G@�.R���gN�;l�"i jG�BnF�A�4&�M���At����(j��f�꣆-dV��bGt�� <> However the children, the ‘Hurriers and Trappers’, operating the ventilation doors, had other ideas and decided to use the ‘day-hole’, an old dug-out seam, which led to Nab’s Wood. <> 1 0 obj endobj The Yorkshire, Huskar Pit disaster Today in 1838 forced a limited measure of government legislation regarding the employment of child labour in mines. What they didn’t know was that a nearby stream had burst causing a deluge down the tunnel drowning 26 of the 44 employed underground: the youngest was seven years old. ( Log Out /  It was a… Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

%���� ��9�%���i�A�댟�W>����xvߛ�?�O��ܷ?�} �qx�W��=�;���w�*B䕛��C��4���ÖZHR�ɋ1��r�9B�}��8��F�Y�+�d����cQ5�zZL:�ҳ桶�A�tJ�Xm)���^"��u%u���i.o�$OX�zA�wG�Z���2n��?��}�M�4. The day started hot, bright and sunny but from about 2pm a violent storm raged. As late as the 1890.s, eleven years-old children were working in pits, employed, along with women, pulling heavy coal wagons with chains, working for their husbands. The Kate Rusby song Halt the Wagons from her 2019 album Philosophers, Poets & Kings references the tragedy from the point of view of a grieving mother. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 2 0 obj It had a vertical shaft to the surface and a drift shaft (known as a "dayhole") leading to Nabs Wood. endobj @Bӣ�ɇ�F�|Z�,`�¯[�{2*���^��0�$�G����Z�-�"� ������a7��}�e �ۡ���۬bv�9�Ic`���K#^��s>�(����+�D�E(ٚ����1GV2=�&뷫�؁?�����q6 �e�Y�����a�m?�ɢ��VXY�m�xRt!�|�$��kU0�Ai�E�d��2�s�}u���1buCg�4:\K)@[4Y�؂��&�v���;* �TSB�d�Ae� ��e�EzĮ��KLIJe�:����¬`-�W-��Y"����%/�Y�Br A memorial was erected bearing the names and ages of those who died,[1] which today is the logo of the village's primary school. Some were able to escape via a passage that lead to Moorend and alert colliers on the surface. Huskar Pit disaster 1838 On 4th July 1838 a terrible disaster occurred at Huskar Pit, it was a coal mine in the village of Silkstone Common near Barnsley (It was owned and managed by a man called Robert C. Clarke). mr��P����T2?X;��+��s��$%R.�I�$5R���g�B�y��4Qw��{����W�|"ִ��lb�I�\fƲ# Learn how your comment data is processed.

<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Huskar Pit was a coal mine in the village of Silkstone Common, near Barnsley.

Change ). The inscription on the pyramidal sandstone memorial in Silkstone churchyard (above) includes details of burial: The mortal remains of the females were deposited in the graves at the feet of the males. Huskar pit, which had a day hole leading into Nabs Wood, was a sloping mine seam which zigzagged to the coal face and was used for ventilation purposes. However the 1862 Hartley Colliery disaster which cost the lives of 200 men and boys demonstrated that conditions had hardly improve;, a site only a mile from the enormous Seaton Delavel Hall once home of the Delavel and Astley, later Hastings Families. Huskar pit disaster.

In 2008, to mark the disaster's 170th anniversary, the event and subsequent inquest were turned into a play [4] by Sylvia le Breton and performed by the local Grass Roots theatre group in Silkstone church. The disaster had consequences far beyond the local community. On 4 July 1838 heavy rainfall struck the area, disabling the winding engine on the vertical shaft.

Nationwide, the disaster shocked public opinion, and the resulting inquiry led to the 1842 Mines Act which sought to introduce some protection for child miners and meant that all girls and boys under the age of ten were prohibited from working underground.

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