrew concept of Sheol. I wont die now. That is what Jesus meant when he said, “The gates of Hades cannot prevail against it.” Ladies and gentlemen, we are all going to die someday. What are these gates of hell? My Byzantine Catholic tradition understands the gates as the power of death. When Don Sunukjian spoke to us, he took notes on the message. When we hear the word “Hell,” we think of a place with fire and brimstone, a place were lost men and women suffer eternally. His names tell us how he can help us. Rather, there is mention of a “great abyss” over which no one can cross. There is a group of men and women who vividly remember those days in May. Please forgive any interpolations or presumptions ascribed to you personally. The Bible contains many names of Christ. That year at Christmastime, when Marlene and I had an open house at our home, the whole family came. And one of those at the funeral was Lekan’s older brother Dele. When Jesus was faced with stones and hungry the tempter told to make bread. If you have a Facebook account, you may comment below: Permissions and restrictions: You are permitted and encouraged to use and distribute the content on Keep Believing Ministries free of charge. Charles Muldowney, professor of comparative religion, Valley Forge Military Academy, and Church public affairs director, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Region. He and his wife Irene soon became faithful members of the church.

The gates of Hell will not prevail against It.

In the present dispensation, the Lord used church in this same sense. In truth, he was dead before he hit the ground.

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