Today would have been Butler’s 79th birthday. The brave group accepts; and they would go to a carnival created by the same Charro. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Tejano legend ‘El Charro Negro’ Bobby Butler has passed away, Tortilla Factory’s Alfredo Guerrero proposes to girlfriend during performance [VIDEO] | TEJANO NATION, Robert Fernandez of Los Tejanos passes away at 62 | TEJANO NATION. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Is most darkest and evil villain in entire franchise, because he has been an adversary difficult to face, that neither the protagonist could with him, more than his friends united (although it is debatable). He was a three-time Grammy nominated musician and a member of the Tejano Music Hall Of Fame. At the entrance of the parish, he approaches El Chupacabras family inside his prison, in the full arrest of the insurgents and Leo. It rides with his ghostly black horse in search of unfortunate souls who wander through the deserts, seeking help with scarce resources or favors to satisfy their desired needs, in exchange for dragging them into the underworld and condemn for life. Type of Villain Unknown The three of them made him fall into a circular portal to the underworld, leaving only Las Calaveritas alone and scared, who left to tell Teodora what they heard. Change ). El Charro Negro is an antagonist from the Mexican cartoon franchise, Las Leyendas, since in his initial debut La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanjuato (2014) appearing at the end of the film, also as the climax antagonist in La Leyenda del Chupacabras (2016) and a major antagonist in the movie that bears his same title of 2018. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Before the credits, the final scene focused on the crow that presaged the arrival of the charro and he was seen observing the city of Puebla. Kidnap Evaristo, Alebrije, Xóchitl, Don Ándres and Chuy and imprison for work. Its most imminent form is that of a disturber dark giant made entirely of fire, emanate orange flames from around his body like the mouth, eyes, and also outline of his suit. Leo se ve obligado a reparar el daño. In Guanajuato city he was spying from an alley to The Ghost-hunting Team fleeing to the Mummies, he did the same with Rousseau when he wanted to resurrect his fiancee at Mictlantecuhtli altar, and see how fainted one of the soldiers in the bridge. On some occasions, it can be even more monstrous like that of a demon with horns. Tejano Nation sends our heartfelt condolences to Butler’s family and fans and will have more details on the legend’s passing when they become available. They were more than willing to remove it, with all their abilities that have interposed there (even the see ghosts), just like that, El Charro will no longer have it in his power. Goals This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kidnap Evaristo, Alebrije, Xóchitl, Don Ándres and Chuy and imprison for work (succeed).Pluck the deer's eye from Rupertino and take the soul of Beatríz (succeed).Make a deal with Leo San Juan to possesed his body and being oneself, to get his don and spread their evil in the whole region and have contact with the beyond (succeed and later failed).As a last effort to not be replaced, kill Leo San Juan friends (partially succeed, but he may have died in the process). Persevere in its goal even if it takes several years, but sooner or later it gets what it looks for, such was the case in persuading Leo to give Rupertino his deer's eye, implacably taking the soul of his daughter, in turn, to attract the prodigal boy of his coveted power, to his trap for making a deal with the one that could not be saved. Evil-doer In their way, El Charro Negro confuses Leo and with it an innocent girl is dragged into his world. Escaping from their prisons, Leo's friends look for him very worried that El Charro Negro uses his gift (The White Glass that was inside it from the trip to Guanajuato) to cross into spiritual worlds, and spread their evils. "We had an arduous table job with the director, finding the "norteño" tone with that serious accent. Herald from the UnderworldCollector of souls "We have it in the psyche of the Mexican". Legendary Tejano singer and musician Bobby Butler, also known as “El Charro Negro” (The Black Cowboy), has passed away, according to a report. Powers/Skills Butler’s family asked the apartment manager to check on the singer who hadn’t been heard from since Tuesday. El Gremio de Charros Negros es un conjunto de personas que desde generaciones, se encargan de servir a las fuerzas de las tinieblas. ( Log Out /  Full Name If had known he lived in San Angelo I would have visited with him since I been passing through San Angelo since I was a child on my way to work the cotton fields in west Texas. ( Log Out /  Shadow La Leyenda Del Charro Negro ( 42 ) IMDb 7.0 1h 25min 2018 NR Leo must enlist the aid of his friends after being fooled by the Charro Negro, resulting a girl to be cast into the underworld. At first he appears to be a benevolent character walking alongside unsuspecting prey, offering them gold coins. El Charro Negro sonriendo . Put sea salt on a small plate. Crimes Once entering the underworld, everything seemed to indicate that the home of El Charro had an environment similar to that of a hacienda with agave crops. He carried her on his horse to send her to work towards a dark cellar, claiming that Leo San Juan is in danger of being caught by the oscure demon. "I faced great difficulties because I had to give him that personality only with his voice," he said. Among the newcomers is Erick Elías as the voice of Charro Negro. Géneros: Animación, Infantil, Aventura , Terror, Comedia, Fantasía Sinópsis: Después de liberar al Chupacabras, Leo San Juan, decide que es el momento de regresar junto con su hermano Nando a casa de su abuela. For the "Charro Negro" figure, the filmmakers have considered including him in the franchise for a while. La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato He is voiced by the Mexican celebrity Erick Elías. "t is a pride that I have been invited to be part of this made by Mexicans, for Mexicans I feel identified with everything that happens with this Leyenda," he said. Leo is forced to repair the damage and crosses the portal to negotiate with the legendary Charro Negro. Directed by Alberto Rodriguez. Occupation It is not to be expected, since the suit he has almost always worn is black, except for the top reaches the ribs because at there a buttoned rosy brown shirt, same hue brings it in his belt only that the brooch is more saddle brown and there is a skull, various white drawings like bones skeletons, a red bow is placed on the neck and the heels golden spurs (stand out for being the brightest accessories), the sides of the hat are completely tan with rhombuses whose red circle goes inside each one. El Charro watching Leo entering in the Old Manor. The heroes went there, to talk, El Charro Negro anxious about the arrival of Leo, caused by her "Evil Gloating". After discussing with the thief that the old man and his little girl had described him, they run terrified, so as not to be hit by both. based on the classic folkloric legend of Mexico,Ánima_Estudios)?oldid=3889139. Pluck the deer's eye from Rupertino and take the soul of Beatríz (succeed).Make a deal with Leo San Juan to possesed his body and being oneself, to get his don and spread their evil in the whole region and have contact with the beyond (succeed and later failed).As a last effort to not be replaced, kill Leo San Juan friends (partially succeed, but he may have died in the process). Add rum, lime juice, and top with Coca Cola. Chuy, the mayan mummy joins to catch Leo San Juan taking away the gift he had inside, thanks to the powers of the Calaveritas, "the light of ethereal purity". It started in remote, rural towns like Puebla, where people would be walking late at night. An unpublished scene that did not appear in the film, Don Andrés was chased incessantly by El Charro Negro, since somehow he found out what he wants from Leo. He looked for if luckily he would find some of his friends to notify them of the news, ended up in a cornfield where the two Alebrijes were found. Rodríguez called the figure a "very powerful and seductive character", making the character "dangerous". Most of what it offers is a portion of gold coins, if someone accepts them without fear, the Charro catches them with his fiery whip so that they can not escape and thus take them to the underworld. In the distance, on a hill, the mysterious charro from Leo's nightmare observes them. Amazed at how Leo San Juan had the ability to see ghosts and communicate with them, he continued to observe him (without his noticing) in the following adventures. Nando y Teodora nerviosos. By setting course for Xochimilco the Charro Negro caused a great storm, which provoke the Flying ship to stagger and drop the boy into the swamp, then on "The Island of the Dolls" he made a presence when the dolls come alive to attack the intruders, while in the river channels he appears and watches as Leo and Kika escape from La Llorona, so he would also take care of breaking Ollin and Tonatiuh tombstone so that no one could easily find it. Hobby "It's interesting how Leo San Juan, our main character, is going to deal with this dark and powerful force," said Rodríguez. Playing guitar.Administer their ranch in the underworld, where embottle the poor souls in distress and collect them. Butler’s career spanned over 60 years including stints with Little Joe Y La Familia and the past 33 years as co-founder of Tortilla Factory. It should be noted that he is one of the most dangerous and powerful villain, that has managed to put more than one step ahead of the heroes. With the idea of not wanting to be dragged to the underworld, Rupertino got a deer's eye, to drive away the disastrous devil. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Passing the post credits, Leo wakes up in the middle of the night and a crow flies in front of hersfel, realizes that he is alone in the cart without anyone but the coachman who turns out to be El Charro Negro. Leo must enlist the aid of his friends after being fooled by the Charro Negro, resulting a girl to be cast into the underworld. It is unknown if El Charro Negro has survived, since no details of the battle are revealed. La Leyenda del Charro Negro . Log in, Some posts on this site contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). According to, the Tejano music pioneer was found dead this morning at his apartment in San Angelo, Texas. In the prologue of the story, The Charro, had kidnapped Xochitl Ahuactzin and taken her as his prisoner. Añadir una imagen a esta galería. It is the same demonic figure based on the classic folkloric legend of Mexico. Your email address will not be published. The filmmakers wanted to give the figure a more 'Mexican' taste to match the national cinema's 'golden age' by giving him an attractive personality and arming him with golden spurs. Leo, Teodora, Rupertino and Nando had finished completing the missions, only it would be necessary that enter to "the house of mirrors" as the last test to overcome.

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