Her kit lacks nothing except for buffs; she has access to utility in a teamwide stun on a 4-turn cooldown, high AoE damage with burns, high single-target DPS with a small AoE guaranteed, and CR boosts for herself. Okok not convinced? Since the balance update in August 2019, her Soulburn changed into extra turn on her S2, End of Evil. Faithless Lidica is a 5★ Light-element Ranger released with the 2019 December Mystic summons rotation. Crimson Armin is an immensely strong Hero who provides almost unrivaled bursts of protection to your entire team, while also boasting strong passively protective abilities.

Her Destina's Grace (S3) is a comprehensive reset that heals and cleanses her entire team, while also granting an extra CR boost based on the number of debuffs removed. Cleanse? This guy does it all. Clarissa is a strong farmer, and, with some gearing, a good candidate for either Wyvern or PvP.

Check out our Epic Seven Tier List. A humble 3★ hero who is available for free through a Connection Quest, her kit is nevertheless perfectly constructed to take advantage of Wyvern's weaknesses and shred him into dragon jerky.
While she is quite similar to Alencia, the only aspect of Choux that is similar to Diene is the Crit Resistance buff. Despite being a Warrior, Dingo focuses more on damage-over-time and team support rather than direct DPS. Despite being one who hates fighting, she brings a unique skill set to any battle. Outside of this Sol can be used to auto Golem 11 and can be used to clear raid. Lots isn't going to be your primary healer, but he's excellent for multiplying the performance of your team by multiplying their turns. She can be one of the first 6 star on your team if you do not have another fast farmer. NOTE: Read more about how to complete Researcher Carrot's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section. She can cause Unhealable to block the Breeze Silva's healing and has an AOE heal to keep up with the Golem's AOE attacks. They usually have low cool down skills that deals very high damage to multiple targets. It's not uncommon for players to be turned off by her low base Spd and limited team utility, and she is certainly not easy to build, requiring a lot of investment and a team built entirely around her needs. Further, if the skill is activated through her first skill, Windbreak Fan, the chance to cause a defense break is boosted to 85%. Holiday Yufine is a limited 5* Fire Warrior who fills multiple roles as a bruiser. Before her Specialty Change, Wanda is much more of a pure debuffer, focusing on increasing her team's damage with Targeted and preventing key targets from moving with her Stun.

You should only be counting on the Butcher Corps Inquisitor to dispel buffs and survive single hits instead. Did you mess up the timing on Wyvern 11 and trigger its party-wiping breath? Farmers are damage dealers that clear adventure stages very fast during auto battling. Corvus’ basic stats are actually pretty decent and with a defense set, his skills can make him a fearful enemy in combat. This provides abundant healing and sustains allies throughout long battles, making her an excellent healer for Raid, Hunts, and the Abyss. While Arbiter Vildred may not sport a good defense value, we are banking on the activation of his passive skill to make up for that. Gloomyrain is a late-blooming DPS hero who becomes pretty nasty to deal with once someone is foolish enough to inflict a debuff on her. In terms of raw power, Ras isn't going to be winning any contests, but he still packs some useful utility that can keep him relevant. Popular pages. Vildred is a powerful Earth Thief who specializes in dealing huge amounts of AoE damage. Don’t let this bright pink shielder fool you; she’s a force to be reckoned with! Dienne is you all-around support character that can be easily mixed and matched for most rosters you can think of. Register Start a Wiki. I would say just get her! Useful Content: Banshee Hunts, Abyss, Labyrinth. He is a limited-edition, purely PvP-focused hero who is specifically designed to enable and counter stall compositions, where the player uses four tanky units and lots of healing and revival to stall out the enemy's offense. She is considered one of the best offensive attack buffers due to her ability to grant others extinction through her passive Soul Harvest. She’s got it. The small, scrappy nature of Guild Wars fights means she won't be easily combo'd to death, while still allowing her to output a lot of damage against the right opponents. In terms of mechanics, Choux is a lot more like Violet as she has her own focus mechanic that will allow her to pump out some big damage with full focus and soul burns. With his teamwide Critical Rate buff and potent single-target damage, Furious is perfectly poised to overthrow the Wyvern and support the team.
Being a Virgo Ranger, Pavel has quite high base Speed and Attack, which signifies good damage potential that is unfortunately marred by mediocre damage multipliers and low utility. However, she also pulls double duty by mitigating damage before it affects your team in the first place, with a Hit chance reduction debuff on her S1 and an AOE Defense buff for your team on her S2.

The latent power of Light Storm (S3) can quickly turn him into the ultimate killing machine when placed into teams that support his innate reliance on Stuns. Exuding elegance from every pore, Bellona is an Earth Ranger whose kit is packed with offensive utility and situational (but very powerful) offensive potential. Kawerik is a 5* Fire Mage with a star sign of Virgo. First he was underpowered, then he was buffed to nearly unstoppable levels, then he was nerfed off most people's radars. She is extremely good at this, with every portion of her kit doing something extra when she crits. With blazing base Speed, enormous evasion, Speed-based damage, a devastating S3 nuke, a 2-turn Silence, and a Speed-based Devotion Aura, Mirsa has a noticeable presence in terms of damage, survivability, and team utility all at the same time. Stigma is a farmable resource and you usually have too much of it and in Epic Seven, 3 star heroes can skill enhance by just using Stigma. (She also can't cause Unhealable until after her Specialty Change. Angelic Montmorancy is an amazing hero that can be used in many different contents. Iseria is an incredibly versatile support Ranger who nonetheless excels in damage. Needs to farm ice runes and specialty changed to unlock the true power, but this game requires you to farm to get the best characters anyway. Schuri is a solid initiator for PvP fights since he can not only grant CR, but also push back enemies with his ultimate, Rifle Shot/Full Burst. Losing out on critical hits means losing out on a huge amount of damage output. This means that as your gear gets better in later game, she becomes even more useful. While not often used in PvE content, Ludwig can still hold his own in both Banshee 11 and other areas.

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