Perhaps her college experience helped. He almost looks like a different person. Is that a joke or do you really see them as royalty? Can't find an explanation anywhere but am curious to know the what/why behind the pacifiers.- B. Josh will not be shown on TLC, so if the whole wedding party is shown, he’ll be pixelated out I’m sure. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Great pictures. I think a tutorial would be great. We're sorry. And the final kiss was "oh my..." so romantic. But when he shaves it all off, NOOO! I thought all of the kisses in all of those different body parts that John gave Abbie were kinda weird. Here’s what you need to know about John and Abbie Duggar’s courtship, engagement and wedding: So, I reconsidered the whole "bachelor ‘til the rapture" thing. Anonymous @ 3:08 Joe was the best man. Powered by. Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Will you put the wedding videos here for us international fans to watch because we can't get tlc go like you did with Josiah and Lauren's wedding it would be greatfu if you could because it will be years before we see it if you can't and i know myself as well as every other fans would really appreciate it thank you in advance. They just work around it and edit out Josh, the Bates family and anyone else who is not able to be shown. He's lucky TLC is filming at all and cropping him out of the shots. Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. Life is about more than a tv show. “God made us perfect for each other,” John told Us Weekly. Jill and Derick's tellings of their story can be found on the about page … No lack of ability. Congratulations, John and Abbie, may the Lord bless your marriage and bring you great happiness! I thought all that hand and arm kissing was not good. I think it's great that Jill is wearing the maid of honor dress she wore at Joy's? So rude!!!!! However I looked his choice of tux and suits for groomsmen compared to bow ties and suspenders others wore! Both look so happy! Ouch! We answer as many of your questions as we can, but due to the number of comments we receive daily, we are unable to answer every one. Everything looked very nice. The tutorial would be wash and scrunch. It suits him a lot. But there is just something special about having waited longer. I have cried and laughed and had my own opinions. Curious about the candy pacifier rings - Josiah's creativity? He looks more macho. I think it is a Tiffany Blue Box. TLC can't film Josh. Abbie probably likes the scruffy look. Because it's his choice and what he feels that suits him lol. John's suit was beautiful and he looked great. There are no pictures when I click on the link and I live in Ontario, Canada. Read on for more information on their wedding. While I in no way begrudge their ability to buy Tiffany engagement rings ( I’m a Tiffany girl too) I never would have considered putting the box on the table of my unity candle. Welcome to the premiere source for factual, encouraging updates on Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar and their 19 kids (TLC's, Unless otherwise stated, images are courtesy of: TLC,,,,,, Copyright © 2009-2020 Duggar Family Blog. I think Jessa wishes she could have dated or courted other men, The Duggar men all seem to be in "beard mode". wedding for this wedding. The couple has been living a pretty quiet life since settling down in Arkansas, although Abbie has recently made headlines for her choice to buck the normal Duggar standards of the women not working, and is working hard to have her nursing license transferred from  her home state of Oklahoma to Arkansas. Maybe they are participating in No Shave November??? Variety is the spice of life! Any word on where they flew off to for their honeymoon? For those who don't have TV service, TLC will air the wedding preview during a special 30-minute episode on November 27th and 28th. . Both Ben and Jeremy look good with beards because they grow full beards which they keep well groomed (it helps that they are both good looking men to begin with). Dec 15, 2018 | Family Blog, Photos | 5 . Those are beautiful pictures. It's fashionable to have a short beard!! The Duggar men look amazing with beards! I agree with you. TLC can either film around him, or they can edit him out later. It seemed strange to me. His final kiss was the best Duggar kiss of all time! I believe I read somewhere that they can’t show any of Bates on their show because they have their own show, same as the Duggar’s can’t be shown on the Bates’ show because of TLC contract. with John & Abbie now husband and wife and it appears there are no other weddings upcoming OR new pregnancy announcements, it will ne intersting to see what Duggar news we will hear about. You can hardly call what John David has a 'beard'. They get their baby-fix with all the nieces and nephews without the responsibility of full time parenting. I agree too! They are Americans,no King or Queen. Agree, they all just look scruffy/dirty to me, and Josiah looked too much like Josh with his! Not going to kill you for saying that. It was just as they wanted it, apparently, and super sweet. Every moment was just as we planned and dreamed. lol Another Duggar brother is hitched! Just watched the wedding...It was so sweet and touching and grown up,a mature couple with patience.So thankful they walked down the aisle afterword.The kisses were a nice touch but the drone was a bit much.You could feel the love they have for eachother.I think this wedding made me the happiest, it was well worth the wait, hi I am in Ireland can you tell me when john/abbe wedding will be on sky tlc so we can see it here a big fan. The cake was very pretty. The scruffy look does not suit him. John David and Abbie Duggar's Wedding Photos. 4:26, he broke his contract rules, so yeah he won’t ever be back on. @4:26 It is not TLC "never letting it go". John Duggar explained that each Duggar gets to “make their own rules” when it comes to their courtship, and due to their ages he and Abbie decided to do things a little differently than their siblings. Looking forward to seeing the wedding show later this month. He's hot all hairy. I can't find that anywhere. We answer as many of your questions as we can, but due to the number of comments we receive daily, we are unable to answer every one. I m sure it was beautiful. I believe they were a favorite candy of John David’s as a child. Does she have any tips and tricks she can share? Not implying anything inappropriate. He’s lost so much weight! Happiness & joy radiates from the photos! John and Abbie look so happy!! I live in Europe. Now we need to start thinking about a wedding!”, “We fell in love very quickly,” said John told People. Because John and Abbie were so much older than John’s siblings when they began dating (about 10 years older), they allowed some hand holding and brief hugs, according to Soap Dirt. I like a nice beard, but the Duggar males don't seem to be able to produce much of one. I hope they'll annouce ge new season when the wedding episode airs. Hey I agree with the OP about the drone part at the wedding. As always not available for international friends. The couple revealed that they decided to follow different courtship standards than most of the other Duggars, and chose to allow some light PDA while they were still dating. My handsome prince has no trouble growing a thick beard in a couple of weeks. God bless you! “Wow! They are far more ready for marriage than the other Duggar siblings were. Some people really don’t care about getting married. :). What leads you to believe there are no pregnancy announcements in the near future? Can't wait to see the wedding special. The bride and bridesmaids are lovely, and the couple are so joyously radiant! “Every moment was just as we dreamed,” they gushed to Us Weekly. I thought I would chime in here too, and say that I totally agree! They were not ALONE, but at a wedding ceremony in front of their guests. John and Abbie Duggar married in November, 2018. Powered by, found by following this link to the TLC website. If and when Jana wants to get married should be totally on her terms and timing. My husband can't grow a beard. It’s the people. Maybe a couple years of maturity helps a bit?

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