It's arguable. awesome work! Thank you so, so, so much. But saying it took off isn't really that impressive, seeing how I only made $60 this month.

If you are considering it, make sure you make clothing and stickers available for each design as these seem to sell best. My sales triple during those months, but even more important than the sales themselves is the fact that the higher volume of sales can push a popular item on to the popular pages which gives you sales mileage over the entire year so that your sales always stay at a higher average than your pre-Christmas sales. I have a feeling that Eric's work is the sort of thing that would get rounded up on a few bloggers "things I'm loving right now" type lists and I wonder how much that helps? I've just submitted my Super Mario digital painting series to a whole bunch of gaming Tumblrs/blogs, in hopes that they'll be tossed around enough that people might mingle their way to my store. I do better on Society6, so I haven't really given RedBubble a proper go - in terms of being involved in the community, uploading new things frequently and stuff, but every now and then they send me money, so it can't be that bad! Well for people wanting to buy clothes, its kind of legit but its a scam for artists. Very informative! Let us know if you have questions. I believe if you email them or something, theyll send you another one and you keep the one that doesnt fit. They are getting profit off of Scott's game without his consent, yes it is illegal. I sold no prints, and I didn't even try and sell smartphone cases (their margins are ridiculous). Hmm.. I can't say much for sales [shirts seem to go viral or not sell at all pretty much] but the quality is very good recently. What's the average amount of money you can make in a month? Besides Threadless, Redbubble has really come through for me. It's the way the industry is headed. You haven't signed away copyright or intellectual property rights. It seems like externally promoting yourself is sort of a win-win. You can jack up the margins on them and only make ~0.80 each sale. If I ever got a chance to ask for advice, I think now would be it -. This means that people from around the world upload content to our site, we do not create the designs. I was lucky enough to be featured a few times and the featured designs have sold really well. Thanks for the kind words. I suckle at the teet of your greatness, Eric. Also, thanks to Eric for sharing. It's really tough choice, and Scott should say what he thinks about it one day. I have a few more questions, if you'd be willing to help. Redbubble is a scam guys, I made few designs and made around 400$. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Orders come in and they send me the money. You're welcome heykimby! If you can't get your money back, it might make a funny pillow. If you know of or encounter a scam, this is the place to let people know about it. Like from fans for fans. Don't waste your time on Redbubble, they will most likely stab you in the back, ban you steal your art, continue selling it and scam you if you buy art from them. I think I'll see decent results if I target some newer submissions/artist on Society 6 and promote them. The overall rating of the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Terms of Use | I make more sales on society6 but have still been averaging $200 - $280 a month in Redbubble. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fivenightsatfreddys community, Continue browsing in r/fivenightsatfreddys, The official subreddit for Scott Cawthon's horror game series, Five Nights at Freddy's.

Probably, did you get something off of there? Thank you so, so, so much for the tips. The process to follow is get the dimensions of the shirt area you want to cover. || Official Discord Server:, Press J to jump to the feed. Did you delete the listings or just your account? It seems like the best deal, as some shops give better prices and margins than others. I don't even know how to express my gratitude, Eric. You want to get as much promotional mileage as you can out of each design. If you browse through RB we actually have quite a few legit fan art pieces for FNAF that don't just swipe images from the game.

I don't know If I should try and get my money back or just chalk it up a loss. When a customer is looking at a product, or buying something, the site will say "you might also like..." with a link to your design. That said, my S6 sales are pants and I am wondering if it is really worth all the effort. Redbubble here. You're the stuff of legend. Redbubble is a scam guys, I made few designs and made around 400$. But from what I've seen from others (I don't have a page and make diddly on S6), sales have been steadily declining. I have had my work on S6 for years and just thought my work was mediocre or I was selling to the wrong audience. You have a lot of talent, but to succeed on PoD sites you need a combination of both talent and tenacity. It’s the only online store that I have any experience with.

There is not much to be made on stickers but it does add up. I really like that Redbubble is willing to feature art based on quality as opposed to popularity and therefore give unknowns a chance. It's not much. My sales on RB have only come about after being 'Found' a few times. I think it might have to do with tagging well. For society6, it's the months leading up to Christmas.

But it depends how Scott sees it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Society6 and Redbubble always were where I made more money. Eric - the more and more I've been trying to spread out beyond Threadless the past month, the more I see you pop up everywhere. Did you do a lot of this (self promotion) when you were starting out? I just bought something from them. There was that woman who did those collabs with her kid that gotten written up in a lot of blogs. These are the only items that sold. I have a TeePublic site too, which sells about 2 shirts a month.

The entire first year I was on society6 I was only making between $7 and $20 a month.

I'm curious if anyone here has any success with redbubble? Only one design really took off, and sold a bunch of units across different products. I figure that if I can get enough online fans across the web, then naturally sales will come in from those avenues. I used to be a really active member on RedBubble before I started Threadless. They terminated my account and said how I had copyrighted stuff. It's actually a pretty easy process. Algorithm based curation, such as on S6, is terrible for aspiring artists IMO. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It's kind of like how spacecrafts use the gravitational pull of large planets to slingshot them further and faster on their journey. You need to be 'somebody' to make these sites work well. I have zero experience with Redbubble but I use Society6 for prints, mugs, and cases, and then use TeePublic for tees. Anything we should and shouldn't be doing? Do you think it's that bad? There are so many uploads it's not feasible for us to review them all or verify if a person has the rights to legitimately use that property. I use them for a lot of personal projects and one-offs, also. I have been selling on Red Bubble since December 2008. If you are un aware, there is a company called For most of that time, I had ~6 things up for sale. On both sites is hard to get noticed. Threadless cares about safety. At the same time, you're also exposing yourself to far more people beyond the Society 6 audience, which is just generally good news. It's insane. I'm putting almost all my effort into building a bigger online following in general, so hopefully that will result in more sales.
These recommendations are based upon how promoted your piece was, so the more pieces you submit that do really well, the higher the probability is that one of those pieces will show up as a recommendation and increase the likelihood of a sale. You're amazing. For example many many creators don't mind if an artist makes small amount of merch.

Every year is an opportunity to bump your sales during Christmas and permanently raise your average monthly sales.

The big thing is getting them to feature at least one design. I can't imagine the monthly earnings you must make from every site combined; it's something I really want to have.

I think they'll be most likely to return the favor. It's pretty easy to turn a t-shirt into a pillow. All designs copyright by owner.

It's beyond insane the money they earn on PoD sites alone. There is difference between fan merch, and trying to monetize someone's ideas. I think pop culture stuff does best on there and those that have a big following can make hundreds to thousands a month. Ronans question about internal/external visibility is one I find highly interesting. It grows very slowly but if you hit a certain point the growth becomes exponential and suddenly you have a large snowball. Fuck yes it's worth it. I guess). I get 40-50 a month from one collab design alone that I did a couple of years ago. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Terms of Service apply.

I honestly think I may split up my products like you Musarter.

Yo! Let’s look at Redbubble again: And the amount of search results is cut more than in two! I have a list of about 10 biggish gaming blogs that will hopefully reach a lot of people. Also, the licenses only allow Redbubble use of your content to "facilitat[e] the sale of your product". This doesn't mean they can make money off your product; any money from sale should technically belong to you (although, without an account, they may have no obligation to get the money to you -- check the terms). A good design will tend to get lost if you don't have enough followers to promote it, so it's a good idea to spend a bit of time on the site interacting and leaving comments so that you increase your visibility as much as possible. I don't know why they picked me, but they did. Don't upload too many designs at once either. Learn more.

2 are blurry and it looks like they couldn't find a large/good enough quality jpeg from google of the design to screen print from. On one hand, you have people see your work and may want a print of it or something. It's hard to predict what will be popular sometimes, so it's kind of a numbers game in the end: produce as much good work as you can and hopefully something will stick. The snowball effect, as far as I can determine, is a product of the internal algorithms of the site itself.

It was definitely worth it :).

The more visibility you can achieve by whatever means is always a positive. We love original fan art too. That's why I'm upping my online presence. I just deleted my account after realizing i made a huge mistake. My experience with Red Bubble has been fine. I'm focusing a lot of my time right now on seriously building up an online following, and it seems that it's much easier to get visibility through a combination of social media & blogs. Is there something you wish you knew earlier on about selling more on POD sites? Thanks Eric and your works are brilliant 8). How much success can be attributed to you driving people to your store externally? Society 6 and Redbubble margins are atrocious for smartphone and tablet cases, but quite fair for prints (especially since we set our own margin).
Do you have any tips/words of wisdom you that you would share about selling on these POD sites? Artists say that when red bubble sees that your store is doing well, they will kick you out of your account and continue selling your art. This biggest thing I've taken out of this is visibility, and I'm going to focus on increasing my visibility internally and externally. I think it all comes down to exposure. What things do you think helped trigger your snowballing effect?

Truer words have never been said yet it is super hard for an artist to understand.

How did you get so popular on these sites? It's worth a shot if the arts done I suppose.

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