Successfully reported! 0. Paratha wrap with grilled onions & peppers, with stir fried spiced Tofu, Sweet pancakes served hot, with vanilla icecream, Fried fritters of paneer-stuffed jalapeños in roast-cumin batter, Mozzarella stuffed fried bread with spiced chickpeas, Paratha stuffed with eggs, onions & peppers, Served with Madras marinara ketchup, Petite fried bread stuffed with potatoes, yogurt, chutney. I also had the blueberry honey lassi and we shared a paratha ( which made for great dipping into the lentil soup the samosas came in).
We had a strawberry mint lassi- sadly it was the only thing I thought to take a photo of because it was so beautiful, and equally delicious. The wait staff was a delight and very helpful w the menu in this little place. Overall, I consider The Guilt Trip to be one of the best food experiences I have ever had. The accommodating staff reflects the style and character of this spot.

Served with Delhi Beat Fries or Rangoli Salad, Better Butter Chicken!

I had the cardamom-saffron ice cream (tasty and savory, but arrived rock hard to the table) and my companion had the funnel cake with chocolate drizzle served as an ice cream sandwich. Then there was Elaichi Whisky. I'm so glad I ventured out to "dine in" at the Guilt Trip today (Literally the first time I sat out at a restaurant and ate to my heart's content after 6 long months). Tandoor Lamb, onion and peppers with spices, wrapped in a paratha. Apparently it is a common street food but it was our party’s first time having it. Their Spiked Masala Milk was also something new Chicken kabob with fresh ground spiced chicken grilled in Tandoor, pickled golden raisins, onion and peppers, wrapped in a paratha! Mumbai pav was slathered with mint chutney and that helped the flavour a lot. Latest reviews, photos and ratings for The Guilt Trip at 8440 160th Ave NE in Redmond - view the menu, ⏰hours, ☎️phone number, ☝address and map. Also includes the Rangoli Salad, Pick any Classic Bread, Dipping Sauce, and Chai, Lassi or bottled beverage. The Guilt Trip Restaurant. Refreshing complement to the spicy dishes. I'd recommend this restaurant for couples and families looking for an experience in tasting.

Fun and tasty starter. On the menu, you can choose good butter chicken, vada pav and vada. We happened across this little place by chance, seeing a sign for it on the road near the Microsoft campus and after the menu decided to give it a try for lunch. Known for A large variety of cupcakes. naah.. another lady came up after 5 minutes and asked us if we have been helped. A healthy and tasty compliment to any meal. I asked for refund and left. Bold flavors with some surprise ingredients, Yogurt sauce with roasted onions and spices, Chickpea / Chana sauce with herbs and spices, cooked traditional style, Yogurt sauce with chunks of potatoes and roasted peanuts.

Cool yogurt drink with rosewater and cardamom, Cool yogurt drink with refreshing saffron strands and almond slivers, Cool yogurt drink with mango and green chili. Robust flavors wrapped in a roll! Paratha pockets stuffed with Tandoori Lamb, carmelized onions, and mint gremolata. We didn't get food but these guys earned a 1 star review. We saw a few other items going to other tables that looked fun to try next time. The Guilt Trip $$ • Indian , … Now coming to the food, we had ordered mint paneer tikka (I believe this to be the ultimate litmus test for veggie food), Mumbai pav, and chhole bhature remix. Loved this restaurant. Tender and mild tandoor grilled chicken with a cilantro-mint marinade, onion and peppers with spices, wrapped in a paratha, Paneer, onion and peppers with spices, wrapped in a paratha. Will definitely visit again.More, This place is one of a kind. The highlight for us was the chhole bhature remix, bhaturas didn’t seem to oily, were very soft with mozzarella inside. His take on dessert: the "chocolate" part of the dessert was very minimal and it was hard to eat with a fork, but I found my two bites satisfying. This is gluten free! The Guilt Trip is #160 of all Redmond restaurants: the menu online, 1968 visitors' reviews and 20 detailed photos.

The guilt trip is unique in its concept for Seattle - stuffed parathas and naans with fantastic sides of sauces and raitas. I also had the blueberry honey lassi and we shared a paratha ( which made for great dipping into the lentil soup the samosas came in). Amazing lassi. Our server, Damian (maybe his name?) As a number of guests affirm, masala chai is really great. They had around 3 tables vacant excluding the large community style table in the middle. She told will be around 5-10 minutes. was a great resource for guiding us through the menu and advising us on spice levels (I'm a heat wimp but like spicy flavors). Saturdays & Sundays 4-9:30 PM Only, Rajasthani inspired fried masala bread served with a curry sauce of potatoes, tofu, and fried kale, Delicious mildly spiced lamb with fresh mint on ciabatta with Delhi Beat Fries or Rangoli Salad, Delicious white bean and chargrilled jalapeno burger, all vegetarian. My husband got the Hot Mess Vindaloo Lamb Sliders and they are out of this world good!! Congrats!!
Paneer could have been softer, but the tangy flavour made up for the missing texture.

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