It is urgent and necessary, that everyone — bishops, priests and laity — rediscover a perspective of faith on the Church and on priestly celibacy which protects her mystery. In the heart of the tempest, the faith of the Apostles in the power of Jesus seems to become less. Rather, it is significant in its demonstration of a further and continued encampment of ideological standpoints.

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( Log Out /  We have exchanged our ideas and concerns. We are perishing! We have exchanged our ideas and concerns. But it is evident that the text walks on two legs. Two bishops wanted to make public the fruit of their distinguished research. Alas!

For their part, already at the end of last summer Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah had begun to exchange writings, thoughts, and proposals, and then met together in order to give as much clarity as possible to the pages that now follow in this book.

We feel a deep peace, however, because we know that the one who guides the Barque is Jesus. The similarity of our concerns and the convergence of our conclusions led us to decide to place the fruit of our work and our spiritual friendship at the service of the all the faithful, just as Saint Augustine did. Get briefed on today's top stories with Christine Niles.

A firestorm seems to have broken out over Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict’s joint book defending priestly celibacy.

Have a news tip? Their faith grew cold. You also The chapter goes on to justify that with the regular, and often daily, celebration of the Eucharist, there is a necessity to keep abstinence throughout a vocation to the modern priesthood.

Originally published on Marco Tosatti's blog, Jan. 16, 2020. correspondence in order to share their points of view, their hopes, and their concerns. I’m not sure why Ganswein would argue the point. Examining the doctrine of salvation can only unite the Church around her Divine Master. Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues.

We can say, as he did: I know indeed how pernicious silence would be for me.

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We ought to be grateful to Pope Francis for having placed such a master of the spiritual life at the head of the Congregation that is responsible for the celebration of the Liturgy in the Church.". Shepherd of the flock or wolf in sheep’s clothing? Pope Enlists Atheist to Hose Down Media Firestorm, Report: Vatican Limits Travel for Faithful Bishop, Pope Francis Gives Abp. Cardinal Sarah is a master of the spiritual life who speaks beginning from his profound remaining in silence together with the Lord, and thus he truly has something to say to each one of us.

A rapid reading of the introduction and conclusion (co-authored by the two) and a glance at the division of pages in the book fully exposes how many lies my American, English, French, Spanish, Argentine, Italian, etc., colleagues linked to the court of the reigning Pontiff have placed in motion in an effort to diminish the importance of this text, which was obviously conceived and written by both men. For through it, all of the beauty of the Church is implicated.

It was our sacred duty to recall the truth of the Catholic priesthood. Submit news to our tip line. This should not necessarily be a surprise to those already familiar with Cardinal Sarah's orthodox views and strong vocalisation of such.

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