Jordan Belfort: I heard some stupid sh*t. I don’t know, I don’t know. Jordan Belfort: [voice over] I got to say, these Swiss were some sneaky motherf**kers. Jordan Belfort: You’d be a general manager. Don’t listen to him. Bo Dietl: Yeah, yeah. How the money comes in. [as he’s driving so slowly the car behind him beeps its horn and overtakes Jordan] Donnie Azoff: Hey, everybody, listen up! [Jordan walks around the office watching his brokers getting measured up for suits] Naomi Lapaglia: Yeah. Jordan Belfort: What does he want with my wedding video? Mm-hmm. All right. Agent Patrick Denham: I need you to get dressed. Life is not a popularity contest. [teasing Janet] [Donnie laughs] No, I understand. Jordan Belfort: [voice over] Chester and Toby, they went all Yakuza on Nicholas. [the dwarf is thrown and goes hurtling towards the board and the camera freezes on him as Jordan introduces himself], Jordan Belfort: [voice over] My name is Jordan Belfort. Naomi Lapaglia: He’s not breathing, Jordan. Jordan, are you alright? Donnie Azoff: What’s up her a**? What did I say? [she turns to leave]   Wooh! Bo Dietl: You know what you do? I mean, I get butterflies every morning before I go to work. Brad: Oh, f**ksville, huh? Transcript: ### Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) performing the “Money Chant” while pounding his chest. Jordan Belfort: What the f**k are you talking about? [Jordan smiles]. You heard my dad played football here and I believe he even graduated from here. Jordan Belfort: You don’t got sh*t on me, you hear me! Jordan Belfort: Oh. Jordan Belfort: I’m going to f**king break your face. Welcome Jordan Belfort: I got you! [back at home, Jordan has sex with Naomi on their bed which is covered in cash] Which makes me wonder what the hell you’re investigating me for? Mark Hanna: Yes, sir. Jordan Belfort: I f**king love you too! They’re f**king duds. Bo Dietl: Jordan, you didn’t, you didn’t try to bribe this f**king FBI agent, did you? Janet: Hey! The only reason you’re sitting in this limo and not a Swiss jail is because of my friend. Do they cure cancer? So what do we do? Naomi Lapaglia: Donnie? Blair Hollingsworth: We got two other parties to get to. Donnie Azoff: No, we have two kids. Jordan Belfort: No, I’m serious. Brad: I’ve heard enough, please. [we see Jordan’s dad sat watching “The Equalizer” on TV with his wife when the phone rings] Naomi Lapaglia: Just keep going. Jordan Belfort: [voice over] Now a rat hole, is a friend, like Brad here, who held stock in his name for me. Jordan Belfort: [voice over] And not only that, Donnie and I secretly owned eighty-five percent of Steve Madden’s shoes, which legally speaking was a big no, no. He’s the only person with that many shares. Jordan Belfort: [voice over] This was the day that we launched the Steve Madden IPO. Really? Max Belfort: Jean? I got them! You’re coming on a trip with Daddy, alright? Jordan Belfort: [voice over] Diamond Donnie Azoff. He’s smart, you’re dumb. [Jordan doesn’t reply] f**king speak English! [Jordan reluctantly gets up, he walks out into the hallway and sees Denham and two other FBI agents waiting for him downstairs] Jean Jacques Saurel: Slovenian. Jordan Belfort: Yes, yes. [as they are being drive to the bank] [the brokers look at each other] Naomi Lapaglia: Jordan, you open this f**king door right now! Dr of Film. Jordan Belfort: Okay. Why? Nicky Koskoff: Yes. Why? My Aunt Emma, she’s the best. He wants me to give information about my…? Donnie Azoff: You know what? Something like that. Get the baby! Jordan Belfort: You remember, we had a conversation. Jordan Belfort: I loved your aunt more than anyone in the entire world, I really did. Jordan Belfort: Steve. Get a weekly digest of the week’s most important transcripts in your inbox. Nicholas the Butler: I see all of you. I mean, what do you guy, another personal question, no need to answer if you don’t… [to Nicky] Donnie Azoff: It’s a joke! [the others join in the chanting] What are you going to do, right? [the two other agents walk upstairs and come over to Jordan] Jordan Belfort: Oh, God! Brad: Are you f**king stupid? Read the full transcript right here on [he extends his hand to Denham] [Jordan takes the contract] [Jordan is on a yacht talking into the camera] Jordy! Okay? What happened? Jordan Belfort: Take it off! [Jordan’s friends are all laughing behind him] Don’t leave crumbs and the beauty of delayed gratification. [Jordan looks at the audience, then steps down and goes over to a man sitting in the front row, he takes out a pen and offers it to him] Now, I’m not here to be a downer on that. Again, it just happens and it happens every day. I got whiskey, any kind of booze you want. You know this f**king deal that I’m about to sign, barring me from the securities industry, barring me from Stratton, my home. You know, she’s not that old. [they both smile]. Skylar Belfort: Mommy. Jordan Belfort: Thank God. I’m talking about the you versus you obligations. Jordan Belfort: Look at these babies. Jordan Belfort: I don’t know what the… Is that what you want? Naomi Lapaglia: No. They had no proof I was even behind the wheel. What is going on? Jordan Belfort: Get him off the phone! Let them watch. [Jordan chuckles] I mean, you’re not afraid of like, the whole kid thing, right? Chester Ming: I don’t recall that transaction. Jordan Belfort: The loud guys, all the bad press. [Jordan takes the contract] Naomi Lapaglia: I don’t know what you’re saying. And I will make you richer than the most powerful CEO in the United States of f**king America. Are you speaking English? You slept around on your spouse and you just found out that tomorrow she and the lady you’re having an affair with are going to be at the same PTA meeting. They’re going to need a f**king wrecking ball to take me out of here! I meet a lot of f**king people.   [during filming suddenly Denham and other FBI agents arrive] I sh*t you not, it exploded when a seagull flew into the engine, three people killed. Jordan, stop it! Jordan Belfort: [voice over] When it comes to Quaaludes, the Lemmon 714 was the Holy Grail. [we see Donnie sat on the couch behind Jordan, half asleep when he suddenly wakes and mumbles] Larry confessed. [he locks the garage door and walks towards one of the cars] [he looks at the steps again] I got it, I got it. Like hot tea? Jordan Belfort: That’s okay. Jordan Belfort: For the nerves! It’s because we have created a fictitious ceiling, a roof, to our expectations of ourselves. Jordan Belfort: Did he ever get back to you about that, um…, [Jordan slides over a napkin across to Donnie] Donnie Azoff: Jordan! Mr. Belfort has helped the government win convictions of over two dozen serious offenders and helped them recover millions of dollars to be made available for restitution to their victims. I make a living at this, I’m not a cop anymore. You got to walk away, right? Jordan Belfort: F**k you! Stratton Oakmont is America! [he takes the stewardess in his arms and tries to kiss her, she tries to push him away] I’m going to have Heidi lick some caviar off my balls in the meantime. Jordan Belfort: Get the f**k out of my house! [Jordan and Donnie are sat in his office eating sushi] Jordan Belfort: [voice over] No, no, no, no. Jordan Belfort: Baby, don’t do that. I stripped off all my talismans from adventures past. I mean, we’re allowed to throw sh*t at them. Naomi Lapaglia: Jordan, he’s not breathing! Video | extreme dog teams up with Parkour athlete [Jordan opens the car door and places Skylar in the front seat] Violet: Naomi, get the baby! I’m wearing a wire”] Jordan Belfort: Come on! The Wolf Of Wall Street – Matthew McConaughey Money Chant Scene. I love you. Nicky Koskoff: Stop! Or how? Jean Jacques Saurel: Slovenian. [Jordon gives Teresa a diamond bracelet] Jordan Belfort: Did it? Very good. Sea Otter: I do not re… No, I don’t recall. Come here, baby. Do this and let them, let somebody else come up and tap you on the shoulder and say “Hey, you scored.” Let them run up and tap you on the shoulder and say, “You won.” Let them come to you, “You go home now.” Let them say, “I love you too.” Let them say thank you. Naomi Lapaglia: Okay. They’re going to need a f**king wrecking ball to take me out of here! Bo, what’s going on? Jordan Belfort: You never jet-skied in your life? Let’s admit it. It’s like, it’s intrusive, you know? You’re a f**king expert on it. Donnie Azoff: Ah, f**k. My lawyer said that you’re going to prison for twenty years, Jordan. One of the people that looked up to him was a musician named Larry. Video | jungle animals funny reactions seeing their first mirror My first day as a future Master of the Universe. End of the day, you guys get f**king skinned alive financially. [Saurel replies in French] Because you just eliminated the who’s, the where’s, the what’s and the when that were keeping you from your identity. Jordan Belfort: Right. [Donnie watches from his car in the background as Brad gets arrested] Jordan Belfort: Like Darjeeling, rose hips, or something nice like that? The sudden fame that I just gotten was somewhat unbalancing. Jordan Belfort: Look, my point is that I know you’re investigating Stratton. [Naomi goes over to Skylar as Jordan continues to grab the phone off Donnie] Just like I believe in each and everyone of you here today. So give your obstacles credit and you will, one, find the courage to overcome them. That’s the f**king plan. Jordan Belfort: He will? Donnie Azoff: Get the f**k…! [Donnie looks worried as Jordan rushes off and takes some more of the pills] [Steven joins him and Jordan puts his arm around him] Jordan Belfort: If you want to be a millionaire someday, have some guts, make a decision. French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre traveled to Gabon, Africa, and set up a mirror in several locations of the jungle to capture animals walking by. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. He was a friend of mine and a good friend of many people. Now where does that leave us in regard to her account exactly, does it going to probate or what? Jordan Belfort: Overnight your life can change. [Otter takes him to the edge of the balcony] Jordan Belfort: Well, yeah. Oh, yeah. Donnie Azoff: It’s wrapped up, yeah. I mean, honestly, what is it that you think that we did or do? Are you alright? Sea Otter: I do not recall any of that. Nicky Koskoff: Hey, listen. Donnie Azoff: My money. Jordan Belfort: I f**king love you. You need everybody else’s money? I can’t understand. [as Jordan continues to try and get Donnie off the phone] Come on, babe. Jordan Belfort: What the f**k are you talking about?! Jean Jacques Saurel: You going to beat me? Jordan Belfort: You feel anything? You don’t love me anymore, huh? I… [the waiter comes over to their table] Matthew McConaughey Looks Back at the Acting Ritual That Became ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Chant One of the most memorable scenes in the Martin Scorsese movie was a … Sit down. Hey, get the f**k away from me! And I say that’s okay. [Saurel starts speaking in French] [he grabs Chantalle down to the bed and they get under the covers; Jordan stands next to his attorney in court as the judge reads through the subpoena] Guinea gulch. Jordan Belfort: I’m a stock broker. [as Jordan is preparing to leave he sees Naomi walking back with Hildy crying] Jordan Belfort: Yeah, you’re a mutt.

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