By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Each one is totally unique and crafted in solid glass, meaning they are strong enough to travel with you wherever you go. Murano glass designs and products are still among the most sought after handcrafted glass today. Free-blown glass can produce the smallest of decorative objects to large panes of glass or furniture. One part technical expert, one part curious child, Hogan is a modern-day mad scientist, trying to find the right balance between science experiment and artistic expression. Off-Hand Blown and Hot-Shaped Glass, 530 x 180 x 450 mm. David has been working in the hot sculpted glass medium since 1979. Holsten Galleries represents all of the glass artists on this page. Many have studios offering classes and demonstrations as well as sales of individually made pieces. My experience was ordering a last minute Christmas gift. Often glass artists will set up at art shows, craft fairs, or host workshops. 153 Fairy Springs Rd  Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3015. Laura McKinley’s fascination for glass as a creative medium stems from its capacity to constantly alter her initial thoughts and expectations. Shilling first studied glass in Connecticut, though her personal style and career didn’t take off until 2004, when she returned to England and joined Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Studio. When it arrived we were overwhelmed, your interpretation was both singular and refreshing. Alembic and volumetric blown glass began finding use as scientific equipment in early alchemy or chemistry experimentation and studies. The information provided was concise while including a response to the information I requested. While most often thought of as a hobby craft, there are career possibilities for glass blowers producing equipment and tools for scientific or medical study use. Dale Chihuly. Lynda Benglis. Around 460 BC, Democritus, who is often referred to as the father of modern science, began using glass blowing to make early magnifying glasses. SouvenirsA unique way to remember your travels to our beautiful land, we have kiwis and other birds, paperweights, flowers and more. Having only enrolled in the Crafts and Design program at Ontario’s Sheridan College in 2012, she now has her own flameworking and glass fusing studio. best wishes. I am delighted by how good the quality is. Colour, light and their interactions are continually fascinating to Tim Rawlinson. I will definitely be ordering more from you in the near future and recommending your site to others! Graphite shields, paddles, and tweezers allow you to handle and shape molten glass at the necessary extreme temperatures. A glass smithy or glassblower uses a metal tube or blowpipe to control air, which is blown through the tube into the molten glass allowing the design and shape to be manipulated. Downman first blows her forms, then carves linear patterns on their surfaces with a number of tools, including the engraving wheel and the diamond saw. In free blowing, a molten ball of glass is gathered on the end of a blow tube or blowpipe and then small short puffs of air are breathed through the pipe into the ball of glass. The gallery I took the painting to remarked on its quality and also the standard of canvas. NEW VIDEO - David blowing glass at his studio here. Commissioned Glass ArtIf you’ve got something special in mind, we might just be able to create it for you. Each one tells the tale of lands visited and stories long forgotten. Many of these well known artists are available to create commissioned glass sculptures for your collection. Custom orders. , Matthew Barney. Contemporary artists who work with traditional handcrafts like weaving or ceramics catch our attention because they produce art that’s solid and old-fashioned, yet simultaneously reinvented in modern and exciting ways. The resulting look is more like cream on top rather than rock-solid glass. David Goldhagen Blown Art Glass studio is located in Hayesville North Carolina. A hugely skilled maker, Layne Rowe's work combines many steps to achieve a breathtaking finale. Focusing on rugged coastlines, erosion as a spectacle of discovery and generation of form and revealing a sense of the history of a place. Hello! Sila Yucel is a dedicated and talented emerging glass artist. Run by artist Heather Kremen, the studio aims to create beautiful works of glass art while putting on a show for visitors. Click to subscribe to ourFree Monthly Email Newsletter'Holsten Glass News', Website Design, Custom Database Programming, Maintenance & Hosting by NET MAN. He is a member of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild, the Carolina Designer Craftsmen, and the Glass Art Society. Her “Glasshakes” project (above, left) is the perfect example of Portnoy’s humor and inquisitive nature. He has been at the forefront of innovation and achievement since the early 1970s, now imagining still life traditions in glass. Home DécorOne of our specialities: beautifully functional glass crafted to decorate a kitchen bench or dining room table. Molds can be single piece molds that allow glass products to be lifted out or pulled from the top of the mold such as a relatively flat dish, or a two-piece mold that allows for a more intricate design. Like most websites, we use cookies. We always do our very best to accommodate each of our customer and their request. Thank you. I am going to enjoy it for many years, I know it! View our privacy policy for more information. In free blowing, a molten ball of glass is gathered on the end of a blow tube or blowpipe and then small short puffs of air are breathed through the pipe into the ball of glass. Bead mandrels sprayed with a release substance will allow you to fashion glass beads quickly. Instead of limestone used in early Rome, modern glass blowers used Pyrex and quartz to produce products and instruments used in experiments as these are not likely to shatter as easily as limestone glass. These include torches, hoses, fuel regulators, and an assortment of attachments. Of the two, free blowing has been used since the earliest known records for glassblowing in the first century. Complex volumes, fine edges and points, perfect curves, a hidden point of balance, come together to create a moment of pure expression. Many thanks. Amokura Glass is the only hot glass studio & glass art gallery in Rotorua. She creates sculptures and photograms which explore transparency and opacity through both material and image. Highly creative in his eighties,, he continues to create new series and methods of making in glass. Hello! Free blowing is the technique used by the famous Murano glass blowers of the first century and is still widely popular today among glass artists. Bring a brilliant new dimension to your room by incorporating hand crafted glass art. An innovative designer, Portnoy is someone who puts thought and patience into every aspect of her items. It was a beauty – thank you! Photo of … The earliest pieces were decorative beads or amulets. Respectfully. Well done to all! , and. Reimagining classic household items like the orange juicer, stackable kitchen bowls, and decorative jars, she is constantly exploring the origins of glass and how to use it in unexpected and unusual ways. McFadden Art Glass is a Baltimore gem. Amokura Glass is the only hot glass studio & glass art gallery in Rotorua. Contorting the glass in this way requires impeccable timing and an expert handling of the material. I just thought I'd write to say how thrilled we are with our painting and that we will definitely be ordering more in future! I look forward to seeing them framed and hung. Morag has become well known for her playful and mischievous cast mice using the lost wax casting technique. A German-born glass artist, on the cutting edge of contemporary glass, literally. Combining crystal clear optical glass in precise geometric shapes, his work is futuristic and highly architectural.

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