But even at a young age, they possessed the foresight to recognize football provided more substantial opportunities. "Frank's done a great job," Swinney said. Ngata, who's been listed on the depth chart as the starter before every game this season, suffered the injury two weeks ago against The Citadel and left the game to not return. I told Joe that I was happy and I was satisfied with the system that I saw. That was quite the display.". Syracuse head coach Dino Babers says the Orange are like any other program in the country including Alabama in that they're all trying to keep pace with Clemson. "I think like everybody, he ran out of gas a little bit and just needs to work on his conditioning. Likewise, not many compare to Ngata either. This differed from Raymond's childhood experiences. Ngata's father was born in Cameroon. Clemson safety Nolan Turner told the media Monday that the Tigers defense continues to be a bright spot because of consistency and hard work despite the annual losses to the NFL Draft. "He just hasn't been able to practice like he wants to," Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said after the game. ', "Joe analyzes things and is very humble. 1 Tigers' success this season. “What we read about him. Joe is the middle son, sandwiched between Ariel who's a freshman linebacker at Washington, and Daniyel, a four-star junior running back prospect. The fellow sophomore receiver had five catches for 71 yards after catching two touchdowns and leading Clemson with 87 receiving yards against The Citadel. Four years later, Raymond became his family's first college graduate. Ngata returned the favor a month later and flew cross-country to check out Clemson for the first time on an unofficial visit. Clemson receiver Cornell Powell was part of the Clemson team that fell to Syracuse during the 2017 season. He just hasn't been quite 100 percent.". We saw everything. Raymond compromised with his sons, sending them to one of California's top football programs, Folsom, located two hours from Reno. He's had to learn more than one position.". Raymond and Patricia were adamant about Joe reaching his own decision but they wanted him to be diligent about it. I'm proud of Mario. "He made some good plays in the game," Venables said. The 6-foot-3, 218-pound Folsom, Calif. freshman was the talk of Clemson's fall camp. He could've chosen Washington, where his older brother is a freshman linebacker. Clemson wide receiver signee Joe Ngata signed with the Tigers last December and became Clemson's first signee from California since 1991. He solves problems and comes up with answers. I think soccer helped them so much with their motor skills and learning how to run and that translated.". He's a versatile player who can line up at multiple spots in the secondary with needed experience. "We are a Christian family and it’s the paramount of the standard. After completing high school, Raymond ventured to the United States sight unseen in the early 1990s to attend college in Washington, D.C. at the University of District of Columbia. As a parent, that’s what I wanted. Or as Swinney might say, he'll bloom where he's planted. Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables did get junior cornerback Mario Goodrich on the field for the first time this season. So was Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, and Georgia among others. Wide receiver Joe Ngata and his father, Raymond, pose for a picture during his All-American Bowl jersey presentation. Meanwhile, Frank Ladson filled in admirably as the starter at Ngata's spot. If you’re very analytical, you have to observe, be calm, listen, and you don’t make hasty decisions. Clemson co-offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach Jeff Scott paid Ngata a visit in February. We didn’t know about him. There was nothing substantial after soccer. "Frank's taken advantage of his opportunities and showing what he can do.". A conversation with Ngata's father, Raymond, shed significant light on claims of similarities between Wilkins and Clemson, while also revealing Ngata's distinct uniqueness. But the attractiveness of 'WRU' was too strong to dismiss. The balance. He missed a couple of weeks in fall camp and we're really counting on him to really help us inside and outside both. They were very active in soccer and also good players. Clemson receiver Joseph Ngata hasn't been able to practice in full because of an injury that kept him from helping the No. "I know Joe, with God’s help as he’s going, he can focus and finish curriculum early. "He'll get going," Swinney said about Ngata. "He's been battling a little bit of an ab strain. "The way we live in our house, we let our boys be who they are and choose their friends and do things young, American teenagers do," Raymond said. "So I was a little worried it would take away from academics. "Believe me, I still remember the first day of the tryouts of youth football," Raymond said. "Because soccer then was not a guaranteed step forward in life. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. All three sons are straight-A students. Ngata wasn't the only Clemson starter to dress but not produce against Virginia. Behind Clemson's development on defense and opportunistic offense, nine takeaways have become a huge part of the No. "We don't want to put the stamp on their decision," Raymond said. He'll address the media again Sunday afternoon to begin talking about a top-10 showdown with Miami in Memorial Stadium next Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on ABC. "I was a little worried because I know football took a chunk of the boys' determination to succeed," Raymond said. Because they wanted to play at a school that was already a champion. Nobody could believe they had never played football before. "We said the standard in the house is college education and the minimum would be a Masters degree for our boys.". "At Clemson, everything was what we wanted to see. But for him to go across the county, it was a discovery trip. Because there were opportunities also in Cameroon, and leaving behind what you already have for an unknown environment, it required a very strong will.". Since that loss, the Tigers have won 25 consecutive games against ACC programs. "But the conditions and opportunities in America were why we stayed. Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott said Ngata, who also missed time in fall camp because of COVID-19 protocol, is close to getting back on the field and "is working extremely hard on his body." It was just for the love of the game, that was it. "For me, that was a great motivator. And that's how he treated the recruiting process.". "Our intentions were to study then return home to Cameroon," Raymond said. ”The experience I had with my first son helped me to shape Joseph’s recruitment. Ngata has the stature and measurables – at 6-foot-4, 215 pounds- to … While in middle school, Joe and his brothers tried to persuade their parents to move to Texas. 1 criteria was the tutoring element. Guess what they asked? Nobody compared to Clemson. With my first son, my No. "We want them to feel, ‘This is my decision. "Have some solid arguments. While Dabo Swinney admits there are exceptions to the rule, like Myles Murphy or Bryan Bresee–who enroll as ready-to-play athletes, Swinney will always take pride in the way his program develops these diamonds in the rough. Is it something they can put a finger on? We visited some places where we couldn’t put our finger on the structure of the academics. We have our own values we preserve and teach them. Their argument for playing football in middle school was they wanted to play football in college. "But they wanted to play football and not soccer. There's parallels to be drawn between Ngata and one of Clemson's most celebrated, revered and unique players of all-time, Christian Wilkins, according to someone on the inside of the Clemson football program. When you talk about college football and the NFL, nothing compares to that. We can’t suppress or kill that desire to play football. Following his first visit to Clemson, Ngata named Clemson as his new No. "Coach Swinney had a great impact on Joe,” Raymond said. Joe signed with Clemson on 2018-12-19. When we left campus, Clemson didn't fade in his mind. 1 school.' "To come out with just one degree is good, but it will be better if you come out with a Masters degree," Raymond said. Houston Texans and former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson puts Texans trade rumors to bed, ready to move forward with team as-is. I will do what it takes. Current Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and former Clemson quarterback, and current Houston Texans quarterback, have more in common than most people may think. “Yeah, he dreams big. He was very excited. No new injuries were reported by Swinney after the game. I think it was the connection he had with the coaches. Despite being listed as "available" Saturday against Virginia, Clemson receiver Joseph Ngata did not produce anything in the 41-23 victory because of an abdominal strain that's limiting his ability. One of the hopeful NFL talents on this current Clemson football roster is Ngata. He's a very lean guy. "He's not a good player, he's a great, great, great player. "At the end, every coach came to me and said, ‘Where have these boys been?’ They pretty much knew at a young age how to throw and catch and run. Wide receiver Joe Ngata and his father, Raymond, pose for a picture during his All-American Bowl jersey presentation. It's just a matter of time before that shows up on the field. One might say strong will and eagerness to explore the unknown in search of the best opportunity was passed down to Joe, who will attend college on the other side of the country.

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