Gardel was also an acclaimed film actor, his first full length feature film, “Luces de Buenos Aires” was released in 1931 and it helped propel many of his songs, including the Argentine hit “Tomo Y Obligo”. Besides this, he landed a deal with Paramount studios which helped him release a series of shorts which became highly popular in the Spanish market. Portrait of Gardel made by José María Silva in 1933. [23] After 1920, Gardel gave contradictory and evasive stories about his birthplace, most likely because of the false papers he had filed.

The place and year of Gardel's birth was a controversy that provoked debate; Toulouse, France, in 1890 was the most widely accepted version for many years. By 1910, Gardel established as a folk song and Creole Milonga expert himself, and started performing regularly in many of the city’s restaurants and cafés, including the popular O’Rondemann café.

Gardel was born out of wedlock of Berthe Gardes and Paul Laserre. For many, Gardel embodies th….

As a French citizen by birth, Gardel had been required to register with the French military during the Great War. The two-year-old boy was recorded as Charles Gardès. For many, Gardel embodies the soul of the tango style. [2] Berthe Gardès also left Toulouse, a little over a year later, likely to escape the social stigma of having a child born out of wedlock. In: USPS Postal News Release No. Famous lyrics by » ... Song Duration; Mi Buenos Aires Querido : Tango: Yesterday and Tomorrow [2009] Song Duration; Mi Buenos Aires Querido: 2:39: Gardel spent his early childhood in poverty; he would roam the streets and the local marketplace in his free time. [12][19] In 1990, Eduardo Payssé González published a book containing many biographical details supporting a birthplace of Tacuarembó. The Gardel and Razzano duo, amid extensive touring all over Europe, had to split up in 1925 as Razzano had serious throat problems, and thus Gardel established himself as a solo artist. Later, she and the boy traveled again, this time to Buenos Aires, where they settled. The unwanted boy, named Carlos, was offered to Bertha Gardes who was passing through the area on a cabaret dance tour. [22] He revisited his family in Toulouse in 1934, after working in New York. [8][9], Gardel arranged for del Valle to have a house; he provided money for her to live on. Gardel revolutionized the style of music and brought it from the underground dance salons to the mainstream. Carlos Gardel was a prominent French Argentine Singer, Songwriter and Composer. In early 1893 in Bordeaux, France, mother and son boarded the ship SS Don Pedro and sailed to Buenos Aires, arriving on 11 March 1893. In the newspaper El Telégrafo (Paysandú, Uruguay, October 25, 1933), Gardel was reported as saying, "I'm Uruguayan, born in Tacuarembó". [37] In 1985, on the 50th anniversary of his death, Colombia produced a Gardel stamp which featured the singer and the airplane model that caused his death.

Gardel’s extensive success with his first tango record urged him to further his work in tango, and so by 1921, Gardel’s name was used in parallel to two of his biggest hits, “Medallita de la Suerte” and “Mi Noche Triste”. At this time, he was being mentored by José Betinotti, who was a folk song expert. Gardel's baritone voice and the dramatic phrasing of his lyrics made miniature masterpieces of his hundreds of three-minute tango recordings.

In an effort to seem as if he were available to any woman, he sought to keep his love life secret. On 1 May 1923 he took the oath of Argentine citizenship. [4], Some time after 1918, Laserre traveled from France to Buenos Aires to ask Berthe Gardès, now called Doña Berta, whether she would like to legitimize her son by marrying Laserre. [38] On March 16, 2011, the United States Postal Service issued a set of five "Latin Music Legends" stamps including one picturing Carlos Gardel. He sold 70,000 records in the first three months of a 1928 visit to Paris. Gardel was aware of the fact that much of his popularity was based on his attractiveness to women. He earned his legacy as one of the most important figures in classic tango FAMOUS …

Another common Argentine phrase is soy/sos Gardel y Le Pera (I'm/You are Gardel and Le Pera) referring to the greatness of both; used when somebody excels at something.

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