This is evident in Weis and Hickman’s writing, as they are well known for their strong characterizations. With over 190 novels utilizing this particular world, there’s always room for more stories to grow within its setting. Desperate for money, they agree to take on a job in the backwater village of Mereklar. First launched over a decade ago, the Preludes series has continued to prove popular with Dragonlance fans. Yes? This compelling novel tells the story of the birth of her twin brothers, the warrior Caramon and the frail mage Raistlin, and Kit’s admirable role in their upbringing. This looks like something that’s here to stay on into the foreseeable future, as it appears Margaret Weis or any of her contemporaries are stopping anytime soon. Their task: not only to rescue their friends, but also to defeat the elusive Nightmaster. There’s plenty more on the horizon with a lot more characters to introduce and worlds to explore for the legions of fans out there. Can they manage to return the peace once again and this time discover the truth behind the dragons of spring dawning? The Cult of the Dragon has amassed over the past several years, worshiping to bring about her return to Krynn. Once he accepts a mysterious gauntlet, young Sturm must make a dangerous journey with some curious friends, rescue a fair if querulous maid, defeat a traitor knight, and learn the secret fate of his long-lost father. There are over 160 novels based on the Dragonlance world. First launched over a decade ago, the Preludes series has continued to prove popular with Dragonlance fans. This is evident in the many subsequent spin-offs from this series alone, as each novel has the potential to expand further, allowing the readers greater interactivity with the smaller aspects. They were the first novels that sparked my life long love affair with reading, fantasy, and D&D. The Age of Mortals period represents the ‘current’ time period in Dragonlance writing, and the vast majority of novels going forward will be set in this time period and will move the setting forward from here. In addition, I’m a big fan of work by the following authors: Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Chris Pierson, Richard A. Knaak, and Douglas Niles. I would read the Classic core novels first, followed by the Fifth Age core novels, and then the Age of Mortals core novels, and finally the Historical core books. Next, you should read the Lost Chronicles series. Jack Reacher is back this month and it’s the most intriguing Reacher novel yet – as Lee Child isn’t alone! This re-release of Tanis, The Shadow Years showcases a new look that is also reflected in the other recovers of this series. Overall though, the main idea behind the character’s growth in this series is to become fully independent and fully realized characters. Weis is particularly known for her dark characters, whilst Hickman is better known for her good characters, thus ensuring their compatibility as writers.

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