But although the mine may be allowed to reopen in stages, it's expected to take up to four months before any mining resumes. Mr Shorten said people who had accepted packages would be able to reapply for their jobs if the mine reopened. Federal Member for Lyons Eric Hutchinson said the extension to the existing facilities was an impressive addition to an already strong tourism region that attracted over 2.1 million visitors a year, who brought more than $500 million into the regional economy. Mr Ryan said the company had held talks with the 11 workers about taking up temporary employment elsewhere in the region, but none chose to take it. Mr Webb said he refused to be nominated for a courage award after the ordeal.  “I said ‘I’ll give you the names of some guys with courage … a lot of people busted their ass to get to get us out, to me, that is more courage than sitting in a hole waiting,” he said.  “That is why we call ourselves survivors not heroes. On April 27, Larry Knight’s body was found and the little hope the town had started to diminish.  “When Larry’s body was found, it was almost like ‘this is it, the other two boys are going to be found in similar circumstance’,” she said. Both were among a crowd of workers at a farewell barbecue at the mine today, but did not comment. “I saw the look on Jackie’s (Mr Knight’s wife) face that very first night, it looked like half her soul had been taken away, I think she knew. June 10, 2006 — 5.22am. Yeah, maybe it is but it's a bit dodgy," said Mr Rigby, 56.  In the early hours of April 26, the news that three miners were trapped in the Beaconsfield Mine was broadcast over her husband’s radio. The northern Tasmanian mine yard that became the backdrop for the rescue of Beaconsfield miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell officially opens to visitors. Mr Duncan said a number of miners were "still rattled" after the rockfall and a "large majority" of the 14 workers also on shift that night had left. Mrs Seen described the day as ‘bittersweet’ because it was also the day the two men walked from the mine. Robert Rigby, one of the seven specialist jumbo drilling machine operators to leave, said he was unsure if the mine could operate safely. "The mine site development will give visitors another reason to visit the West Tamar region of Tasmania, and learn more about the agricultural history of the Valley as well as the 'life and times' of the district.". “It was a traumatic time, but some good has come out of it … The Museum at  Beaconsfield used to have around 16,000 visitors per year. A coroner's inquiry and a separate independent inquiry are underway into the rockfall, which has been blamed on seismic activity. "There's no animosity, there's only goodwill," Mr Shorten said. It is expected to boost visitor numbers in the region. Following the rockfall that increased to around 40,000 every year,” he said. "So now the opportunity to climb that, at least part of the way, people will find that really really interesting.". Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic, Follow our live coverage of the final 2020 US presidential debate. Former Mayor Barry Easther said the ordeal put Beaconsfield on the map. “By day nine, I felt my back caving in because we were so cramped and I had six ruptured discs from compression and all my cartilage in my legs and hips was shattered too,” Mr Webb said.

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