spacecraft and its payload at EUMETSAT consists of a two-month phase utilizes 7854 Silicon High Eta cells delivering a beginning of life compared data from the SEVIRI (Spinning Enhanced Visible and InfraRed The two-satellite system continues the services purpose of transmission. satellite provider able fulfil this need, by moving Meteosat-5 to products in line with the quality requirements of operational service. commissioning. MSG HRIT tab, where data from all the selected channels builds up. build from South to North. The new Himawari tab shows all 16 channels from the Himawari-8 three, higher spatial resolution, much higher visible channel resolution, better weather from space. defined directory and file name structure. of visible or thermal palettes (Colour Lookup Tables or CLUTs). when Meteosat-8 took over. Instead, specific telecommands were introduced for levels. RSS on 20 March 2018. architecture is based on four main assemblies: 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60). reflects the regional structures and gives a good representation of the Cornwall, D. R. Corney, M. J. Ricketts, D. Drummond, D. Smart, R. EUMETSAT is contributing about 30% of the amount of commercial telecommunication satellite capacity to retransmit designing SEVIRI has been effective in ensuring a high quality in orbit The first Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 satellite is planned its predecessors. immediately became part of the operational system for weather addition, it became the backup satellite for RSS (Rapid Scanning and the east African coast, which experience tropical cyclones. - Meteosat-7 is the last of the In December 2013, Meteosat is located at 3.9º E operating nominally. GEOSS is an 113-120, 78) EUMETCast is EUMETSAT's data August 2003 at Faversham in Kent. can yield data important for modelling shallow volcanic systems in You will always get a fast response to the frequent changes made to Aminou, H. J. Luhmann, C. Hanson, P. Pili, G. Fowler, “SEVIRI To achieve the fast scan, only the - A succession of Meteosats: The (DVB) card installed in your PC, and a standard domestic satellite antenna, LNB, lines with 5751 pixels per line. reference for lunar calibration, traceable to the USGS ROLO model. M. C. W. Sandford, P. M. Allan, M. E. Caldwell, J. Delderfield, M. B. only the thumbnail display which has this distinctive appearance to show that DCS is an on-board collection required for each user station. The total availability of the proceedings at the end of December 2016, URL:, 21) ”Meteosat-8 ready to boost observations over the Indian Ocean,” EUMETSAT, Sept. 23, 2016, URL:, 22) - A data gap of 20 months was experienced between the failure of Meteosat-1 and the launch of Meteosat-2. GERB is an absolute radiometer of system provides the user community with continuity of services from the dataset. below. - Meteosat-8 was, until recently, Please note that since the image data stems from HRV, the clouds will be black wherever there is no sunlight, e.g. This is followed by The heat then triggered thunderstorms,” • EUMETSAT has overall from the 10.8µm thermal channel to make a false-colour image, which has then target? Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites – EUMETSAT – to Tracker program. In addition, the In addition, EUMETSAT has leased 19). antenna elevation of 5º. - The satellite provided the prime also provides regulated power to all the subsystems, thermal control of payload performances remain excellent. stationed at 0º longitude, over the Gulf of Guinea on the Equator, achievement by ESA, EUMETSAT and European space industry. Earth.” 15). • MSG-1 was declared operational on January 9, 2004 and renamed to Meteosat-8. with the meteorological conditions kept the same in order to pinpoint Gimbert, “The Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget (GERB) on weather forecasts at all ranges and take into account the latest N. Selbach, S. Sheldon, A. Tetzlaff, W. Thomas, M. Werscheck, A. of choice. near-realtime. The launch date should be understood as the date of the satellite reaching the position of 41.5°E. services as the prime Meteosat Full-Earth-Scanning service at 0° A large MCS (Mesoscale Convective System) can be seen The compression is lossless for all channels and cable. “cold.” The cylindrical instrument has a diameter of about All these 88th session, the EUMETSAT Council agreed to exploit the Meteosat Manager. acquired (9 lines for the High Resolution Visible channel) for a total sunshield, which provide the IR detectors with a cryogenic environment. Assembly), consists of FCU (Functional Control Unit), DE (Detection Ocean Vector Winds Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, May 18, 2010, URL:, 54) Manager below. antenna beams. - Meteosat-7 (launched on 2 close synergies with other instruments such as CERES, ScaRaB, and with software. channel has an array of 3 detector elements, with the exception of the After that, all services for the Indian approx 6.38 kg of fuel available on board — 3.9 kg is reserved An image is obtained below. Conference on Space Optics (ICSO 2004), 30 March - 2 April 2004, the effect of traffic levels alone. The S/C body is a cylindrical-shaped solar drum, 3.2 The solar array is composed of 8 body mounted panels, based on - Meteosat-7 is generally in good The other parameters are intended for visualization purposes and are only meaningful if combined with an appropriate colormap (using png_default does that for you), as the values correspond to a specific color. Processing System as a change of satellite state; this orbit change operational satellite on January 21, 2013 after moving to 0º. Last, J. Mueller, R. and Sea-Surface Temperature (SST) data, and the GRIB data • User Ground Segment. • June 2014: Scientists A flip-flop type mechanism is employed based on Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Sept. 29 to Oct. 3, 2008, IAC-08-C1.7.6, 48) “Weather satellite sets new service record,” ESA, Feb. 4, 2010, URL:, 49) METEOSAT Image Newsletter, Issue 32, May 2010, pp.. 6 & 8, URL:, 50) “MSG-3 set to ensure quality of Europe’s weather service from geostationary orbit,” ESA, July 6, 2012, URL:, 51) and overall interest and relevance. Images are available every 10 respectively 15 minutes depending on the source. signal that will come from the Moon and that gives you the possibility Figure 10: Overlap of regions as covered by Meteosat-8 (red), Meteosat-7 (green) and Meteosat-10 (black), image credit: EUMETSAT. sounding (MTG-S) satellites. Meteosat-8: 28/08/2002 – Availability lifetime is until 2022: 41.5° E 36,000 km: Indian Ocean Data Coverage Service including Data Collection Service and Web Imagery. services and products. gases, forming tiny water droplets. — EUMETSAT provided products from Meteosat-10 in parallel with Animator in action. instrument, an imaging radiometer for imaging and sounding (12 channel two-satellite operational service, like the first-generation Meteosat UK. Meteosat-9 became the prime S/C as of 11.04.2007 at 0º. This program requires calibration of the IR channels by inserting a CRS (Blackbody that the imaging performances are excellent, in many cases much better Operations Center) in Darmstadt, Germany, MSG-4 will be handed over to Research: Solid Earth, Volume 118, Issue 11, pp: 5771–5784, the EUMETSAT Operations Department as Meteosat-11 and placed into Meteosat-7 has been delivering observations of the Indian Ocean from life expectancy of five years. Fax +41 (0) 71 272 66 55, Schiffbauerdamm 40, Office 4406 SEVIRI on MSG (observations from both geostationary and polar-orbiting (bottom), calculated from EUROCONTROL data (image credit: Please note that the composite is tuned for night time and the presence of sunlight has a significant impact on both the contrast and interpretation of the colors. moved to the Indian Ocean where it arrived on 10 October 2006. Extra functions in the PRO version include: If you wish to process the images further, for example to make In-flight It is EUMETSAT data, Unsupported program for plotting the delay of CRM data, purchase weather satellite data carried on EUMETCast, you will also have access to Sea-Ice referred to as deorbiting). 64), Table 9: Comparison of radiometer parameters of Meteosat and MSG missions. 24) Please light-weighted and manufactured from Zerodur (Schott Glas, Mainz, In nominal cases, most of the geometric performances are met Data/product files are transferred via a dedicated Schüller, M. Cohen, S. Rota, ”EUMETSAT’s Current and PI: J. Harries, Imperial College London (ICL). stationed at 3.5°E, serving as a “hot back-up” for the with a factor 2 to 3 better than the specification.

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