The plot is confusing to say the least, the best way I can sum it up is to quote Rugrats (cause I’m cool like that) “How did it happen. Roger Ebert gave the film a favorable review, stating: "Director Alfred Sole has a brilliant touch for the macabre and there are some splendidly chilling scenes,"[64] while US Magazine called the film a "superior modern Gothic thriller. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Meanwhile, Aunt Annie is going out. 88 Films then followed up with a UK premiere on Blu-ray on July 9, 2018. Shortly after, while descending the stairs to go shopping, Annie is attacked by a masked figure in a raincoat. continues his pursuit. [88], In 2007 director Dante Tomaselli announced his intent to direct a remake, confirmed that he had completed a script with Michael Gingold. Back at the apartment, when Alice drops a glass of milk on the kitchen floor, Aunt Annie yells at her and tells her that she should be in school. When Alice actually murders a kitten by slamming it into the ground I was pretty much hoping she died by the end. "[92], Newspaper sources show a release in cities such as Philadelphia. It would not take much observation to see that if you were a quiet old woman who listened in the background- they may have discussed it on the phone (we see the old woman eavesdropping on the other line), or she listened to gossip. He chases the person into an empty warehouse. Special guest and director Anna Biller joins us to discuss the life, loves, and legacy of actress Marlene Dietrich. Set in 1961 New Jersey, the film focuses on a troubled adolescent girl who becomes a suspect in the brutal murder of her younger sister at her first communion, as well as in a series of unsolved stabbings that follow. She yells that Dominick and Catherine are sinners, implying that they had Karen out of wedlock. It is unknown ifshe inspired the killer, was her accomplice, or if the murders were completely unrelated. She grabs the butcher knife and stabs the priest in the neck. Alice puts on her yellow slicker and heads down to their landlord's apartment to give him the rent check. I’ve had Alice Sweet Alice for over three months and I was sick of looking at the red Netflix envelope. Als der Priester seine Haushälterin vergeblich zur Aufgabe überreden will, wird er von dieser getötet. He also has a good feeling for the lower middle-class locale and the realities of the lives of the people who live in it. [89][90] Tomaselli will also score the film using original pieces and re-mastered and remixed musical compositions from the original film. "[12] Hogan views the film as an extension of such features as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Mr. Alphonso encounters Mrs. Tredoni in the staircase and mistakes her for Alice. Alice takes her place in line wearing her veil, which she claims she had found on the floor, and becomes the police's prime suspect. Catherine's sister Annie (Jane Lowry), who loathes and mistrusts Alice, decides to stay with Catherine to keep her company. [90] In May 2016, Tomaselli revealed that the film had suffered delays due to lack of funds, but also stated that he had been in recent contact with "solid prospects from European production companies and producers. Dominick tries to call Father Tom, but the priest's overprotective housekeeper, Mrs. Tredoni (Mildred Clinton), won't put him through. My skin crawled throughout this entire  film. Another theatrical re-release occurred in 1981 under the title Holy Terror, which marketed the popularity of Shields after her performance in Louis Malle's Pretty Baby (1978). "[72] William Whitaker of the Abilene Reporter-News similarly criticized the film's violence as "a little too much after awhile," but conceded that the "script has enough imagination and the direction enough insight to make it passable fare as far as these kind of films go. Catherine's sister Annie moves in to help her through her grief, though Alice and Annie despise each other. [36] Tom Signorelli, who played Detective Brennan, an officer investigating the crimes, was a New York stage actor. It's Mrs. Tredoni, Father Tom's housekeeper! The daughters are Alice (Paula Sheppard) and Karen (Brooke Shields) and they both attend the St. Michael's Parish's girl's school. [62], Following the rising fame of Brooke Shields after her performance in Pretty Baby (1978), the film was released for a third time in 1981 under the title Holy Terror. I think that says a lot for the pacing of the film. I assumed this was a horror movie due to its inclusion on Bravo’s 100 Scariest Movie Moments series where I first heard of it. Learn more about Fritzi's work and support it here. [4] Catholic iconography is featured prominently throughout the film,[7] including votive candles, crucifixes, and rosaries, as well as artistic depictions of the Virgin Mary in sculptures and paintings. On a staircase landing, the figure stabs him before beating him with a brick and binding him with rope. [11] King elaborates on Alice's performativity: Alice is driven by her own out-of-control desires,including her jealousy of her sister and her desire for attention. It is unknown if she inspired the killer, was her accomplice, or if the murders were completely unrelated. Annie implicates her niece in Karen's murder. ( Log Out /  Scholar Claire Sisco King notes in a 2007 essay that the film is preoccupied with the theme of theatrical performativity perpetrated by children who are emotionally neglected by their parents. Plot Keywords [24] Brooke Shields was the first to be cast in the film after auditioning in New York City in 1975; director Sole had seen her modeling in a Vogue advertisement,[25] and contacted her mother about the film, expressing his interest in her playing the role of young Karen. [42], Approximately 90% of the film was shot using a 16 mm camera, as Sole wanted the frames to have "wide" appearance with significant foreground. She takes a doll that their father has given Karen and then lures her into an abandoned building. [15] "My family was really supportive," he recalled, "and my mother cooked for the crew, my neighbors chipped in; everyone was just so kind and supportive of me that we eventually got it made. Sole, whose first feature this is, knows how to direct actors, how to manipulate suspense and when to shift gears: the identity of the killer is revealed at just that point when the audience is about to make the identification, after which the film becomes less of a horror film than an exercise in suspense. The ending has been mocked in numerous pop culture items but it’s revealed in that film that a tiny old lady is the murderer. In der film-dienst Filmdatenbank und im Lexikon des internationalen Films wird das Werk als „dilettantisch inszenierter blutrünstiger Gruselfilm“ beschrieben.[1]. Dominick is tied up and pushed to the edge of an open window. The Father picks up the phone and hears the exchange. Later, Dominick receives a hysterical phone call from someone claiming to be Annie's daughter Angela, saying that she has Karen's crucifix. [25] Additional interior photography took place at the Governor Morris Hotel in Morris Township. Alice, Sweet Alice also features one of the scariest masked killers to come out of the genre. There’s no smooth way to transition from that so let’s talk about transitions (see what I did there?). April 2019 um 00:13 Uhr bearbeitet. A jealous Alice puts on a translucent mask, frightening Father Tom's housekeeper, Mrs. Tredoni. Playing a twelve-year old here, she was actually nineteen when she filmed Alice, Sweet Alice. It’s well-known to Catherine that Annie is meddlesome and has it out for her daughter so why is she credible? The film premiered at the Chicago International Film Festival under its original title, Communion, in November 1976, and was released under this title in London in September 1977. "[74] In Ireland, the film was notably controversial due to its perceived anti-Catholic themes. Quotation is cited from the 1999 DVD release of the film by Anchor Bay Entertainment. Father Tom seems to be trying to keep attention off the fact that Alice is his by giving Karen gifts and doting on her. First she stops by Catherine's apartment, possibly to kill her. When Aunt Annie is attacked you actually see Mr. Alphonso and Catherine come out and from the way it’s filmed it’s apparent they saw the killer! ( Log Out /  "[69] Ernest Leogrande of the New York Daily News echoed Canby's sentiment, awarding the film two-and-a-half stars out of four and writing that it "has qualities that take it out of the usual run of sanguinary homicidal horror movies, an attention given to dialogue, to authenticity of setting and to revelatory and atmospheric touches. [53] However, following a monetary dispute between Columbia and producer Richard Rosenberg,[54] Columbia ultimately dropped the film from their roster. [4] Prior to writing and directing Alice, Sweet Alice, Sole had directed his debut feature, an adult film titled Deep Sleep, in 1972. The problem is these elements are never explained or integrated properly into the narrative. The first UK release was by Video International on DVD, utilizing a NTSC-PAL converted 4:3 video master with BBFC cuts to the scene where a kitten is aggressively grabbed and thrown around the room (which eventually ended up getting waved with later DVD releases, as it was discovered the cat grabbing shot was a camera angle trick and that a stuffed toy kitten was used for the tossing shots). In 1961, a divorced catholic couple's life is turned upside down when one of their two adolescent daughters is suspected of her younger sister's brutal murder during her First Communion, and a series of subsequent stabbings. The murder scenes in the film in particular have been described by genre scholars such as John Kenneth Muir as "stark and shocking," and noted for their use of "powerful imagery" correlating with the film's religious overtones. She begins crying hysterically. [27] Sole recalled that Shields's mother "bent over backwards to help me out. Listen to episodes early, receive gifts, and more by becoming a Patron. Alice, Sweet Alice also features one of the scariest masked killers to come out of the genre. … [55] In the United Kingdom, Hemdale Film Corporation purchased distribution rights to the film,[56] premiering it in London on September 8, 1977, under its original Communion title. [17] In developing the character of Alice, Sole and screenwriter Ritvo aspired to create a "child who has been neglected, and who could go either way," dividing the audience in regards to her guilt or innocence in the crimes committed. In light of the 1973 release of The Exorcist it was considered “cool” to make horror  films devoted to demons and the Catholic Church. I've been featured in the L.A. Times. Catherine Spages lebt mit ihren zwei Töchtern Karen und Alice, die die katholische St. Michael’s Parish Girl’s School besuchen, in einer Mietwohnung. The dead girl's father is brought to the police station, where he is told that Alice should see a shrink. There’s never any good reason explained for why Alice’s family has such vitriol towards her, except for Aunt Annie’s supposed issue with the fact she was born from premarital sex between Catherine and her ex-husband Dom (Niles McMaster).

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