Watch movie-quality shows that are designed especially for your phone, with new episodes added every day. In fact, Netflix and upstarts like Disney+ and HBO Max have credited coronavirus sheltering-in-place for boosting subscriber counts and viewership times. Once Quibi’s free three-month trial expired in July, only 8% of the people who signed up in the app’s first days decided they would stick around and pay for it. Apple and Disney debuted their services last November, and WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal launched their offerings in May and July, respectively. This was exacerbated by the fact people were spending more time at home, and watching more TV, due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Tech reporter • • @seanb44, TV Reporter • • Twitter: @tim_bays, World Series Viewership Falls to Another Record Low With Game 2, Why Breaking Up Google Is ‘Unlikely,’ Despite Justice Department’s Antitrust Lawsuit, ‘Degrassi’ Alum Stacey Farber to Play Leslie Larr on ‘Superman & Lois’, AT&T Stock Up 6% Despite $1.6 Billion COVID-19 Impact at WarnerMedia. It didn’t help that reviews featured headlines like “Yep, Quibi Is Bad,” “Quibi is YouTube for people who hate YouTube” and “Quibi was meant to revolutionise entertainment. If you cancel while on a free trial, you can continue using Quibi until the end of the trial period. The app blocked users from screenshotting its content, effectively undermining any chance users would share their favorite show moments over text or on social media. After just seven months and $2 billion, Quibi has became the first major casualty of the streaming wars. To get consumers to take a chance on the service, Quibi — which is named for its "quick bites" of content — is offering a 90-day free trial for any new user who signs up by April 30. Everything is framed to fit your screen. And as it became clear on launch, millennials and Gen Z balked at a pair of older entertainment executives telling them how they should watch content. Enjoy all the benefits of a Quibi subscription for free for 14 days. Quibi has struggled to scale since its launch, dealing with a lackluster reaction to its first collection of content and a drop in subscribers after its 90-day trial offered at launch ended. Simply follow the steps below to cancel your subscription: You can access your Quibi account at to change your email address, reset your password and update your billing details. You can reactivate your subscription later if you change your mind at any time. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic shrunk everyone’s work commute down to moving from the bed to the dining room table. The widely publicized (and widely mocked) upstart becomes one of the biggest and most expensive tech flops of the past 20 years. Disney, with its impressive library of Marvel and Pixar, launched with a new “Star Wars” series; Apple TV+’s service was tacked onto its customer’s device purchases; HBO Max was made free for the 20 million or so that already subscribed to HBO; and Peacock was free.

are among the outlets offering daily pop culture and lifestyle stories exclusive to Quibi. Once Quibi’s free three-month trial expired in July, only 8% of the people who signed up in the app’s first days decided they would stick around and pay for it. LOGIN, Why Facebook and Twitter Are in a ‘Better Spot’ Heading Into 2020 Election | PRO Insight, Quibi goes down as one of the most infamous tech flops in recent memory. The circumstances of launching during a pandemic is something we could have never imagined but other businesses have faced these unprecedented challenges and have found their way through it. When you add in the players already on the field like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and smaller services like Showtime OTT and CBS All Access… that is a lot of streaming services. Speaking of word-of-mouth, the early word from critics was not at all kind although the service was able to garner a pair of Emmy wins in the short-form categories for the crime drama “#FreeRayshawn.”, Despite boasting an A-list roster of creatives both in front of and behind the camera like Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigan, Anna Kendrick and LeBron James, the service’s debut shows were all pilloried by critics. The pandemic threw a massive wrench into launch plans. “Quibi is not succeeding. Quibi itself put the number at 3.5 million downloads but 1.3 million active users. Cancel before the end of the free trial period to avoid any charges. Also Read: Quibi on the Block: Who Would Buy the Struggling Streamer and for How Much? Officially, the name stood for “Quick Bites,” and was meant to underscore the app’s short 5- to 10-minute episodes. The streaming field is just too crowded. This will be billed at the current rate until cancelled. But getting “Quibi” to catch on was a struggle. The numbers didn't reflect paying customers who continued to use the service once the free trial had ended.

Create an account to start watching shows on your phone with your free trial. Another person told TheWrap they “thought Quibi was more [of] a video-editing app.” This was a common refrain. Website contact address: [email protected], Quibi gives you quick bites and big stories with episodes added daily, Content creating specially for watching on your phone on the go, Daily news, sports, culture, lifestyle and more, Original shows featuring the world's biggest stars. Quibi, when compared to other streamers, felt “a little expensive,” Omdia analyst Sarah Henschel told TheWrap. @2019 - The Wrap News Inc. All Right Reserved. As Quibi sputtered last spring, free apps like TikTok took off as the platform of choice for teens. For most people, that was a mystery. Quibi’s success largely centered on the idea that people who lived in major cities like New York and San Francisco would want something to watch during their commute to work, or while they were waiting in line at Starbucks. When you sign up for Quibi, you are required to enter payment information because you will be billed at the end of the free trial period if you decide to continue with your subscription. In their open letter announcing the shutdown on Wednesday, Katzenberg and Whitman predictably blamed the pandemic as a reason for its failure — though they also noted that other new streamers have seen steady growth at the exact same time.

Quibi. It was a bold move, especially since viewers hadn’t shown they were willing to pay for bite-sized mobile content prior to Quibi’s debut. Join WrapPRO for Exclusive Content, Full Video Access, Premium Events, and More! The service offered a $7.99 ad-free tier ($1 less than Netflix’s basic tier) and another ad-supported subscription — but subscribers had to pay $4.99 per month for that version, too. There's always time to fit in an episode of Quibi on your commute, lunch break or anytime you want.

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