He stood and carried his coffee cup to the sink, pouring out the remains. Example sentences with the word remains. Show More Sentences Some diseases, they believe, will remain treatable, some new drugs will emerge, and bacteria, with 3 billion years of evolution on their side, will continue to adapt. the dilemma remains. No remains, and of course no living species, of these tortoises are known to exist or have existed on the mainland. The city proper is almost entirely enclosed by the remains of a great granite wall (built in 1673, when the new city was established), on the top of which on the side facing the sea is Las Bovedas promenade. Dr Burmeister was afterwards placed in charge of the provincial museum of Buenos Aires, and devoted himself to the acquisition of a collection of fossil remains, now in the La Plata museum, which ranks among the best of the world. the argument remains. On being cut or broken the flesh of a true mushroom remains white or nearly so, the flesh of the coarser horse mushroom changes to buff or sometimes to dark brown. In the centre of the area are the substructions of a temple, and on the south-east side are the remains of the theatre, built in the early imperial period, restored by Septimius Severus in 196-197 and again in the 4th or 5th century. His remains were laid in the burial place of the Sheffield family, Fletching, Sussex, where an epitaph by Dr Parr describes his character and work in the language at once of elegance, of moderation and of truth. The parent corm remains attached to the new one, and keeps its form and size till April in the third year of its existence, after which it decays. In the ordinary process of soap-making the glycerin remains dissolved in the aqueous liquors from which the soap is separated. Profits have picked up this year but the return on capital. Supplies of bismaleimide triazine resin, for IC packages that use a laminate substrate, Although Americans have long been migrating north of the forty-ninth parallel into Canada, they, Either no mechanism is available for the analysis of fixed cost step functions and investments, or these items, Long basins called primary clarifiers then remove solid particles that, AmeriTitle founder and President Linda Stelle will, According to neuroendocrinologist Jan Born, sleep may help the immune system, Hard chrome and electroless nickel are old standbys that are likely to, Why are other criminals remorseful and seek to live better lives, while these terrorists want to, Nuclear weapons were removed from Chechnya as well as from Nalchik and no such weapons, Surface micromachining technology has made many significant advances recently, but release and in-use stiction, Under the new stewardship of Steve Coalmen all of the delicate old features, While Fitch welcomes this development as a positive step, we, Assembly and maturation mechanisms of respiratory complexes, In the near term, Fitch expects working capital and capital expenditures to, Although bed bugs, stink bugs, cicadas and mosquitoes have stolen headlines lately, pest management professionals agree that cockroaches, The album's called Stonk and across 13 tracks it somehow manages to, Newton's First Law of Motion states that unless acted upon by an external force, a body at rest will, Fosfomycin and mecillinam have been used extensively for the treatment of UTIs, mainly in Scandinavia and Europe, for decades while resistance rates, Neth Pheaktra, spokesman of the tribunal, told Kyodo News the staff will, Bahrain is embarking on a new democratic march for its citizens to, Unfortunately, Vaste's illustrated Nove pravljice, Volatile raw material supply, including n-butane and benzene, is expected to, The balance of power in Brussels is likely to, FreeStyle tiles contain an antimicrobial agent that resists bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew formation, and moisture does not, Architect William Gullen, recognizing that some space would, Two ciliate cells can meet, mingle genes and, In koumiss and kefir the curd is very finely divided and will, His reply was that as his parents resided in kief, he preferred to, Certainly the two kins could not change their totems, and certainly they would not, Living scenes remained popular, but static nativities also developed, allowing the scene to, He felt that every nerve in his body would be an ear to hear the voices, while other men would, But, with knowledgeable partners and a multipronged approach losses will be minimized and, All members of the current management and staff of Life Strategies will, These are the kaleidoscopic pictures that, Why then not set our hearts at rest, ceasing to trouble whether we, In addition, any resulting air particles must be controlled or eliminated because the clean room environment must, But my orders were, that the larboard watch should, But, instead of being allowed to disembark, passengers had to, And I can understand how much it has cost you to, He was relieved, however, to hear knops command Paz to, Weston's confidence, she could not think it so very impossible that the Churchills might not allow their nephew to, The hush was solemn and churchlike, save for a distant battery that, evidently unable to, The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium announced that SEARHC patients that require radiation as part of their cancer treatment will be able to, Statistics show that he does NOT prefer to, However a National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology forecaster said the fall would not be significant and conditions would. The remains of the old castle of the margraves have been converted into barracks. The well-preserved amphitheatre just outside the modern town to the south-east was probably built in the reign of Trajan or Hadrian. There are some ancient stone remains in Tongatapu, burial places (feitoka) built with great blocks, and a remarkable monument consisting of two large upright blocks morticed to carry a transverse one, on which was formerly a circular basin of stone. The castle, which is in an excellent state of preservation, is built of red sandstone, on the site of a fortress supposed to have been erected in the 6th century, of which nothing now remains. In Britain the evergreen oak is quite hardy in ordinary winters, and is useful to the ornamental planter from its capacity for resisting the sea gales; but it generally remains of small size. Nevertheless, under some of these flows remains of plants and insects of species now living in the islands have been found - a proof that the formation as well as the denudation of the country is, geologically speaking, recent. The oldest Egyptian or Hindoo philosopher raised a corner of the veil from the statue of the divinity; and still the trembling robe remains raised, and I gaze upon as fresh a glory as he did, since it was I in him that was then so bold, and it is he in me that now reviews the vision. He made no attempt at a critical examination of historical traditions, and wrote in a flowery and often bombastic style, but in spite of this drawback, Mirkhond's Rauzat remains one of the most marvellous achievements in literature. He fished around in the remains of Darian and yanked free something that glimmered silver in the early morning light.

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