Dolly Parton met Carl Dean in 1964., I've got Dolly fever Take a look at some of the things you probably didn't know about Parton's marriage. Claim: 'Fun fact: Dolly Parton is not blonde. Unsurprisingly, searches for Dolly Parton without a wig led to viral news sites, and Google Trends seemed to indicate that the October 2020 post about her “Clark Kent” disguise sent users searching for photographs of Parton with no wig: In an October 2019 profile in Elle magazine (“Dolly Parton May Look Artificial, But She’s Totally Real”), Parton spoke about her tendency to wear wigs and why — and likened her signature style to that of a “drag queen”: When I ask Parton if she ever thought she’d be impacting runways like this, she says, laughing, “God, no. It's normal to wonder how these two have been making things work for as long as they have been, and, as it turns out, Parton has kind of a strange secret to making their marriage last: she and Carl Dean spend a lot of time apart. It was about a girl that was gonna get married and her boyfriend left her at the altar, whatever. I just always thought people thought I was so gaudy. If reporters staked out his and Parton’s home and tried to talk to Dean, he’d sometimes tell them he wasn’t the star’s elusive husband — he was the gardener.

One time he even joined her background singers for a performance.

But as it turns out, she uses her husband's name in private. It makes sense — Dean seems to be so private that he doesn't really like anything that has to do with Parton's mega-fame.

We get along good. That article, and others, mentioned that one of Parton’s best-known and most covered songs, “Jolene,” was inspired by the jealousy she felt regarding a flirtatious bank teller: Parton says that she got the story for her song from another redhead in her life at the time — a bank teller who was giving Parton’s new husband a little more interest than he had coming. quoted Parton over the decades stating that Dean desired a quiet life away from the press, and that attention placed upon him would impede his ability to attend baseball games or go shopping for car parts. The Dollywood theme park opened in 1986 with no pictures of Dean on display, as he'd only been willing to be photographed with a bag over his head. I never have a bad hair day, and that’s a good thing.”.

She’s smart and she’s talented and I’ll always be on her side.”. Plugging away: She was on the late-night program to promote her book Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life In Lyrics which will come out on November 17, Back in the 1970s she gushed about Avie Lee to Family Circle magazine: 'I owe a lot to her when it comes to independence. It went on to quote several interviews with Parton, all of which involved the singer insisting she never left the house without makeup: In another interview with Access [Hollywood], Dolly shared another reason why you’ll never catch her with no makeup on. It was as cold in the room as it was outside.”. “She got this terrible crush on my husband,” Parton says. According to Rolling Stone, she said: "The kids peed on me every night... "There were so many of us.
"I know every line in his face and he knows every hair in my wig," Parton said in 2014.

", When Dolly Parton and Carl Dean do spend time together, they like to keep things low-maintenance and simple — very simple. That same year, Dean stated, "I wouldn't trade the last 50 years for nothing on this earth." MORE: Dolly Parton, husband Carl Dean plan to 'get married again' for 50th anniversary.

"He doesn't dislike it, but he doesn't go out of his way to play my records, let's put it that way.".

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean renewed their vows for their 50th anniversary in an intimate ceremony in 2016, auctioning off photos from the event for charity, but their first wedding ceremony was a lot more low-key and private — in fact, it was totally secret. ", Copyright © 2020 What's True Incorporated, ‘Fun Fact: Dolly Parton is Not Blonde, All Her Blonde Dos Are Wigs … She Just Clark Kents Her Way Into Maintaining a Private Life’,, Hannah Montana and her alter ego Miley Stewart, Inside Dolly Parton's Private Marriage to Carl Dean, Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' Still Haunts Singers, Dolly Parton Rarely Steps Out With No Makeup On — Here's Why, Dolly Parton Reveals Her Secrets to Success: God, Botox and Her Gay Fans, Singing superstar Dolly Parton gives away her secret to still being young aged 68, Dolly Parton May Look Artificial, But She’s Totally Real.

In the book Dolly on Dolly: Interviews and Encounters With Dolly Parton (via Closer Weekly), she shared a little about the emotional affair, which was rumored to be with her band leader Gregg Perry (via Yahoo! “Unfortunately not – my voice is as recognisable as my look.

Inspired by her father's inability to read, the country singer founded the Imagination Library to help kids develop a love of books and reading. He's afraid I'll mess up." So we enjoy each other's company. When Parton made her movie debut in 1980’s 9 to 5, her husband skipped the Nashville premiere (he did see the movie on his own).

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