Share this story! At what point does the left look at things and say, "Man, these protestors have gotten out of line?" These so-called protests were labeled a riot late Saturday night as … Is #OPDX #OccupyPDX HIRING ACTOR to pretend they're apologetic captains of industry to rile up their mobs? Police on Saturday night in Portland, Oregon, made a mass arrest of protesters, who they believed were planning a “direct action” event that threatened a policing center in the northern part of the city. 252,270, This story has been shared 103,896 times. It has been targeted numerous times over the past 130-plus nights by violent protests, including some that devolved into riots… The idea is to show that rioting to bring down the country and serving to protect this country are totally the same thing. The building had been set on fire and rioters were throwing explosives. The mobs are deployed to cause chaos and misdirection, as they were in Portland and elsewhere in the months leading up and after the 2016 presidential election. Most of these people aren’t mothers & many don’t even identify as female. Not a sign with a slogan that someone expressing their first amendment rights might carry, but preparations for violence. Quite simply, the best way to get more riots is not to punish the rioters. Think your friends would be interested? Black Lives Matter was formed after Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch guy who fought back with a gun. During this whole mess, the US Attorney’s Office deputized several members of law enforcement in the area. It's my personal opinion that the more severe the case, the more likely the perpetrator will be keen to try to wreck something again. Local and national press argue that only downtown Portlanders are inconvenienced by the riots – as if that’s somehow OK – and that the riots don’t affect anyone else. Portland protests return downtown as police use tear gas. Wheeler’s strategy, if you can call it that, of letting the rioters riot and ruin part of downtown, leaves Oregonians feeling unsafe, police outraged, and the rule of law in tatters. No unlawful assembly declared. Here’s why people must take over from inept governments and learn to live with Covid, It’s time to stop funding aid groups whose officials in disaster zones exploit women for sex, CONfidence game: Harris gaslights voters with pretend facts on Trump’s finances, Russia, fracking & economy to sail through debate, The Culture War is nothing but a bourgeois distraction from the only war that really matters – Class War, Letting the US deal with the ‘ISIS Beatles’ makes Britain look supine, incompetent and, worst of all, betrays their victims. Police declared the protest a riot after the group of about 300 people vandalized businesses and toppled statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The district attorney of Multnomah County, which is where Portland is located, has dropped nearly 70 percent of the charges levied against those who were arrested during the rioting. If you hadn’t figured it out yet, it’s Portland’s version of Pallywood. But now, the same people who spit on,  poop on, stomp on, beat up people with, and set fire to American flags are recasting themselves as patriots. She handed over a police precinct to the mob. Kerry Tymchuk, the historical society's executive director, said an African American quilt made by 15 African American women ahead of the US bicentennial, "a priceless piece of history here," was stolen from the building. All Rights Reserved. They’ve recently been outed by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and are most certainly under scrutiny by the feds. Instead of black bloc balaclavas or masks, the politicians have donned the cloak of civil libertarianism. They’ve been helping us a ton! Pictured: A protester … Given Its History, Did CBS News Really Say This to Trump During 60 Minutes Interview? As you may have wondered, yes, Portland has a leaf blower ordinance ( Leaf Blower Regulations – 18.10.035) banning the use of them in the city after 7 p.m. A Subway franchise owner, Stacey Gibson, told KATU that everyone was “concerned” for safety and has had to hire extra people to try to keep staff safe. Instead, follow along on these ten big lies the Left wants you to believe about the Portland riots and learn something. Obviously the mayor did not have the foresight to realize that allowing these situations to go on simply creates a feedback loop that encourages the behavior. Multiple arrests have already been made in connection to Sunday's demonstrations, including a person armed with a loaded pistol who broke numerous windows, and the driver involved in pulling down the Roosevelt statue, according to Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell. Who says they’re not organized? Then the “dads” showed up at the riots. The mayor knew this. Law and OrderPoliticsOregonPortlandPortland Police BureauRiots. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gave over a police precinct to the mob. Being too relaxed when it comes to criminals only serves to create an environment in which they will thrive. They want to riot, burn, loot, and command and control with impunity and they want to use their “comrades” to do it for the good of the “collective.”, Like this: “Every city, every town, burn those precincts to the ground.”, Black Lives Matter and Antifa in Portland chant: “Every precinct, every town, burn the precincts to the ground.”, The Portland Police Association building was broken into and fires were set shortly after. Wheeler may be a lot of things, but heroic isn’t one. This is a group that beats people carrying flags, burns US flags, & chants for abolishment of the US. These are merely actors playing a role. And their line sure as hell isn't when people are getting beat to a bloody pulp. Obviously the mayor did not have the foresight to realize that allowing these situations to go on simply creates a feedback loop that encourages the behavior. Antifa welcomes new rioters coming to town like a host city for a convention. What's happening in Portland is a prime example of what takes place when anarchy ensues. As the deputy chief of PPB calls them “light mage” (CNN)An Indiana man has been charged after allegedly using a metal baton to smash out windows at the Oregon Historical Society and Portland State University during protests throughout the city on Sunday. The entire Leftist monoculture has coalesced, [Watch] Portland Mayor Goes to Riot in ‘Solidarity’ as Rioters Set Fire in His Honor, Related: Worst Mayors in America Demand Congress Stop Trump From Ruining Their Riots, doors of police precincts, and set the building. Privacy Notice Their streets. The duplicitous politicians have agreed that the law doesn’t apply to the Democrats’ pet protesters., Antifa & BLM rioters tore down the fencing around the Portland federal courthouse and are trying to break down the wooden protective barrier using hammers, picks and other tools. You have an accumulation of damages that are unrepaired, an ongoing perception that coming downtown is not a safe place,” Hoan said. Until it’s not. A group of Moms are chanting, “Feds stay clear! They are cracking heads and cold-cocking Trump rally-goers who dare bring a contra-narrative to one of their riots. So certain is Wheeler that the rioters should be viewed as misunderstood arsonists and predators that the mayor/police commissioner took an armed five-person plainclothes police detail with him on his “listening session” photo op to show everyone how safe it was during a Portland antifa and Black Lives Matter street riot. Most of these people aren’t mothers & many don’t even identify as female. Pelosi sets stage for NEW way to oust Trump – using 25th Amendment to rule him incapacitated amid his bout with Covid, Customer review site Yelp debuts 'racism alert' to freeze reviews of pages engulfed in discrimination scandals, Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to 'aid lethality'. Terms of Use So it can at least be understood why the district attorney might simply wag his finger and say ‘don't do it again’. That means they can’t take over streets that other people use, commit violent acts against others, and tear down, burn and loot other people’s property. To rid Portland of the riots completely, the rioters must be prosecuted for the state and federal crimes they are committing. Now that the antifa hard cider hang out “Cider Riot!” is out of business, you can help out the organized “Riot Ribs” food cart to make food for hungry rioters.

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