The ongoing series has no apparent connection to Suicide Squad other than her new hairstyle, dyed for her by one of the tenants in her Brooklyn apartment and a few guest shots from characters like Killer Croc and Deadshot. Details of Harley's character vary depending on the incarnation, but most versions have an obsessive infatuation with the Joker whom she nicknames "Mistah J" or "Puddin'". Harley agrees to help a woman whose daughter has been kidnapped by a gang in Hollywood. [4] As the Harlequinade portion of English pantomime developed, Harlequin was routinely paired with the character Clown. [32] With support from Ivy, Harley makes amends with Mason and turns to the Internet to recruit other strong, young women in a crime-fighting team she is forming. Bubbly, energetic, and charming, Harley often hides her demented mind behind a childish exterior, which she can combine with the flirtatious demeanor of a woman who is aware of her good looks and will use them to get what she wants.
However, Harley and Ivy have one condition: they demand that Catwoman reveal to them the true identity of the original Batman.

She also appeared in Hell alongside the other villains summoned by Neron in Underworld Unleashed #1. Shortly after this, Poison Ivy breaks into Harley's cell and attempts to kill her for her betrayal, but instead offers to free her if she helps kill Catwoman, who had left both of her fellow Sirens behind in Arkham. [32][33] For this elaborate production, Dibdin introduced new costume designs. Omissions? Harlequin (/ˈhɑːrləkwɪn/; Italian: Arlecchino [arlekˈkiːno]) is the best-known of the zanni or comic servant characters from the Italian commedia dell'arte. Thus they created a female sidekick for the Joker; she would become his love interest. The mayor countered by kidnapping her friend Mason and killing him. [109], This article is about the DC Entertainment character. Loves to analyze people and someone like the Huntress who has massive childhood trauma that's just like, that's so exciting to her... Oh I want to get in their brain and pick it apart! Harley teamed up with major DC characters in Harley's Little Black Book, including Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Superman, Lobo, a version of herself, and other superheroines in a world in which they tried to kill Hitler. [27][28] The series has notably become distanced from the "Batman Family" of DC publications in both tone and premise, with Harley no longer having any significant connection to either Batman or the Joker following the "Death of the Family" storyline. When the Manhunters began to strike at Earth, Marcie stole Molly's illusion-casting spectacles, taking the identity of the Harlequin. In 18th century France, Trivelino was a distinct character from Harlequin. familia herlethingi). The tribe quickly declares her a goddess and is determined to have her meet their god-king who turns out to be the Joker. The original Harlequin was Molly Mayne who appeared in stories alongside the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott).[2]. Harleen, a limited series created by Stjepan Sejic, due to debut on September 25, will provide new insight into the character's origin story and will be her first solo comic series within the new imprint. Name is said to mean "Tatterdemalion." This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Harlequin - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Single-minded in her attempt to destroy Infinity, Inc., she joined Injustice Unlimited and masterminded the assassination of Skyman: it was on the wedding night of Hector Hall and Lyta Trevor; the Harlequin posed as Jade and used Solomon Grundy as her pawn in killing Skyman. 3 #1 (October 2016). ", "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Set in Batman: Arkham Universe", "NetherRealm Developing New DC Comics Fighting Game, "Injustice: Gods Among Us, "Gamescom 2016: Harley Quinn And Deadshot Join Injustice 2 Roster", "Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within First Harley Quinn Clip Revealed", "Infinite Crisis – Behind the Voice – Tara Strong as Harley Quinn",, "The New Trinity: Has Harley Quinn Displaced Wonder Woman as DC's Leading Lady? It Arleen Sorkin reprises her role as Harley Quinn in DC Universe Online. While researching the lunatics at Arkham, she became fascinated with one particular inmate. Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel is depicted as having been a psychiatrist[6] at Gotham City's Arkham Asylum. Ivy remains, however, her usual first point of call when she and The Joker are going through a rough patch. Created by: Harley agrees, and the two set out to trap Catwoman. We also learn in issue #8 of the comic that Harley had a relationship in college with fellow psychology student Guy Kopski, whose suicide foreshadowed her obsession with the Joker. In the seventeenth century, a variety of anonymous engravings show Guazzetto rollicking, similar to Arlecchino. Harley Quinn and Power Girl (July 2015). She returned and made an appearance in Alan's dream sequence in Underworld Unleashed: Abyss - Hell's Sentinel #1. Toxic Immunity: As a result of Poison Ivy’s treatment, she is immune to various assorted toxins and Ivy’s own poisonous touch. Although very similar, they are two separate characters.[10]. Harley Quinn is introduced to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold series in the episode "Emperor Joker". Upon realizing this, she shoots him in the shoulder. Harley Quinn is adorned with tattoos, and her hair color is blonde hair with blue dip dye on the left side and pink dip dye on the right to match the movie and her new hairstyle in 52. Laurence Senelick in Banham 1995, "Harlequin" p. 472. After Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, Harley makes several other animated appearances. A new villain who tries to take down Selina Kyle named the Boneblaster breaks into the apartment and the three of them have to move after they defeat him. Paul Dini (writer)Bruce Timm (aritst) The Harlequin appears in All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #7 (July 2011). thus leaving the team. [7] After a fight and reconciliation, Harley learns the Joker has been living on the island as a god and making the inhabitants dress up as various superheroes and track him down while playing tricks on them. Pauline started as the neglected daughter of a wealthy man who burned her house and other rich houses to the ground.
Deadshot lures Harley in close, shooting and severely injuring her during the conversation. He wears a fox's brush, a large three-tiered collarette, wide breeches, and a loose jacket tied tightly by a belt. Amanda Waller still considers Harley as part of the Suicide Squad despite what had happened, but threatens her not to pull this kind of stunt again. The series dealt with her going solo, eventually starting a gang and then fleeing Gotham for the city of Metropolis with her friend Poison Ivy. Harley kisses Batman and tells him to get "lessons" on kissing from Bruce Wayne, to which Batman privately grins.[36]. The black mask and originally ragged costume are sometimes attributed to earlier depictions of African slaves. However, a few incarnations have realized that her loyalty was misplaced, and managed to redirected it towards people who deserve it. She created illusions of a decrepit version of Molly, while she flooded Scott's head with visions of them together (in space, as barbarians, as detectives and eventually as medieval warriors).

By the 18th century was a Bergamask caricature. After seeing the reactions to the contest, DC apologized, saying they should have made it clear it was a dream sequence that was not supposed to be taken seriously.

Harley Quinn was originally intended to be a playable DLC character together with Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe but due to Midway's bankruptcy, it was cancelled. Zaccagnino. The plane carrying her crashes over the ocean while flying through a storm, and Harley is washed up onto the shores of an island inhabited by an uncontacted tribe.

At the end of the film, a pair of twin girls who model themselves on the Joker are released on bail to their grandmother, who angrily berates them — to which they answer: "Oh, shut up, Nana Harley!" She also befriends an elderly ex-U.S. agent named Sy Borgman. Inside the GCPD, Harley retrieves Joker's face and tries to escape with it, to go to Arkham, but is stopped by Savant. DC Comics.

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