You can check it out at his YouTube page! Deadpool runs to the scene of the mugging hoping to be the hero. A short Deadpool 2 teaser finds Ryan Reynolds suiting up as Wade Wilson, which will premiere before Logan in theaters this weekend. There is no one left to save, so Wade mutters to himself. Deadpool … ", This short but sweet teaser ends with text on the screen. Yes, this is essentially a short film featuring Deadpool. Caitlin Busch contributed reporting to this story. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. We see him moving in slow-motion, only to find the victim dead in the alley from a gun shot wound. Hugh Jackman’s moving, R-rated final outing as Wolverine is now in theaters. Read ahead at your own risk. Then comes an unexpected cameo. Logan is in theaters this weekend. We know this because of the deafening gun shot that rings out. The phrase “Nathan Summers coming soon” is written in sharpie on the side of the phone booth — Nathan Summers, of course, is the real name of the yet-to-be-cast X-Men character Cable. No, Logan doesn’t feature a post-credits scene – but James Mangold’s R-rated actioner comes packing the next best thing: a fleeting teaser for Deadpool 2. The Marvel comics god walks up to Reynolds, who has slid his mask back, and asks, "Hey, aren't you Ryan Gosling? That’s when he discovers that the dead man’s groceries, which are strewn everywhere in the alley, included a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. Deadpool 2 will be in theaters, well, not soon enough. Deadpool finally manages to struggle out of the phone booth in his full outfit, just in time to hear a gunshot. Cause it's not coming here. The camera holds on Reynolds for almost an entire minute as he struggles to climb inside his costume. Yes, there is a Deadpool 2 teaser attached to Logan.Stars Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and director James Mangold all swore up and down that there wasn't a post-credit scene … And that turns out to be true. His naked butt presses up against the window, naturally. Ahead of the its release, fans were wondering if there would be a Logan post-credits scene and were picking apart rumors, wondering if we’d be seeing any other familiar faces beyond Logan and Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. Deadpool 2 doesn't have a release date at this time. Read ahead at your own risk. Instead, the Merc with a Mouth appears in a self-contained short that’s basically a preview for Deadpool 2. Wade spends a solid minute in the phone booth — long enough that it gets really awkward, of course — changing into his Deadpool costume. The problem with this teaser is that it stands alone, and does not incorporate Hugh Jackman or his Logan character. The mugging comes to an end off-screen. The mugger has made a break for it and is nowhere to be see. Seriously, in-depth spoilers for the extra Logan scene are below. Yep, it’s Deadpool. He passes a mugging in mid-act, and runs for the nearest phone booth, which is hard to come by in this age of social media and iPhones. Topics: Deadpool 2, Deadpool, Wolverine 3, Wolverine, © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, Deadpool 2 Was a Business Transaction Compared to Avengers Says Josh Brolin.

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