*The Church buried the pope in St. Peter’s Basilica. He also gained a powerful ally for the Church who would determine future political outcomes during Clement’s papacy. It was clear to Henry that, notwithstanding his victories, he could not peacefully retain the French Crown without adopting the Catholic Faith. When Pope Innocent XI passed away, the cardinals held a conclave to elect the next pope. It was clear to Henry that, notwithstanding his victories, he could not peacefully retain the French Crown without adopting the Catholic Faith.

“The most unfortunate of the Popes,” Clement VII’s reign was marked by a rapid succession of political, military, and religious struggles—many long in the making—which had far-reaching consequences for Christianity and world politics. ), but wisely refrained from issuing a final decree on the question.

VIII (Rome, 1723); VON RANKE, The Roman Popes in the Last Four Centuries (1834-37); PELESZ, Gesch. Imprimatur. Ippolito Aldobrandini was born on February 24, 1536, in Fano, Marche. Clement also entertained hopes of recovering England.

VIII in Archivio Veneto (1889), fasc. *He died on March 5, 1605.

Nepotism also played a part in his papacy as he advanced the ecclesiastical careers of his nephews and spent exorbitant sums of money on his family.

During the conclave of 1592 he was the unwilling candidate of the compact minority of cardinals who were determined to deliver the Holy See from the prepotency of Philip II of Spain. The Catholic Encyclopedia. The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight.

He was elected pope 30 January, 1592, after a stormy conclave graphically described by Ranke (Geschichte der römischen Päpste, 9th ed., II, 150 sqq.). He worked hard to improve education and discipline within the clergy. In 1598 Pope Clement won still more credit for the papacy by bringing about a definite treaty of peace between Spain and France in the Treaty of Vervins and between France and Savoy. Wikipedia states that after the death of Innocent IX, another stormy conclave ensued, where a determined minority of Italian cardinals were unwilling to be dictated to by Philip II of Spain. In his youth he made excellent progress in jurisprudence under the direction of his father, an able jurist. He was present at all the sessions of the Congregatio de auxiliis (q.v. Taking the name of Clement VIII, a name suggested to him by his confessor, Philip Neri, he would prove to have an unlimited capacity for work, a lawyer’s eye for detail and great capacity as a statesman. He possessed all the qualifications needed in the Vicar of Christ. He founded at Rome the Collegio Clementino for the education of the sons of the richer classes, and augmented the number of national colleges in Rome by opening the Collegio Scozzese for the training of missionaries to Scotland.

Conc., XXI, 1323; WADDING, Vita Clem. This article was transcribed for New Advent by Gerald Rossi. New York: Robert Appleton Company.

"Pope Clement VIII." In 1595 was held the Synod of Brest, in Lithuania, by which a great part of the Ruthenian clergy and people were reunited to Rome (Likowski, Union zu Brest, 1094). He did not even spare the youthful patricide Beatrice Cenci, over whom so many tears have been shed. He also did much to promote the Forty Hours’ Devotion.

In 1580, Aldobrandini was ordained a priest probably due to the influence of his confessor, (St.) Philip Neri (1515- 1595). Despite the problems of the conclave that elected him, Aldobrandini’s relative youth contributed to his election as he was only fifty-five years of age. He abjured Calvinism 25 July, 1593. In 1595 he granted absolution to Henri IV, and so removed the last objection to the acknowledgment of his legitimacy.

He issued revised editions of the Vulgate (1598), the Breviary, the Missal, also the "Cæremoniale", and the "Pontificale". It was equally clear to Pope Clement that it was his duty to brave the selfish hostility of Spain by acknowledging the legitimate claims of Henry, as soon as he convinced himself that the latter's conversion was something more than a political manoeuvre. *He served as pope up until 1605 when he passed away. Meek warns we are staring into the abyss, Saint of the Day for Thursday, Oct 22nd, 2020. He remonstrated against the exclusion of the Jesuits from France, and obtained their readmission.

The fervour with which he said his daily Mass filled all present with devotion. Roman Catholic Pope 30-Jan-1592 to 5-Mar-1605    Roman Catholic Cardinal 1585    Papal Inquisition, Do you know something we don't? His long association with the Apostle of Rome caused him to imbibe the saint's spirit so thoroughly, that in him St. Philip himself might be said to have ascended the papal chair.

He encouraged the Counter-Reformative efforts of St. Francis de Sales, whom he made bishop of Geneva in 1602, and was responsible for printing a corrected edition of the Vulgate (the standard version of the Latin Bible) and other key liturgical books. In 1598 Clement incorporated the duchy of Ferrara into the Papal States, which by 1605 had become consolidated and provided the economic support of the papacy. He became a jurist and filled several important offices.

Clement VIII, given name Ippolito Aldobrandini, Roman Catholic pope from 1592 to 1605, was born at Fano, in 1535.
He became friends with Henry IV and absolved the man, which led to the end of a long feud with France.

Omissions? This article was transcribed for New Advent by Gerald Rossi.

*Though elected on January 30, 1592, his papacy began on February 2. In Clement’s later years he was affected with gout to such a degree as to be bedridden, from where he continued to work tirelessly. Known as an administrator, he later came to the Church and was ordained as a priest. Between 1562 and 1598, France was afflicted with civil wars between the Protestant Huguenots and Roman Catholics, which resulted in a problem of succession to the French throne. Clement VIII died in his seventieth years after a pontificate of thirteen years.

de auxiliis (Antwerp, 1709); RGNON, Bañez et Molina (Paris, 1883); DE MONTOR, Lives of the Roman Pontiffs (New York, 1857). Through the stages of consistorial advocate, auditor of the Rota and the Datary, he was advanced in 1585 to the dignity of Cardinal-Priest of the Title of St. Pancratius and was made grand penitentiary. He abjured Calvinism 25 July, 1593. The secular authorities of the Kingdom of Naples and of the Venetian republic constantly provoked Clement’s remonstration in violating ecclesiastical rights, but he never retaliated. He reigned as pope for more time than his last 10 predecessors.

Nihil Obstat.

Corrections? The jubilee of 1600 was a brilliant witness to the glories of the renovated papacy, three million pilgrims visiting the holy places. Federal Tax Identification Number: 81-0596847. Clement VIII, original name Ippolito Aldobrandini, (born Feb. 24, 1536, Fano, Papal States—died March 5, 1605, Rome), pope from 1592 to 1605, the last pontiff to serve during the Counter-Reformation. All of these men were later canonized. They spent nearly a month before selecting Ippolito. Though vast political problems clamoured for solution, the pope first turned his attention to the more important spiritual interests of the Church. He entered personally into the minutest detail of every subject which came before him, e.g., in the divorce between Henry IV and Margaret of Valois, yet more in the great controversy on grace between the Jesuits and the Dominicans (see BAÑEZ, MOLINA ).

Vol. Clement VIII died in his seventieth years after a pontificate of thirteen years. © 2018 Papal Artifacts | Hosting and design support provided by. *The future pope was born on February 24, 1536, in Fano, Marche.

In 1585 he was made a cardinal, and subsequently discharged a delicate mission to Poland with skill. If you have already donated, we sincerely thank you. His long association with the Apostle of Rome caused him to imbibe the saint's spirit so thoroughly, that in him St. Philip himself might be said to have ascended the papal chair. His moderation and experience commended him to his fellow cardinals, and on the 30th of January 1592 he was elected pope, to succeed Pope Innocent IX. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Born at Fano, March, 1536, of a distinguished Florentine family ; died at Rome, 5 March, 1605.

The Holy Door to St. Peter’s opened, symbolically, on a Church rejuvenated through the work of the Catholic Reformation. He won the friendship of the Hapsburgs by his successful efforts, during a legation to Poland, to obtain the release of the imprisoned Archduke Maximilian, the defeated claimant to the Polish throne. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04027a.htm. The cardinals of the conclave were greatly impressed by his modesty and soon insisted upon his investiture as their next pontiff.

A less fortunate occurrence was his expanded use of the Inquisition and over thirty heretics were put to death during his reign, including a leading philosopher of the day, the ex-Dominican, Giordano Bruno. You can learn more about Pope Clement VIII and his life in this article. 74; SERRY, Hist. His intelligence was of a high order, though his diplomacy was feeble and irresolute. Henry's friendship was of essential importance to the pope two years later, when Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, died childless (27 Oct., 1597), and Pope Clement resolved to bring the stronghold of the Este dynasty under the immediate jurisdiction of the Church. He eventually became an auditor and worked as a judge for the Holy See in the highest court of the time. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U.S. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2020 Catholic Online. To him we owe the institution of the Forty Hours' Devotion.

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