The most public and costly clash came with the county pension lawsuit, which ended with the county spending over $1 million to sue itself.

That never happened. The county’s Charter Review Committee agreed last week to let voters decide in November. As expected, Burchett won the general election in a rout, taking 65.9 percent of the vote to Hoyos' 33.1 percent. Jacobs also announced Monday the state comptroller’s office agreed to look into the situation. Coronavirus vaccine: When will it be ready and will it be safe? [22], Independent freelance writer Pam Strickland filed a citizen complaint with the Tennessee State Ethics Board. The county administrator, formerly known as the County Executive, is called the County Mayor.

He was out of town and asked his chief executive assistant, Diana Wilson, to deposit the money in his personal account. Autograph Requests We are unable to accommodate requests for autographs or memorabilia through the Knox County Mayor’s Office.

Hair is one of the highest-paid county employees. Amendment on Knox County ballot would expand mayor’s authority.

THP investigating fatal pedestrian hit-and-run, New exhibit at ETSU museum commemorates voting history, UT basketball star Yves Pons holds cooking class for Make-A-Wish fundraiser, UT athletic department reducing payroll beginning November 1st, September unemployment rates decrease in every Tennessee county, Scarboro Park playground in Oak Ridge to close for replacement, MEDIC has less than one-day supply of O positive blood, Dolly Parton collaborates with music stars to raise money for breast cancer organization, Tennessee bringing free drive-thru COVID-19 testing to rural areas, Man arrested for scaling fence at TBI headquarters, Knox County Health Department ‘very concerned’ worst is yet to come in pandemic, - (865) 450-8888 x8121. While Hair had some experience in politics — working for Bob Corker’s Senate campaign in 2005-06 and AIPAC in Washington, D.C. — he had most recently worked as vice president of business development for Tennessee State Bank. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The vote was 4–1.

The referendum comes after public spats between Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs and Law Director Bud Armstrong since Jacobs was elected in 2018. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs announced Hair's resignation Monday morning, along with the firing of Parks and Recreation Director Paul White, who had been hired by Hair. People in South America have been using it for years and years." Drive through COVID-19 testing sites will be open in Fentress County on Saturday, Oct. 24, due to the rising case rates in rural areas.

Here are what they mean. [18] When he took office in January 2019, Burchett became only the seventh person (not counting caretakers) to represent the 2nd since 1909.

If approved, the county commission and school board would be allowed to hire their own lawyer in addition to the county's law director. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. The current playground was built in 2002 and is considered the smallest playground in the Oak Ridge park system.

Hours: Monday - … The Democrats have not made a substantive bid for the seat since 1964, and have only managed as much as 40 percent of the vote twice since then. The Comptroller’s Office will share their findings with Knox County when the investigation is complete.

James currently serves as director of parks. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has accepted Chief of Staff Bryan Hair’s resignation and dismissed Senior Director of Parks and Recreation Paul White.

November’s result won’t affect the first four-year term of newly elected Law Director David Buuck, but it could determine if he is able to run for reelection. A "no" vote would allow voters to continue directly hiring or firing the law director instead of giving the power to the mayor -- incentivizing law directors to run their office efficiently in the interests of voters.


Unlike the first two offenses, a full audit and investigation was ordered on this third offense, revealing that almost $20,000 in campaign money had been misappropriated for personal use by his then wife, Allison Beaver Burchett. It is one of the few ancestrally Republican districts in the South; the GOP and its predecessors have held it without interruption since 1857. The areas below will be a major focus to help make Knox County what President Reagan … If there were a disagreement in policy or legal opinion, the mayor could replace the lawyer.

Strickland writes a weekly column for the News Sentinel. He faced Democrat Renee Hoyos in the November general election. Dwight Van de Vate and Chris Caldwell will continue sharing Chief of Staff duties. The incident occurred in Sevier County between New Center Road and Luther Clinton way. [15] The cash mob gained national attention,[16] and was mentioned in Time magazine.[17].

[6] He twice won re-election to the state senate, serving a total of three four-year terms, from 1999 to 2010.

On September 6, 2012, a "show cause" was issued by the Tennessee State Board of Ethics. White was chosen by Hair to fill the Parks and Recreation job. Phone: 865-215-2005. Burchett received negative media attention in November 2012 for an item he posted on Twitter during a Tennessee Volunteers football game, in which he tweeted that he needed to get his nephew (a high school football player who hoped to be recruited by a university football program) "some tats and a criminal record so UT will be interested." Comptroller spokesman John Dunn declined to comment. Communications City County Building 400 Main Street Suite 615 Knoxville, TN 37902 . The police wanted to give polygraphs to two members of Burchett's staff.

For voters, though, it's possible an appointed attorney could end up costing more.

Department Email . For more history on the county law director’s position and the reaction to the amendment read an in-depth report here. The review committee is a 27-member body of appointed residents, commissioners and county representatives that comes together every eight years to review the county's governing documents and make suggested changes that go to the ballot to be decided by voters. The bank was closed, so she placed the money in an envelope and left it under the mat on Burchett's desk. If you enjoy Tyler's coverage, support strong local journalism by subscribing. On all contracts in the amount less than $100,000, the Mayor shall submit the full contract to the Commission to be included in the monthly meetings under Spread of Record without approval by vote of Commission.

Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs City County Building Suite 615 400 Main Street Knoxville, TN 37902 .

All rights reserved. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs has accepted Chief of Staff Bryan Hair’s resignation and dismissed Senior Director of Parks and Recreation Paul White. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs said he supports this measure because it increases public oversight and transparency in local government. View a map of District 6 and find out what district you live in here. Cost for the additional lawyers, however, would be minimal as the jobs would most likely be part-time positions.

His explanation last week for his suspension was oddly timed. “Ethics are not ambiguous, and it is important that Knox County be above reproach,” he said. "It was not wise for me to borrow something that belongs to the citizens of Knox County, and for that, I’m deeply sorry.”. He did not respond to a request for comment Monday. Godlevsky currently serves as Parks Planning & Development Manager. The same report also gave the general counterargument of salvia proponents that legislation banning Salvia divinorum reflects a cultural bias, as there are fewer prohibitions on more addictive substances such as alcohol and nicotine, and questioned how effective the bill will be, pointing out that Salvia divinorum has no odor and is easy to grow, so enforcement will be difficult.

James currently serves as Director of Parks.

Tennessee State House of Representatives: There are multiple races for the Tennessee State House of Representatives listed on the sample ballot, but voters will only be allowed to cast a vote for the race in the district where they live. One hundred years ago women got the right to vote.

[4][5], In 1999, Burchett received national media attention for sponsoring a bill to legalize the eating of roadkill, that is, wild animals killed by vehicles, before notifying the county game warden.

Eating roadkill was already legal – as it is in most places – but required prior notification to the county game warden. Phone: 865-215-2005. The government of Knox County, Tennessee operates under a home rule format. The second and last proposal on the ballot is about the county mayor's ability to enter into contracts. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. "[29], In April 2019, Burchett made a controversial post on his Twitter account which included a video of him referring to "DIRTBAG Serbians," after he met the Kosovo Albanian leadership in Washington, D.C. A Kosovo Serb advocacy group known as the Kosovo Project condemned Burchett's action as a "hate-filled Twitter rant", noting that the use of the word "dirtbag" to refer to an entire ethnic or religious group was unacceptable and accused him of ignoring crimes committed against Christian Serbs and other minorities in Kosovo.

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