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Clark, now called "Superman," destroys the World Engine, while the US military loads his spaceship onto a cargo plane and flies it towards the Black Zero. Superman begs Zod to stop, but Zod refuses with "Never!"

Escape from the Phantom Zone.Kill Jor-El as retaliation for not following his order to stop the launch (all succeeded).Kill Superman/Kal-El.Extract the Growth Codex from his DNA in order to be able to create a new Krypton on Earth as well as building a new Kryptonian civilization via the Codex's genetic engineering ability and kill all Humans (both failed). The two Kryptonians then engage in a huge fight that stretches across Metropolis.

In 1974, he summoned young Thaddeus Sivana to the Rock of Eternity to determine his worthiness as his successor. Metallo |

Inside the citadel, Zod confronts Jor-El, demanding the Codex.

After transforming Billy to his fullest potential, he instructed him to share his powers to fill the thrones of the Council of Wizards, the wizard crumbled to dust in front of him.[1]. General Zod | Dabney Donovan |

49 basic controls with full and consistent theming.

In turn, Thaddeus rebuked the wizard for mentally scarring him as a child by telling him that he was unworthy before taking the Eye of Sin, carrying the Seven Deadly Sins within it. He and his men are then placed into cryogenic stasis before being loaded aboard the Black Zero, a massive Kryptonian ship which is then put into the Phantom Zone.

Circe | and continues to bring the heat beams closer to the family until Superman is forced to snap his neck, killing him. Cheetah | This is because, whilst the armor is extremely strong and durable, it is not as flexible and does not compensate for factors like agility, which are required for flying properly. Zod also wore an all-silver metal heavy-duty battle armor that had protection areas on the torso, arms, and legs that were designed to protect him from weapons such as an energy lance or a Kryptonian rifle.

Zod then travels to Smallville, accompanied by Faora and a couple of his men, in search of the Codex, which he believes is inside Kal-El's spaceship. Ultra-Humanite |

Bug-Eyed Bandit | Deathdate Poison, Justice League Coldcast |

Before 3,000 B.C.

Zod waking up to see the ruins of Krypton. It has been confirmed by the film's writers that Zod deliberately provoked Superman into killing him, as he believed that he no longer had a purpose in life, and thus wanted to die after his plan to rebuild Krypton failed.


: The Junior NovelShazam!

Later, Zod and his soldiers travel to the House of El Citadel, seeking the Genetic Codex (a repository of genetic information from which all Kryptonians are bred with predetermined life paths) that Jor-El stole earlier after escaping from Zod's men. Clark, having escaped from the Black Zero along with Lois, arrives and tackles Zod, whom he angrily punches numerous times for threatening his mother before they crash-land in the middle of Smallville's town center. He is confronted by a holographic projection of Jor-El, who tries to persuade him to abandon his plan; Zod, however, rebuffs the hologram and purges it from the ship's systems before taking the helm and flying the ship to Metropolis. Talia al Ghul | After the simulation ends, he reveals to a shackled Clark that he murdered Jor-El and expresses regret over having done so, but informs Clark that he would do so again to save his people.

The Elite: The Elite (Manchester Black, Coldcast, Menagerie & Hat) | Atomic Skull He was portrayed by Michael Shannon, who also portrayed Frankie Lombardo in Kangaroo Jack, Rick Carver in 99 Homes, Colonel Richard Strickland in The Shape of Water, and Captain Beatty in the 2018 remake of Fahrenheit 451. Titano | The Joker | Clark surrenders to the US military, who hand him, along with Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, over to Faora.

Wonder Woman Villains, Comics Others: Stefano Galante | Joker, See Also Solomon Grundy |

Alias To throw another spanner in the works you have Mon-El, who is from Daxam not Krypton but bears the same name structure as the house of El. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse: Darkseid | Female Furies (Granny Goodness, Gilotina, Mad Harriet, Lashina & Stompa) | Doomsday
Alias(es) But his cousin (aka Supergirl) is Kara Zor-El so she seems to have her fathers full name as a surname with an added first name as well. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies: Lex Luthor | Major Force | Metallo | Amanda Waller | Toyman | Solomon Grundy | Gorilla Grodd | Killer Frost | Lady Shiva | Giganta | Mongul | Captain Cold : Freddy's Guide to Super Hero-ing, https://dcextendeduniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Shazam?oldid=150429, In the original comics, Shazam was a young shepherd in Canaan named Jebediah who was chosen by six of his gods to be their champion, Vlarem, 9000 years ago. Black Banshee | Manchester Black | Because of this, Shazam left him entombed ever since, plaguing him with the name "Black Adam".

: A Shazam Showdown (mentioned) Morgaine Le Fey |

The Wizard

Krypton Ribbon. The Krypton Components sub-directory contains all the actual controls, the other directories are for the myriad example projects. Hector Hammond |

After Krypton explodes, Zod and his comrades are freed from their imprisonment, and they look forlornly at their homeworld's remains. Zod and Superman proved an even match for most of the battle, and they cause enormous amounts of destruction throughout Metropolis with their heat vision (which Zod masters early on in the fight), superhuman strength, and patterns of flight. As for Kryptonians with no last names, Ursa may conceivably have been married, and Zod is in fact Zod's family name, Dru-Zod being the full name. Birds of Prey Villains |

Amazo | Atomic Skull | Suicide Squad | General ZodZod of KandorCommander Zod However, some combinations may form a name of an existing super villain, so make sure you Google the name if you're not sure and you plan to use the name for a commercial project. Lobo | Along with a great Kodi wizard, this repository houses some of the best working Kodi builds and video build add-ons available for Leia and Krypton 2020. So Superman's Kryptonian name is Kal-El, with his father being Jor-El, his uncle Zor-El and one incarnation of Superboy is Kon-El. Blackrock |

Superman: Unbound: Brainiac Reverse-Flash |

Thaddeus Sivana | Seven Deadly Sins | Mr. Sivana | Sid Sivana | Brett and Burke Breyer | Robbers | Mister Mind, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Intergang |

Krypton Navigator. Zod rants angrily at the new Council leader Lor-Em, denouncing the entire Council as fools, before turning on Lara, who's present at the trial proceedings, and vehemently vowing that he will find her son and reclaim the Codex.

He just goes by his last name though. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

However, Jor-El would also later state that Superman is "twice the man" Zod was, even when the latter had been noble. Plastique |

Jor-El wounds and momentarily overpowers Zod, who begs Lara to not launch the ship, but when Lara ignores his pleas, he fatally stabs Jor-El in a fit of rage. Shazam!Black Adam (unreleased) Zod is also an incredibly bold and determined individual, as even when when his coup failed and he was helpless and at the mercy of High Eminence Lor-Em, he refused to be intimidated and went so far as to mock the former, even spitting at the High Eminence's feet in defiance, and only silently gritted his teeth while being painfully frozen into a cryo-capsule while almost all of his other loyalists bellowed and cringed. In desperation, he attempted to stop him as he cast a lightning bolt from his staff, but a now mystically empowered Thaddeus merely repelled his attack back at him, mocking that no soul's truly pure before departing. Actor(s) DC Extended Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.

It was also through his sheer willpower and determination that Zod eventually overcame his temporary weakness of sensory overload within Earth's atmosphere and swiftly mastered the power of flight. Others: Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Ares | Darkseid, Aquaman Weather Wizard | Rising to the rank of General, he was put in charge of Krypton's military; in that role, he was fiercely devoted to protecting his world and his people.

Others: Joe Chill | Zod | Joker | Steppenwolf, Suicide Squad So originally I don't think there was a real naming scheme for Krypton, the current one was standardized in I want to say the 70s when E. Nelson Bridwell was editor. Moments later, after Zod's soldiers are sent back into the Phantom Zone, Zod emerges from the wreckage of the scout-ship.

Shazam's brethren were slaughtered by the Sins before he managed to imprison them within statues in the Rock of Eternity.

Queen of Fables | King Shark | Preus | Krypton Docking. There must have been some logic to it but I can't remember how it worked. Genetically engineered to be a warrior and leader, Zod is fiercely loyal to his Kryptonian race and its ideals. Besides, think about it this way, naming conventions in China vary from those in Europe, and even in Europe not all women feel the need to take their husband's name after marriage, so they're not sticking to the old convention.

Appearances When the champion's family were murdered by criminals, he became vengeful and ruthless and released the Seven Deadly Sins upon the criminals who killed his family and the people of the city of Kahndaq, killing millions. THE SIMPLY KRYPTON BUILD FOR KODI 17.6 KRYPTON BEST KODI BUILDS WITH ADDONS FROM THE BMC WIZARD kodi builds in best kodi builds on kodi build 2018 or kodi build for firestick or android box in kodi builds 2018 and kodi build install or kodi best builds on kodi 17.6 builds for kodi best build both kodi builds for fire tv and kodi builds for android phone with best kodi build for …

He was a highly skilled military leader who was not afraid to act on instinct, such as when he decided to overthrow the Kryptonian Law Council. Atlas |

However, Zod even treated some of his fellow Kryptonians with disdain (most notably those with "degenerative bloodlines" of the Kryptonian Law Council, as well as the "heresy" that was the naturally-born Kal-El), considering only those who shared his ideas and goals to be his true equals.

Military Ruler of Krypton (formerly)Top General and Leader of the Kryptonian Military (formerly)Founding leader and commander of the Sword of Rao cult movement This name generator will give you 10 names fit for villains. Goals Book(s) I thought that was a nickname at first, but a cursory google search doesn't reveal anything about it.

Properly, her name is "Faora Hu-Ul". Later, back aboard the Black Zero, Zod, recovered from his sensory overload, learns that years earlier, Jor-El stored the Codex within Kal-El's cells.

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