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We have another traveler from Earth.

It was pretty. Gure (グレ) makes her debut (and ultimately, her only appearance) in the 2008 OVA Dragon Ball: Yo! Guru: *After Nail and Vegeta argue* Naaaail! He also tends to abuse the powers of the Dragon Balls for his own gain, such as wishing for a plasma screen television or a postal service. Gulf Resources reports Q1 results. Frieza: I have the distinct impression you're going to be difficult. Batman. Son Gokū et ses amis sont de retour !! He allowed himself to die because he thought it would be a "Real dick move" given that Krillin, Gohan and Dende were in the process of receiving wishes from Porunga. His last words, "Choke on 'em! Nail (Thinking): Oh, god, this is so horribly dull. Guré (グレ) [1] est l’épouse de Tarble et la belle-sœur de Vegeta. Guru plays a far more negative role in the Abridged Series. Gulf Resources, Inc. GURE 5.32 0.23 (4.14%). is a reference to the George Romero zombie movie, Day of the Dead, where Captain Rhodes is eaten by zombies. ♪♪. His current location in the Other World is Hell. Guru: So, the son of Katas has passed. He is well-loved by his own people, and as he died again for good, all were greatly saddened by his passing. Bardock • Broly • Goku • King Vegeta • Nappa • Paragus • Raditz • Turles • Vegeta, Gohan/Future Gohan • Trunks/Future Trunks, Bulma/Future Bulma • Chi-Chi • Chiaotzu • Dr. Briefs • Dr. Wheelo • Farmer With Shotgun • Grandpa Gohan • Jimmy Firecracker • Krillin • Maron • Master Roshi • Mr. Satan • Mrs. Briefs • Ox-King • Tenshinhan • Yajirobe • Yamcha, Dende • Kami • Lord Slug • Nail • Piccolo • Super Kami Guru, Bubbles/Talking Movie Bubbles • Gregory • Icarus • Korin • Oolong • Puar • Turtle, Appule • Burter • Captain Ginyu • Chilled • Cooler • Cui • Dodoria • Freeza • Guldo • Jeice • King Cold • Recoome • Zarbon, Android 13 • Android 14 • Android 15 • Android 16 • Android 17/Future Android 17 • Android 18/Future Android 18 • Android 19 • Android 20 (Dr. Gero) • Cell/Future Cell • Cell Juniors • Kochin, Biomen • Bojack • Goz & Mez • Garlic Jr. • King Kai • King Yemma • Mr. Popo • Porunga • Princess Snake • Saibamen • Santa Claus • Shenron, Bio-Warriors • Cooler's Armored Squadron • Galactic Freeza Army • Ginyu Force • Future characters • Lord Slug's Clan • Misfit Minions • Spice Boys • Three Lords. He likes to keep in touch with his brother and good half, Lord Slug, whom he exiled from Namek. Guru is also known to be very vain. In belief that he was dying, Super Kami Guru revealed to the remaining Namekians that he caused the drought that almost killed out the Namekians by drinking all of the water, and had shifted the blame to the Albino Namekians, causing a purge of said race. Nail: Well, sir, if you're having trouble with our customer support, you can call 1-800-Eat-A-Dick. Nom anglais: Gure.

He can sense Nail after he fused with Piccolo. Frieza: Good lord! [Spoilers] Premières pages du chapitre 64 de Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball FighterZ : Le point sur le DLC de Kamé Sennin (Muten Rōshi), Sortie du chapitre 62 de Dragon Ball Super, [SPOILERS] Les premières images CHOC du chapitre 62 de Dragon Ball Super, [Figurines] Les nouvelles annonces figurines de Bandai Spirits, En dépit du fait qu’elle ne fasse rien de spécial pour être drôle, Guré semble être un, Guré a une apparence extrêmement similaire à celle des. Guré (グレ) dérive tout simplement de Gurēpu (グレープ), qui vient de l’anglais “grape” et signifie “raisin”. Find all the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game information & More at DBZ Space!

J'aime aussi le Japon, sa langue et sa culture, ce qui me permet de vous offrir des traductions directes des news et des informations provenant des ouvrages.

"Gure" redirects here. Nail: Learn your place, Earthling! How does it feel to be the bronze medal? Nail: Can I just call you Guru for short? Abo and Kado pursue Tarble and Gure to Earth using Attack Balls, where Trunks and Goten face the two. Toute reproduction du contenu, même partielle, est interdite sous peine de poursuites. Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for grape; Gureepu. It sounds like-. Guru: So that's what that was. Article : Dragon Ball : Ossu ! He is nowhere as loving or caring as his original counterpart, and most of his children do not love him either because of his unpleasant attitude. Guru: ...Fool, If I had trained him in the new way, he might have stood a chance. The Dragon Ball franchise has Loads and Loads of Characters, who have taken place in many kinds of stories, ranging from the canonical ones from the manga, the filler from the anime series, and the ones who exist in the many video games.. So, if you saw my last picture and/or read my last blog, then you know that I listen to a podcast made by the wonderful folks over at the ultimate Dragonball fansite, Daizenshuu EX . Nail: He doesn't have a coat, sir! Nail: Lord Guru there are only three of us left. Guru: Nananananananana Dendeeeee. Son Gokū et ses amis sont de retour !!

Raging Dash Majin Buu (South Supreme Kai). @Dragon Ball Ultimate 2013-2018 He single handedly repopulated the planet through the Namekian ability to asexually reproduce through eggs. Guru: NAIL! I'll dispatch of this WORM, and then I'll be back for you, SLUG. Krillin: Yeah. All that is known for sure is at some point she meets Tarble and they get married. In this rift, you'll find characters such as Dende, the Namekian Guru, and Nail. Avo et Cado se sont attaqués à leur planète d’origine et les ont poursuivis jusque sur Terre. Guru (called simply "Grand Elder" in the original Japanese version) is the only survivor of a cataclysmic event in Planet Namek's past. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He thought Krillin was an albino Namekian. Gure [1] Nom traduit: Guré . Nail: Guru, sir. Well, we're gonna make sure that they don't steal it!

Son Gokū et ses amis sont de retour !! He is also very knowledgeable with human popular culture and gets upset when his fellow Namekians don't understand the references. Super Kami Guru (スパー神グル, Supā Kami Guru) is the "eldest and wisest" of the Namekians, and the creator of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Choke on 'em!" The Guru's House is located on Namek and is one of the five time rifts in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.. Guru: Yeah. Frieza: You see, I've recently acquired what you people refer to as 'Dragon Balls', but I'm having trouble getting them to do what I want. Guru: ... ♪♪ Every party needs a pooper that's why they invited you. And I'm the guy who's NOT judging you on your appearance. His role remains the same in Kai Abridged 2, albeit with his new self-made title now being far, far longer, although the terms "super", "ultra, "mega", "alpha", "omega", "hyper", "bigger", "longer" and "uncut" are heard amongst them. I hope something exciting happens around here soon. Now relax as I reach DEEP inside you and grab hold of your essence!

Finalement, Goten et Trunks sont contraints de fusionner pour former Gotenks, après qu’Avo et Cado aient eu recours à la coalescence pour former Aka. For the Ghost Warrior who also goes by this name, see Gure (Ghost Warrior). Nail. As he is part of the Dragon Clan, Guru has the power to create Dragon Balls and the dragon itself (Porunga more specifically). This should have left Guru exempt from the revival. He doesn't like anyone in his race. Guru made Nail clean his jowls on the first day of Nail's job. Why have you ignored my order? Ils comptent sur celui-ci pour les aider à vaincre Avo et Cado, deux survivants de l’armée de Freeza qui en ont après eux. Concepteurs: Akira Toriyama Takao Koyama.

I like this song so much, I didn't think my previous attempt did it enough justice, aha.

You give me the information I require, and I'll let the sporting young man live. Race : Autres | Planète de résidence : Inconnue Apparition dans l'anime : DBZ OAV 3 Apparition dans le manga : Inédit. She wears a purple and white top, white gloves, and purple footwear. Caractéristique et personnalité Gure est très petite, elle a deux yeux noirs et deux narines, elle porte un haut violet et blanc avec des gants blancs et des chaussures blanches. He is the strongest of our race! His long-suffering bodyguard Nail is the unfortunate main target for much of this unpleasantness, as he is regularly made to do stupid and pointless tasks such as fighting birds or cleaning Guru's jowls. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. That is all. Débuts: Dragon Ball : Ossu !

Our visitors from earth require your assistance. Nail: Lord Guru, that would leave you totally unguarded. "How do you do, my brother? Gure is first seen in Yo! Go back outside now.

Guru: I'm about to misuse my hand upside your head!

Guru: Please. Guru: I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass chee- Nail. Guru: Did you tell him to work the shaft!? Sexe: Féminin. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! She is a peculiar alien and wife to Vegeta's estranged brother Tarble. And lastly, some of these characters range from the One-Shot Character, to complex characters with many alterations, to Troperrific recurring characters.

Game Items Support Gure Changes TEQ Ki Spheres into AGL Ki Spheres, and all allies' ATK & DEF +2500 for 2 turns Note: Effect doesn't stack when used more than once.

I... say... "

Nail: Lord Guru, that would be a grievous misuse of their power. During the 10th Anniversary livestream, Takahata101 revealed that the party pooper song Guru sang was something his father used to sing when he was being melodramatic. Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

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