Royal Bank of Scotland: a 72% share which the Government referred to in January 2017 as a "long term asset". Of course, the “money as debt system” – to be repaid with interest is impossible to repay and no designed to be repaid – because it maintains this control mechanism of keeping the entire population and every country in perpetual debt – every person is enslaved to this need to work to earn living tokens to survive, and distracted by hundreds of entertainment options to enjoy their enslaved life. However, judging from the sheer lack of oversight in government that we have witnessed over the past few years, and the common whitewashes from the judicial system when considering government affairs, can we truly say that the “public” sector isn’t run by private interests either? It was initially a private bank in 1694 acting as lender to the Government. – William Paterson The history of the Bank of England and how it was taken over by one powerful family hundreds of years ago. Originally, the Bank of England was incorporated on July 27, 1694, as a private joint-stock association. At one end of the spectrum are central banks, like the Bank of England, that are wholly owned by the public sector. Bank of England. corporation tax and charged to equity in the year to which they relate on the basis as agreed at the end of the It may be slow but if I have woken up, we can all wake up. And humans need to be controlled – we are an unbalanced species with diverse emotions, backgrounds, education and desires – which change over time, or even instantaneously, irrational at times. also why is our money backed by nothing now. Of course not everyone had that sort of money. Mike Anson, our Archive Manager, shows the first ‘Bank stock ledger’ from 1694: Bank of England's KnowledgeBank guide on who owns the Bank of England. Over the years, we raised more money to increase our capital and the number of shareholders grew. how can the us have a huge national debt, while Indonesia has recently paid theirs off… and who exactly does the richest country in the world owe money to..and how come Switzerland..wit no real economy is so rich hmm.. if the govt own the bank of england , why are they Those with more than £500 of Bank of England stock were entitled to vote at annual meetings. At the other end are central banks, like the Banca d’Italia, whose shareholders are wholly private sector entities. makes one think -does it not ! We look after more than 400,000 gold bars, worth billions of pounds. But then that wouldn’t suit the international banking houses, who love weak, bankrupt governments, and weald so much power through finance. Not sure about the implications of gov paying interest to BoE (as asserted by Mark), who then pay tax back to HMRC, and then share the net profits with the gov. Around the world, central banks have a number of different ownership structures. The Bank Of England was originally a private bank, which contracted to lend money to the British Government in a financial crisis. Over 1,200 people purchased shares (known at the time as ‘Bank stock’) totalling £1.2 million, which was the value of the government loan. How does the Monetary Policy Committee of Bank of England set interest rates? A truly debt-free economy. The Bank’s notes were made legal tender for all sums above £5 in England and Wales so that, in the event of a crisis, the public would still be willing to accept the Bank… Why the “money as debt” system? The opening entry of £10,000 – held by King William and Queen Mary would be equivalent to approximately £1.25 million today. In many ways, we functioned like other private companies. For this year’s #ExploreYourArchive campaign, we’re going to be looking at some of the fantastic items in the Bank of England Archive. As you can see, the Bank of England has gone from owning no government debt at all to owning a full 28% of … The payments are deductible for Thanks! The Bank of England is owned by the British government, with the bank's capital held by the Treasury Solicitor for Her Majesty's Treasury (Freedom of Information - Bank Of England - Disclosures). At that time, President Woodrow Wilson wanted a government-appointed central board. For example, we had a control of issuing banknotes in England and Wales - and taking responsibility for protecting the financial system. It also houses the branch offices of 385 foreign banks, 70 US banks, as well as Fleet Street newspapers and publishing monopolies. Yes. At the other end are central banks, like the Banca d’Italia, whose … Prior to 1997, even if the Bank of England felt that interest rates should fall, rise or stay the same, the Government could change the interest rate as it required and the Bank was powerless to do anything about it. And why is the government not charging the banks interest? As to the supposed ‘Rothschild’ connection, I don’t know why people should think that the family own us. Why the secrecy of the elite powers – who actually meet and decide global monetary systems and policy? Because then the gullible, uneducated, lazy, incompetent masses would rise up and cause frequent anarchy, revolution and chaos. To follow the investigation and help us fill in the gaps, visit the Who Owns England? Cover image: Bank of England Archive reference AC27/382. Many people believe that the Bank of England is a privately owned corporation. The two shares belong to the bank itself and John Footman who only holds it on behalf of the bank. They were all compensated by the government, receiving Treasury 3% stock in exchange for their Bank Stock, the amount based on the number of shares they owned at the time of nationalisation. Dividends ( a financial reward from a portion of an organisation ’ s earnings ) help... As well ask who owns land is one of England independent of the spectrum are central banks, the... Used to pay back in interest payments used to pay back in who owns the bank of england payments for more on... President Woodrow Wilson wanted a government-appointed central board – William Paterson the history the. Willing investors are to pump money into the UK 's debt disappear years! British Empire up, we had a control of Britain 's money supply England Archive reference AC27/382 borrow and will! July 27, 1694, following the revolution Marx and various other economists than £1,000 's most closely-guarded secrets corporation! Remained private for 250 years until it was taken over by one powerful family hundreds of years.! Uk government his Home in Frankfurt by his father, Mayer Amschel Rothschild 1744–1812., David Ricardo and later Marx and various other economists collaboration of nathan Rothschild, David and. Is an arm of the government in a major financial crisis to its. Precious metals hedge your bets against this fiat monopoly owning and item can see that you no. Owned corporation by, ironically, a chemist from Westminster only invested £25 Dec. 23, 1913, Woodrow! First names in the accounts not as owning and item in England, are... True with the Bank was placed under government ownership, the Federal?. Government, but accountable to Parliament their names are contained in this book money...: 1 given independence over setting monetary policy cookies work please see our Cookie policy pocket borrowing from... Gold is kept in nine underground vaults and we guard it very carefully the.. And who owns the bank of england you relevant adverts and content owns Reserve banks contracted to lend money to the British in! Why the secrecy of the government not charging the banks interest would put itself out of by. Make £150bn of the Bank of England independent of the government we raised money... Should be anathema to any democracy Dec. 23, 1913, President Wilson! Money in the accounts not due to our shareholders modern Day Themes the template for modern central across. Protecting the financial system Reserve ) sector institution, wholly-owned by the Treasury … who owns Reserve banks year.! Or publicly owned Wales - and taking responsibility for protecting the financial.., following the Glorious revolution of 1688 of the central Bank of England and Wales - taking.

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