Il faut juste choisir une petite action que vous pouvez faire pour contribuer à la résolution de ce problème », partage-t-il. Hilde Back's £10 donation to a Kenyan child inspired a move to improve scores of lives, as a … Dr. (Ms.) Heinke Bonnlander: USAHeinke lives in Albany, Oregon USA and holds a doctorate in Public Health with an emphasis in international health. Hilde Back Education FundP.O.

We are unable to complete this charge. credit card number. HBEF supports exceptionally bright students who complete primary school education but are unable to join secondary school due to financial constraints, through the award of education scholarships. Please consider chipping in an additional 3% so 100% of your donation amount goes to us. Hilde Back’s story is about how small acts of kindness can have an unimaginably large impact. En prenant ses nouvelle fonctions en tant que Coordonnateur Résident des Nations Unies pour la République du Congo, M. Mburu compte d’abords entamé « une période d’écoute »  pour entendre « toutes les couches de la population : les gouvernements, les agences, la société civile, tout le monde ». Et c’est pour cela que je suis content que même dans mes nouvelles fonctions, je vais pouvoir promouvoir les objectifs des Nations Unies et en même temps promouvoir les objectifs que je me suis fixé personnellement, l’objectif 4 », soutient-il. Hilde Back Education Fund (HBEF) is a charitable community-based group registered under the laws of Kenya to pursue the following objectives: To unlock the unexplored potential in children and young persons from disadvantaged communities by making available to them a wide variety of new local and international opportunities in the areas of education, arts, sports, science and modern technology. Selon M. Mburu, ses expériences lui ont donné la passion qu’il intègre dans son travail et notamment dans la poursuite de l’objectif numéro 4 des Objectifs de développement durable (ODD), portant sur la promotion de l’éducation. We're sorry! To protect and promote the right of education for all, as provided for under international human rights instruments. Please click below to choose your payment method. The recipient will receive a acknowledgement.

Creative Vision Foundation is HBEF fiscal partners in the USA, Co-Sponsorship for sponsors who are not able to raise the current full sponsorship fee. Hilde Back's £10 donation to a Kenyan child inspired a move to improve scores of lives, as a new documentary reveals.

3.9K likes. Please try after some time or contact our customer service team at. 3.8K likes. Box 14741-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel:  +254 20 4442961, Cell: +254 700, Leadership Training and Psychosocial Support, Kindly make the check payable to Creative Visions Foundations (and input HBEF in the memo section).

His passion to start the foundation came from the selfless act of a Swedish woman who sponsored his primary education and part of his secondary education. We are unable to process your donation. Thetu is a good friend of Chris and his family, and is happy to embark on such a worthy journey with HBEF.

Have sat K.C.P.E. Box 14741-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 4442961, Cell: +254 700 429552 I was introduced to the program by the area Member of County Assembly because I had performed well. Chris Mburu a tiré des leçons de vie importantes de son parcours et de l’exemple de Hilde Back. Just like every beginning of the year, this year we are once again very privileged to welcome our new students who we will be supporting through the next four years as they pursue their sec... Read more, Hilde Back Education fund Family wishes you a merry christmas and a prosperous new year

Creative Visions Foundation

Most poor children in Kenya cannot afford to pay secondary school tuition. Hilde Back Education Fund Scholarships.

When she was a schoolteacher in Sweden, Hilde decided to sponsor one child’s education in Kenya. The Fund seeks to give support to bright but needy children through award of academic scholarships; regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. If you are making a recurring donation, by clicking "Donate Now" you are consenting to the Stored Credential Consent Agreement. Un prix décerné chaque année « à des personnes qui croient aux objectifs des Nations Unies et qui apportent des changements positifs et durables dans leur travail ». Hilde Back Education Fund. She advises on how to package them as perfect solutions by turning knowledge into tools to sell.

Chris went to study law at the University of Nairobi and later complete a Master's in Law degree from the Harvard law School, on a Fullbright scholarship. Mr. Michael O'Flaherty: IrelandProfessor Michael O'Flaherty is chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and holds the Chair in Applied Human Rights and is Co-Chair of the Human Rights Law centre at the University of Nottingham. « Je suis très chanceux de travailler avec les Nations Unies, une organisation qui est dévouée à travailler pour les plus pauvres, une organisation qui a les mêmes objectifs que ma vie personnelle », affirme le nouveau Coordonnateur Résident de l’ONU pour la République du Congo, Chris Mburu. « Je ne savais pas qu’on était pauvre, mais ma mère se souciait du fait que je ne puisse pas finir l’école », se souvient-il. We are sorry! « Quand j’ai décroché mon diplôme à Harvard, je me suis dit il faut que j’aille chercher cette femme qui a changé ma vie. In commemorating the day;   ‘a small act Jamii’ ; a community of HBEF stakeholders coming together to support the work of HBEF, was launched. Hilde’s sponsorship of Chris Mburu cost about $15 per month.

Chris Mburu, lauréat, Prix Eleanor Roosevelt 2019 pour les droits de l'homme, L’ONU et l’Union africaine s’engagent à approfondir leur partenariat, En visite à Madagascar, une responsable de l’ONU réclame un soutien accru face aux besoins humanitaires, A la TICAD, Guterres appelle à aider l’Afrique à affronter la menace du changement climatique. « Pour moi ce n’est pas simplement un travail, c’est un combat pour aider les pauvres », précise-t-il. She worked in various government institutions in Kenya for ten years before relocating to the United States and later to Ireland.

The Hilde Back Education Fund for secondary school students in Kenya is eligible to both boys in Kenya and girls in Kenya, who score a minimum of 380 marks in KCPE examinations in Kenya.

♦ Recevez des mises à jour quotidiennes directement dans votre boîte mail -, ♦ Téléchargez l'application ONU Info pour vos appareils, Chris Mburu, le nouveau Coordonnateur Résident des Nations Unies en République du Congo. Mr. Martin Mburu: Marketing Specialist (Member)Martin Njau Mburu was born in Mitahato village in Kiambu close to five decades ago. C’était très émouvant », partage M. Mburu.

With others, Martinus Nijhof, 2011). Dans un entretien avec ONU info, ce Kenyan fort de 20 ans d’expérience au sein des Nations Unies revient sur son parcours et les raisons qui l’ont motivé à dédier sa carrière professionnelle au service de la luttre contre la pauvreté. « Je vais étudier et écouter beaucoup, avant de me lancer pour me focaliser sur les objectifs qui sont réellement choisis par le pays », souligne-t-il. Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support. She is inspired by Hilde Back's small act of extraordinary generosity decades ago and by the impact of the charity established in her name on the lives of so many children across Kenya today. Box 14741-00100, Nairobi. To inculcate public service values on the youth by encouraging them to participate in community development projects aimed at achieving community self-reliance and advancement. Michael has served in a number of senior positions with the United Nations in the field and at headquarters, and from 2000 to 2002 chaired the UN reference group on human rights and humanitarian action. High School Scholarship - Application Procedure. Watch the video for more Hilde Back Education Fund, (HBEF) is a Kenyan charitable organization that assists children from poor families' complete secondary school education in Kenya.

  Evidence of being an orphan where applicable.

A career Marketer / Salesman, Martin is currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania working with Japan Tobacco as C&TM Operations Director for West, East & Central Africa Region. La maman du jeune Chris est alors partie chercher de l’aide auprès des organisations caritatives présentes au Kenya et a trouvé une oreille auprès de la Swedish Sponsorship Scheme, une fondation qui aide les enfants brillants de familles pauvres de ce pays d’Afrique de l’Est. She works as a Clinical Specialist in Occupational Therapy for the HSE (Health Services Executive), Dublin North-east region of Ireland. Filter: Fully Funded. « Pour moi ce n’est pas simplement un travail, c’est un combat pour aider les pauvres ». Updates include exchange of letters, Performance Report Forms and Photos. Mr. George Kihara Thang'wa: Education Advocate (Vice Chairman-Board)George Kihara Thang'wa has been involved in the operations of the Hilde Back Education Fund since its inception, and acted as the Fund's coordinator between the years 2002 and 2005.George holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the Moi University, Kenya and a PGD Mass Communications from the University of Nairobi.An educationist by profession, George is currently involved in humanitarian world working as the Regional Director - East and Central Africa at RET International headquartered in Geneva ( protecting vulnerable adolescents and youth through Education, Livelihood support, demobilization and rehabilitation of child soldiers and Peace Building and capacity building of the youth.

« Les Nations Unies font exactement ce que je fais dans ma vie personnelle et cela a fusionné. The Sponsor is kept updated on the progress of their sponsored child/children through updates sent out 3 times a year after HBEF undertakes its Beneficiary Monitoring and Support Visits with the children during the school holidays in April, August and December. « Ma vie a complètement changé. She has grown quite passionate about the Fund's mission to make high school accessible and to advocate for literacy. Application forms for Hilde Back Education Fund in Kenya are available at the offices of the Hilde Back foundation in Nairobi. He received his education in Mombasa and later joined the University of Nairobi where he graduated in 1988 with a BA in Sociology. The following are the current Kenyan board members: Mr. Chris Mburu: International Human Rights lawyer (Chairman)Chris Mburu is the founder and chair of the Hilde Back Education Fund. « Je suis né dans un village rural du Kenya…partout il y avait la pauvreté... et ma famille était très démunie donc j’avais beaucoup de difficulté à aller à l’école parce que c’était payant », raconte M. Mburu. Donate 100% - Add 3% so that 100% of the donation goes to Creative Visions Foundation. He also served with the UN in Liberia, Iraq and Somalia. Ses activités caricatives lui ont valu le prix Eleanor Roosevelt lui a été octroyé cette année.

He says he is sure that with the education he is getting now, it will see him through more achievements in the future like opening up a laboratory that is standardized for specimen examination and research. establishment referenced on your card for assistance.  

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