When it comes to his power, he was able at one time to handle Raditz after that character passed on and started to cause problems in the Other World.
He is, strangely, the father of Metal Head, and trained him to be as strong as he is. As for power, Chronoa was able at one point to beat Demigra, Putine, and Gravy at the same time. Old Kai is seen as weaker than all the other Kai, as well as weaker than Shin. He has used a form of God Ki, so that allows him to be added to a list such as this because.

Which Dragon Ball god do you think is the most powerful? "King of the Worlds"), or North Kai (の 'Kita no Kaiō', lit. He is, strangely, the father of Metal Head, and trained him to be as strong as he is. King Yemma rules over all ogres and judges the deceased. Shawn is a former member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle before relocating to Texas and has work published in the Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma Gazette, Vox Magazine and Loud Magazine and on websites like The Huffington Post, CBS, Time Warner Cable, Yahoo, The Movie Network, Chud, Renegade Cinema, 411mania and Sporting News. He doesn't appear for a long time, though he is heavily mentioned by Metal Head Red, who had his memory wiped after trophifying him. However, on a pure power level, Dende ranks near the bottom when it comes to Dragon Ball gods. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/King_Kai. Grand Supreme Kai ranks above the Supreme Kai in Universe 7. He also freely listens to advice from his Angel attendant, while he remains pompous and brags about his Universe's power. Zen-Oh is possibly the most powerful god in all of the Dragon Ball universe. On the other hand, in the Zen Exhibition March, Quitela was able to take him down, so he is clearly more powerful in the anime than on the printed page. This means that even if he is not a full god, he is at least a demigod. Champa is the God of Destruction from Universe 6 and is the twin brother and rival of Beerus from Universe 7. Goku -- when in this form -- could possibly beat all Supreme Kais, but it is only temporary. Much like Sidra of Universe 9, Rumsshi is not much when it comes to the destruction of planets. King Kai is the Northern Kai who watches over North Galaxy. He is more powerful than Piccolo, and while he was once more powerful than Frieza, he has since fallen below his power as well. However, not all of them are as strong as we'd think. Related: How Old Goku Is In Each Dragon Ball Saga In the Dragon Ball franchise, most of the main characters have died at least once, and have had to be brought back with a wish from the Dragon Balls.One character who hasn’t been resurrected is King Kai, who has been dead for over ten years now. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It is said that the Grand Minister is one of the five greatest fighters in the entire multiverse and both the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kai bow when he arrives. Belmod is the God of Destruction in Universe 11. He may have only lost to the Ginyu Force due to the foul play involved and being caught off gaurd. Once he reaches Super Saiyan 4, he should on the same level as Goku. He refuses to tolerate evil and will not abide by it. Korin is an 800-year old cat that lives in a giant tower and is a master of the martial arts. The Minecraft DBC Mod allows you to get a feel for Dragon Ball Z the Minecraft way. Geene is overly confident and felt his power was great enough to beat Beerus if not for Sidra throwing up a shield. With that said, here are The 30 Strongest Dragon Ball Gods Of All Time, Officially Ranked.

He rules the eastern area of the living and other worlds. Arack has proven in the anime to be able to fight evenly against both Iwne and Liquiir. Whether or not Trunks is officially a Dragon Ball god is up to debate. He created the Namekian Dragon Balls, and they only remain powerful as long as he remains alive. He ran the Metal Head … In the manga during the Zen Exhibition March, he knocked out everyone who was at the Supreme Kai level of power but he was finally taken down by Beerus. and, also, both, but, even, for, if, or, so. His full power is unknown, due to being defeated by the Ginyu Force after being kicked in the balls, but still being able to go head to head with Metal Head R and almost win. She is an arrogant and vain god who hates everything that she considers ugly. This should not be seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of power, though. Quitela is the God of Destruction for Universe 4. When he faced Super Sayain 3 Goku after waking from his long slumber, he was able to swat him away with a finger. He is noted by Metal Head to be a weeb, and because of this, he knows different techniques from anime.

In the manga, he has a distinct hatred for Beerus, while in the anime, he has a respect and does not hold a grudge against Universe 7. Korin was around early -- he was the second master for Goku and actually the first ever deity he met in his story. Despite this, it seems that every god that is introduced into the Dargon Ball series adds even more immense powers, leaving them on a level far above all others in the story's world. Geene was also bored and was one of the few who was excited about the Tournament of Power since it meant more destruction. In Dragon Ball Super, the Super Saiyan God transformation was showcased and Goku developed almost unmatched power on the battlefield. 27 GURU. King Kai has a strong sense of humor, so much so that before he can agree to train someone, they have to make him laugh, and he tells very bad jokes.
Heles is the God of Destruction in Universe 2. Iwne is the God of Destruction for Universe 1. He is also a true hero, saving his entire race after a climate shift. It only takes a mere moment for Zen-Oh to destroy anything and everything and it just takes a thought to completely remove something from existence. Thanks to his healing powers, he is always in the fight. He even showed a level of discomfort when he saw the destruction of Universe 9 in the Tournament of Power. While not the strongest Angel, there are few as powerful in the Dragon Ball universe.

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