Seeing and expecting the road block, Major Wright orders everyone (but Richter's 12) off the train as the Germans, led by Richter, open fire. It is here that Stern and Lieutenant Campbell share a tender moment and kiss. It features an all-new "dirty dozen",with the exception of the returning Joe Stern,under the leadership of Major Wright(performed by Telly Savalas in his final film appearance). In the film room the rest of the dozen are introduced to Lieutenant Campbell and then go through identifying Richter's 12 and their importance to the Fourth Reich mission. As the title says, this provides an additional challenge to players via several scenarios, or missions. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. ', The next day, Major Wright brings the Colonel and Lieutenant Campbell out to reveal that upon recovering Hoffman's body, he found that Hoffman's chute had been sabotaged. Back in England at U.S. Army Headquarters, the Colonel informs General Worden that no attack has taken place yet and that he has put the 12th Fighter Command on standby. Afterwards, the dozen are supposed to view a film on Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia, however, that film was switched with a blue film. The following weapons were used in the film The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission: I Fatal Mission I Bad Vibrations I Grave Secret I Target America I The Devil's Shadow I Deadly Enigma I Evil in the East I Lethal Attraction I Brilliant Death I Nature of the Beast I Hard Trouble I Banquet Of Blood I Cossack Vengeance I Web of Fire I Nemesis of the North I Convict Commandos: Wolf Warriors Major Wright, figuring the Germans will be waiting at the drop zone, orders the pilots to drop the 'dirty dozen' some 20 miles away from Skopje. The major then decides to attach the tanker to the front of the train as "insurance.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The last member of the dozen to jump is Hoffman, however, his chute never opens and he 'bounces. Meanwhile, at SS Headquarters in Berlin, numerous SS officers are shown being briefed by General Richter on the exploits of Major Wright and Richter informs them that he has recruited a new 'dirty dozen' and intends to try to stop the Orient Express from reaching its destination. A team of renegade soldiers in World War II tries to stop the creation of the Fourth Reich in the Middle East. As the train reaches the bridge, the 'dirty dozen' infiltrate it and the battle begins. While heading through the train cars to get to Richter's 12, Hamilton is wounded in the leg. Before he succumbs to his wounds, Ludwig utters the phrase, "vierundzwanzig, zwanzig" (2420), which Major Wright does not understand. The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission is a 1988 made-for-TV film directed by Lee H. Katzin, and is the third sequel to The Dirty Dozen. Meanwhile, aboard the train, General Richter addresses his 12 men. Ludwig is shot by the patrol, as Major Wright and his commandos arrive and kill them. Major Wright is skeptical at first and tells her of the danger, but he ultimately accepts, making Campbell the first female member of the 'dirty dozen.'. The group is on their way to meet up with a "good German," Naval Captain Carl Ludwig. One is "allowed" to survive for "interrogation purposes.". They had passed through dangerous skies before, but none quite as dangerous as those over Arnhem. Besides Major Wright and Sergeant Holt, the survivors of the 'dirty dozen' are: Joseph Stern, Lieutenant Campbell, Joseph Hamilton, Fred Collins and Roberto Echevarria. It features an all-new "dirty dozen", with the exception of the returning Joe Stern, under the leadership of Major Wright. Having lost his European 'expert,' Campbell volunteers her services to Major Wright, as she had spent her formative years in Europe while her father served as a diplomat and possesses extensive knowledge of various European languages and customs, including Yugoslavia.

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