Please see the project page if you are interested in helping. Except for the north-west extension of Casagranda’s Level when the rescue team had found the bodies of two men, the inspection was made without apparatus: besides one of these men lay a box of matches. On the day shift there was an overman for the Nine Feet and No.1 Thirty Inch districts and the other for the Six Feet and No.2 Thirty Inch district. He immediately sent a rescue van with the Assistant Superintendent. On the afternoon and night shifts, there was only one overman for the whole colliery. A pocket of gas ignited when a match was struck. Not registered? Kirkwood, the Area Productions Manager, Mr. A. Gardener, the Deputy Area Productions Manager (Operations), Mr. P. Milligan, the Group Manager, Mr. A.H. Walker, the manager Mr. T.W. His brother George Richmond, who was working along with him, was severely injured by the same fall, but is recovering. 135 men were underground at the time.
Beyond the booster fan the air split to the Six Feet and Nine Feet Seams, the latter being split again to provide ventilation for the No.2 Thirty Inch Section. coal mine, coal miners, miners, rescue 176 kB. The Area General Manager was Mr. G.W. 6 died. A look at a mining process begun at ground level. Bradford got in touch with the surface and was instructed to remain at the Nine Feet telephone. Mine disaster in the Saar, Germany - the worst in history. the barony (auchinleck) dykefield colliery (mauchline) mining in muirkirk. Memorials to the miners who died in the Knockshinnoch disaster.

Such a step to be fully effective would need the co-operation of the workmen, but I am confident that the National Union of Mineworkers would give their full support. He then attempted to reach George Davidson at the top of Connor’s Dook but collapsed into unconsciousness about halfway down the dook. Please log in to add to WorkSpaces.

Makin had also collapsed but all three were rescued by willing helpers. 2 Dook. 12 died. W. Queen, conveyor switch attendant and R. Hannah, a collier, were at the Stooping Section conveyor. “The story of what happened at Knockshinnoch is one that not only still resonates with local people, but it has been used over the years by those who teach present-day rescue techniques. Material related to newsreel story "Mine Disaster Traps 260 (aka Mine Disaster)" - 56/65. The mine had always been a naked light mine and before the disaster, there had been no reports of firedamp.

Stone dust was applied and for some months previous to October the word “wet” had been entered in the record book for the West Mine haulage road and the outbye end of the West Nine Intake. The inrush of liquid rushed back down the incline filling miles of underground workings and sealing off all escape routes to the surface. 7 died & 6 injured. The colliery was situated about two miles east of Ayr at Muirkirk. The deputies also used cap lamps in which the wax seal had been retained.

467. All 17 bodies were located and brought to the surface at 1.20 p.m. on the 20th November and taken to Ballochmyle Hospital. The analysis of the samples from the Pony Level during the six months prior to the disaster showed that there was between 75 to 98 per cent of incombustible matter.

In the Stooping Section, Henry Casagranda thought there had been an explosion and so with Bradford and Cook, he joined Queen and Hannah in the Belt Level. © Northern Mine Research Society | Registered Charity Number - 326704. In 1947 the mine had been taken over by National Coal Board (NCB), Scottish Division. The report of the causes and the circumstances attending the explosion which occurred at the Kames Colliery, Ayrshire, on the 19th November 1957 by Sir Harold Roberts, C.B.E., M.C., B.Sc.C.D. Realising that the men in the No.1 Thirty Inch Section would be in danger since that section was ventilated from return air from the Six Feet Section, he made his way there and told the deputy, David Casagranda, brother of Henry and Joe, to withdraw his men. There were water sprays as a precaution against airborne dust at certain transfer and loading points and firedamp had been found in small quantities only on three occasions prior to the explosion. The explosion occurred in the Six Feet Section. Disasters and Accidents; Mining; Scotland 70 kB . There were the deputies’ districts in the West Mine, the Nine Feet, the Six Feet and No. This was done by a party consisting of  Mr. P. Milligan, Deputy Area Production Manager (Operations), Mr. F.H. Four auxiliary fans in the Walker’s Fan Crosscut, Wylie’s Fan Crosscut, the Companion Dook and the Belt Level were used to ventilate the working places. James Boston Marshall aged 69 years, repairer. COAL 116 are rescued shots of operations for rescue..casualties brought up in darkness when lamps makes eerie pattern It was one of the worst disasters in Scotland's mining history yet somehow 116 men were rescued from a coal mine which had collapsed while they were working hundreds of feet below ground. Robert Law, miner, residing in Mauchline Road, Ochiltree, was killed by a fall of stone … (76 meg) sorn mine. Steps were taken to restore the ventilation and by 3.00 a.m. it was possible to undertake a more thorough inspection. The return air from the Mine Feet Seam and the No.2 Thirty Inch Section joined the West Main Haulage road just inbye of the Six Feet Bench and that from the Six Feet Seam joined it just outbye of that point.
Smoking, which had been allowed at the mine was prohibited and only permitted explosives could be used. Knockshinnock Castle Colliery, New Cumnock, 1950 The only source of firedamp discovered after the disaster was in the rise heading at the foot of the No. Inspector and at a later stage, Mr. W. Widdas, H.M. Divisional Inspector. VLVAOQ0UBVYGILSZS11XLB1VE7Q9-AYRSHIRE-MINING-DISASTER, Things You May Not Have Known About The Oscars. A glaciated lake filled with liquid peat and moss flooded pit workings trapping more than a hundred miners underground. The explosion occurred during the afternoon shift on Tuesday 19th November. A glaciated lake filled with liquid peat and moss flooded pit workings trapping more than a hundred miners underground. At the time of the disaster both capped fuses ignited by “Fusee” matches and short delay detonators, fired electrically by Beethoven exploders were in use. The coal was transported from the working places by scraper conveyors to loading points at which it was transferred to tubs for transport to the No.

At a point 2,053 yards from the shaft there was a booster fan with a capacity of 32,000 cubic feet per minute at a water gauge of 2.5 inches which was installed following a ventilation survey at the end of 1950. MINERS AND MINING 116 rescued from Ayrshire disaster..being brought out to waiting vives and families Disasters and Accidents; Mining; Scotland coal mine, coal miners, miners, rescue Background: Survivors are brought out of an Ayrshire mine and deceased are mourned . Mr. Morran, and asked Dempster to call out the Kames Brigade. Most were eventually rescued three days later, but 13 died.

The disaster was an international media event. Caprington Colliery, Ayr, 1909 2 Thirty Inch and the No.1 Thirty Inch which also included the Pit Bottoms and Bell’s Mine Locomotive Road in the East Mine. The colliery was in the East Ayr Area of the Scottish Division of the National Coal Board. The Inspector referred to the actions of the people who were in comparative safety when the explosion occurred yet risked their lives to do what they could to help their workmates. James Marshall, Junior was the acting overman and was in charge of the whole colliery below ground. This stopped at a fault on 19th October. Brady and Casagranda made another attempt to get into the affected area by going along the Pony Level into No. Donald Morrison McGarry aged 18 years, bencher. They returned at midnight and reported that they had found 16 bodies but no signs of life. The Knockshinnoch disaster was a mining accident that occurred in September 1950 in the village of New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. Brady retraced his steps to the Six Feet regulator where he met the rescue brigade men and did what he could to help them. The first indication of a serious accident had occurred was received at the surface at 7.50 p.m. Mr. Harley, the acting manager, and a doctor and ambulance from Muirkirk were promptly summoned and the Rescue Station at Kilmarnock was asked to stand by for instructions. Queen, was elderly and Cook and Hannah took him towards fresh air while Bradford and Casagranda went along the Level to try to reach the men working near the loading point. The mine employed 510 men below ground and 130 on the surface. These lamps were Edison L and L.5 types. MINERS AND MINING 116 rescued from Ayrshire disaster..being brought out to waiting vives and families Fork lift truck fills truck in open quarry. William Aird Hendry aged 30 years, loaderman. The liquid matter had come from a glaciated lake just below the surface. We always welcome comments and more information about our films.All posts are reactively checked.

5 Heading section of the 'Main coal' seam in the South Boig district of the mine. coal mine, coal miners, miners, rescue However, a further 13 men were unaccounted for. All interested parties were represented and the report was presented to The Right Honourable Lord Mills, K.B.E., Minister of Power on the 12th June 1958. At the time of the disaster, there were three connections between the two Dooks, Walker’s Fan crossing, Wylie’s Fan Crosscut and Casagranda’s Level. At 8.30 p.m., Mr. Dock, the Superintendent received a call from Dempster, the day shift overman. I therefore recommend that the National Coal Board should, as a matter of policy, forthwith prohibit below ground presence of naked lights in any form and by 31st December 1960 make all their mines safety lamp mines in every sense. Shots of the Broken shaft at the Levant Tin Mine in Cornwall that caused many deaths. A detailed investigation of the explosion area was made and it was accepted by all parties that the blast came from the foot to the top of No.2 Dook. Open lights were used until December 1956 when electric cap lamps were introduced according to the National Coal Board policy and in agreement with the National Union of Mineworkers to provide the lamps free for the workmen. Colliery Guardian, 28th November 1957, p.668, 13th February 1958, p.204, 20th February, p.236, 24th July, p.115. This was followed by a 15 minute firework display which lit up the massive Barony A Frame Monument . No soundtrack or paperwork to indicate the type of mining or location. Top. You can also study a full list of all disasters: Disasters during 1600 - 1799; Disasters during 1800 - 1849; Disasters during 1850 - 1899; Disasters during 1900 - to date . 3 Dook just above its junction with the Belt Level Througher, about two miles from the shaft at 11.05 p.m. At 11.15 p.m., a brigade of three men, W. Shaw and R M. Boland of Kames Colliery and three men from the Coatbridge Rescue Station were sent into the affected area. Rescue operation to try and save three trapped men in flooded mine. Auchengarvie Colliery, Ayr, 1895 June.

Category: Ayrshire, Scotland Mining Disasters. They were beaten back by fumes and went along the return airway to the Six Feet Bench. Timothy Dillon aged 44 years, mechanical assistance man. Hill. Turner and the Undermanager Mr. D.B. Please do not add individual [person] profiles to this category. After three days, the men were eventually rescued by being led through the old disused gas-filled Bank No. A pocket of gas ignited when a match was struck. R. McLaren, the engine driver, was at his engine at the top of the No.2 Dook near the junction with the Pony Level and A. Smith, rope changer, was at the junction.

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