data: [168,170,178,190,203,276,408,547,675,734], When more customization is needed, e.g. borderColor: "#8e5ea2",

When you click any area of the chart, the table object (and any other object you might add into the dashboard) will be subset/recalculated to reflect only the data in from the selected area. The “Don‟t summarize” option from the drop down (as it is listing) for all variables should be selected. For serverless approaches all required HTML files need to be created up-front and interactivity is ensured when all HTMLs are linked together through hyperlinks. To create a pie chart you need to click the respective icon in the “Visualizations” section (initially an empty figure will show up) and check the boxes for USUBJID and STATUS variables. Denver, CO: PharmaSUG.

In case of more complex HTML (or XML) tags, e.g. The framework combines powerful visualization components just waiting for your data to be presented! Hi— I am on a mission to create a Dashboard using Base SAS and SAS/Graph. data: { So, how can we create JSON strings using SAS? In the values section USUBJID should be selected. Other notes: DATA htmlcode;       length string $100;       string=""; OUTPUT;       string=""; OUTPUT;       string=" "; OUTPUT;       string="  "; OUTPUT;       string=" "; OUTPUT;       string=" "; OUTPUT;       string=" 

Patient's data

"; OUTPUT;       string=" 

Gender: %Gender(Sex=F)

"; OUTPUT;       string=" "; OUTPUT;       string=""; OUTPUT;     RUN;     DATA_null_;       SET htmlcode;       FILE "%SYSFUNC (PATHNAME(WORK)) \sample.html";       varlen=LENGTH(string);       put @1 string $varying200.

Chart.js is a powerful open source data visualization library that allows you to draw different types of charts by using the HTML5 canvas elements. We want to share our knowledge and create an archive of information that you will be able to engage with, share and comment on.

Power BI is able to detect connections between data sources and build a relational database automatically. Instead JSON objects can be saved in external text files in such situations.

tag will 1) extract the part of the URL after the “?” character 2) convert the string into a JSON objects can be nested if needed so instead of “VALUEn” we can have another JSON object and so on. Available at title: { Dashboards can even be opened on mobile devices, making them very convenient. data: [6,3,2,2,7,26,82,172,312,433], display: true,

borderColor: "#3e95cd", We will also review SAS techniques helpful in building in-house platform: PROC GKPI, PROC STREAM and custom html+JavaScript codes run through SAS.

The following code will be saved as %SYSFUNC(PATHNAME(WORK))\index.html. display: true, similar to the code presented above, however the main difference is that in a serverless environment you

] Interactive Pie Chart Produced by Chart.js.

labels: ["Africa", "Asia", "Europe", "Latin America", "North America"], From the user perspective this methodology provides interactivity as a subset of all patients is displayed when you click the segment. Next we turn to SAS. data: [25.48,54.16,7.61,8.06,4.45]

These dashboards can then be shared with specific individuals.

}); Any report object (for example, scatter plot) that requires your user to first look at the legend and then comprehend the data in the graph would be unsuitable for playable dashboards that are set to move at a fast rate, such as three or four seconds per page.

Some solutions can be resolved by calling specific R script (“R” button below) but this would require additional coding time and negates one of the key benefits of not needing to be a programmer. A few of the supported data engines include: Microsoft Excel, Text/CSV, XML, JSON, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, Azure SQL and OData Feeds. title: { The first step in this method is to write HTML code which will do the job. The LINK statement activates the whole KPI as a hyperlink – very helpful for dashboards. That being said, this is what I’m looking for….. The charts are rendered in SVG which enables interaction with each element of the chart, There are a lot of examples available in the web, so no need to start from scratch. For such situations it is recommended to use a combination of SAS and javascript. Alternatively, this process can also involve production of HTML code from scratch using SAS environment as framework, a few methods of which have already been discussed.

I will instead discuss the approach that my company selected based on many months of pros and cons analyses. %if %upcase(&sex)=F %then %let RES=Female; %else %if %upcase(&sex)=M %then %let RES=Male; FILENAME stream "%sysfunc(PATHNAME(WORK))\Sample.html"; PROC STREAM outfile=stream QUOTING=SINGLE; .

} [CDATA[ A given element of the array consists of a container incorporating name & sex variables together with their values. pointBackgroundColor: "rgba(179,181,198,1)", For more complex situations it may not be the best practice to use JSON objects directly within URLs, e.g. } data: [2478,5267,734,784,433] Assuming that you save above code as [path]\file.html and subsequently open it through an Internet browser as follows: file:///[path]/file.html? There are techniques (e.g. options: { {

new Chart(document.getElementById("bar-chart-horizontal"), { the best practice to use JSON objects directly within URLs, e.g. The first step is to import the data by using “Get Data”. pointBackgroundColor: "rgba(255,99,132,1)", a combination of SAS and javascript.


options: { title: {

Can we always say that we are collecting data in consistent way. Transition unit – I can choose to display one page at a time or one object at a time. Let‟s see what some of the common techniques are.

When a Visual Analytics 8.3 report moves on a screen from one page to the next – all by itself, without a human hovering over a keyboard – you're seeing the Report Playback feature of SAS Visual Analytics Viewer 8.3 in action. If you are interested in moving the pop-up off the pie chart then it would require more coding as pop-up showing over parent object is default.

type: 'line', This means that we cannot use pure javasript code to access our JSON file.

This can be also achieved by custom injection of javascript code as described earlier. }); A list of existing pages appears. datasets: [ You can customize charts in many ways – almost no limitations! This part of the paper will not discuss approximated methods which can be used (e.g.

labels: ["Africa", "Asia", "Europe", "Latin America", "North America"], During the build of dashboards one of the key requirements will always be the ability to drill down into the data in more details. // ]]>, //
<> This paper doesn't go through all of the functionalities but instead only focuses on the elements crucial to produce the dashboard. JS communities started development of various Open Source libraries. });ok // ]]>, //
}, }] %PDF-1.5 legend: { display: false },

You can also use single quotation marks in HTML without additional masking (if the QUOTING=SINGLE option is used) or call macros within PROC step.

Which solution presented in the previous section is the best? When you click a given segment of the pie a listing of patients falling into the selected category will be opened in new browser tab. label: "Asia", borderColor: "#e8c3b9", When the scatter plot or geomap is displayed, notice how it’s hard to comprehend such report objects in five seconds.

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