Johnson, Meachum, Sarah, and a few mercenaries meet Swagger and Memphis on a mountaintop. BOB STEBBINS . Point of Impact 42m. The film grossed $14.5 million in its opening weekend, finishing in 3rd at the box office behind TMNT ($24.3 million) and 300 ($19.9 million). The story is of a small town in the early west and of a 'shooter' of reputation that drifts into it and stands up to the controlling family that runs it. This FAQ is empty. They help an allied convoy evade the enemy, but Donnie is subsequently killed in the firefight against the enemy militia forces. [1] It seems like the mission is over as the Americans make their way down the road until a horde of hostile militia appear, firing on the soldiers. With Michael Dudikoff, Randy Travis, Valerie Wildman, Andrew Stevens. The exit wound on the archbishop's head would have been too extreme to show in movie theaters. When high-profile government officials locate him at his remote mountain retreat following an extensive search, Swagger is coerced back into service in order to stop a determined assassin from taking out the President of the United States. Shooter on DVD July 31, 2007 starring Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Rhona Mitra. The author Stephen Hunter also tried to adapt the book but was put off by the experience and disconnected himself from the process. Swagger explains that every time he leaves his house, he switches out the firing pins of his guns; this renders them inoperable. Rick Harding is a former Marines officer, now working in the FBI as a chemical weapons designer. After getting tips about Swagger from a disguised Sarah, he attempts to access Delta-level classified information at the FBI office.

He and Memphis begin working together, starting by visiting a firearms expert who explains to them the technique used for fudging the assassination's ballistics data and who lists the shooters capable of firing the shot. The Ones who survive get their freedom back...but hell awaits them.

Johnson and his men are tipped off by the Delta-level request and realize that Memphis is about to expose them. Synopsis With an implausible story and numerous plot holes, Shooter fails to distinguish itself from other mindless action-thrillers. They pass the time with small talk, and Donny looks at a photo of his wife, Sarah (Kate Mara). They contact Johnson and agree to exchange Sarah for the recording of the assassin's confession. [4] It was produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura through Di Bonaventura Pictures, and released by Paramount Pictures in the United States on March 23, 2007. Johnson gives him a list of possible assassination sites, and Swagger concludes that Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the only place where the assassination could happen, with the assassin having to fire a 2000-yard shot. Release year: 2016. The author Stephen Hunteralso tried to adapt the book but was put off by the experience and disconnected himself from the process. Taglines Lemkin updated the story away from the original post Vietnam setting, and restructured the story bringing the main event to the end of the first act, and to cut the multiple plot lines down to just the A story. In his interview, Garrity said "At 1,800 yards (1,646 m), because of the hydrostatic shock that follows a large-caliber, high-velocity round such as the .408 Chey Tac (which is used in the shot), the target would literally be peeled apart and limbs would be flying 200 feet (61 m) away." Swagger reluctantly agrees. A top Marine sniper who previously abandoned the military after a routine mission gave way to tragedy is double-crossed by the government after reluctantly being pressured back into service in Training Day director Antoine Fuqua's adaptation of Stephen Hunter's novel Point of Impact. He was also trained to adjust a weapon's scope, judge effects of wind on a shot, do rapid bolt manipulation, and develop special breathing skills. Shooter. He's left the military, having been hung out to dry in a secret Ethiopian mission a few years before, when he's recruited by a colonel to help find a way that the President of the US might be assassinated in one of three cities in the next two weeks. Parents Guide. Swagger breaks in and kills both men and their associates. All roads lead back to Ethiopia. The only one possible to stand up to the shooter is another solitary man who joins with the notorious family although he is deputized as the town's sherif. Sarah finishes treating his injuries. Remove Clothes. In order to blend into their ranks, he's forced to fake his own death and make friends with the group's deadly but charismatic leader. (as William L. Monroe). An oil refinery blows up, causing a firestorm that threatens a hospital and everyone inside. The following scene of Swagger clinging to the side of a dredger was also filmed on the Fraser River near the Pattullo Bridge. They exchange Sarah for the tape, and then surrender to the FBI. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Bob Lee Swagger, one of the world's great marksmen and the son of a Medal of Honor recipient, is a loner living in the Rockies. The mountaintop confrontation was shot on the glaciers of Rainbow Mountain, near the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia. Continuing to evade the manhunt, Swagger tries to treat his injuries and takes refuge with Sarah, Donnie's widow. They visit him and ask him to provide his expertise in preventing a possible assassination of the US president during his upcoming speech tour. But far from a John Wayne, this hero is caught and brutally beaten and left to die, only to be saved by a prostitute that has also suffered under the hand of this group of desperados. View production, box office, & company info. But far from a John Wayne, this ... 1 of 3 people found this review helpful. Swagger kills all three of the mercenary snipers. At the office of an unnamed Private Military Company in Langley, Virginia, a retired US Army Colonel named Isaac Johnson and his associates review Swagger's combat operation report and his Certificate of Discharge. Then Try Not to Lose Head", "DVD Sales: Shooter Knocks Out Competition",,, Films about the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Fictional portrayals of the Philadelphia Police Department, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 00:51. Although Swagger is exonerated, Johnson cannot be prosecuted as Africa is outside US jurisdiction. The story is of a small town in the early west and of a 'shooter' of reputation that drifts into it and stands up to the controlling family that runs it. "[15] The car chase that ends when it plunged into the river was filmed down 6th Street and off the Westminster Quay. After being double crossed for the attempt and on the run, he sets out for the real killer and the truth. One of them falls in love with an Indian, and finds out that the local Indian Reservation is threatened by the greed of a powerful... See full summary », Randi Stewart is a sergeant on a marine base where her father is the commanding officer. BANG, BANG, BANG. He learns that the Ethiopian archbishop was killed instead of the president. He does his work, but the shot is fired notwithstanding and Bob Lee is quickly the fall guy: wounded and hunted by thousands, he goes to ground and, aided by two unlikely allies, searches for the truth and for those who double-crossed him. Lemkin updated the story away from the original post Vietnam setting, and restructured the st…

Memphis, who was scapegoated for Swagger's escape and is due for professional review, argues that given Swagger's training and expertise, it is suspicious that he "missed" the president by several feet and hit the archbishop instead. The Shooter 1. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. There was a time when Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) was the best trigger-man in the military, but after growing disillusioned with the system, he disappeared without a trace. As the film opens, US Special Forces sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) and his scout Donny Fenn (Lane Garrison) lie in wait in the hills of Ethiopia, ready to deliver covering fire for a US convoy heading back to base through hostile country.
Garrity taught Wahlberg to shoot both left- and right-handed (the actor is left-handed), as he had to switch shooting posture throughout the movie, due to Swagger's sustained injuries.

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