Feb 9, 2017 - Explore Jeffrey Zeldman's board "Chip Kidd", followed by 4030 people on Pinterest. Chip Kidd is a Pennsylvania-born author, editor, and graphic designer, well-known for his work on book covers. In any case, he has earned it. He is best known for his unconventional book jackets, but he has published two novels of his own: _The Learners_ and _Τhe Cheese Monkeys_. Chip Kidd has been described as “the closest thing to a rock star” in graphic design. But tomorrow is his 51st birthday, so what the heck. Kidd’s influence on the book-jacket has been amply noted—Time Out New York has said that “the history of book design can be split into two eras: before graphic designer Chip Kidd and after.” Kidd has also worked with writer Lisa Birnbach on True Prep , a follow-up to her 1980 book The Official Preppy Handbook. The work of Chip Kidd spans design, writing and, most recently, rock ’n’ roll. His book cover designs are omnipresent, his TED Talk has nearly 1.4 million views, and now he even has a few book titles of his own—both fiction and instructional—on shelves. He definitely has the charisma to get ahead in that third field. See more ideas about chip kidd, book cover design, book cover. He hardly needs more attention.

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