They also are responsible for SB 1070, which gave the police the right to stop anyone they thought to be an immigrant. Unless, of course, they were criminals. For a growing resource list with information on where you can donate, connect with activists, learn more about the protests, and find anti-racism reading, click here. The answer was in the 13. It starts with Nixon’s southern strategy – he recruits southern, poor, working-class whites into the Republican fold and criminalizes Blacks.

(as Charles B. Rangel), Self - Interviewee “Except as punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” reads the loophole in the law. Our journey begins from there, with a slew of familiar and occasionally surprising talking heads filling the frame and providing information. The documentary starts off with some striking statistics – the United States makes up 5% of the world’s population, but has 25% of the world’s prisoners. Directed by Ava DuVernay. Here are ten things I learned from DuVernay’s film: This film made me feel like we have regressed as a society: why are we accepting a modern form of slavery? In the land of the free, it’s ironic that we have the highest incarceration rates in the world.

How do we break the cycle of mass incarceration? | He was born on May 18th, 1999 in Boston, MA to Phillip Jake and Michelle Mackie Bronchuk of Merrimack. Company Credits

We are republishing this piece on the homepage in allegiance with a critical American movement that upholds Black voices. Despite the heavy subject matter, DuVernay ends the film with joyful scenes of children and adults of color enjoying themselves in a variety of activities. It has been about one year since film director Ava DuVernay released the documentary “13th.”  This documentary is widely available on Netflix. Clinton now realizes that this bill led to hyper-incarceration and was a mistake. As a result, 97% of people do not go to trial and instead take a plea bargain.

The final takeaway of “13th” is that change must come not from politicians, but from the hearts and minds of the American people. That last item is a major point of discussion in “13th”, with an onscreen graphic keeping tally of the number of prisoners in the system as the years pass.
Clearly, incarceration is not just a trend – it’s become a part of American culture.
(as Khalil G. Muhammad), Self - Interviewee ALEC helped pioneer some of the toughest sentencing laws on the books today, like mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders, “three strikes” laws, and “truth in sentencing” laws. The council writes laws for the Republican Party, including Florida’s “Stand your Ground” law.

The Nixon and Reagan administrations are responsible for the cycle of criminalizing African-Americans suffering from drug addictions, rather than increasing resources for treatment or rehabilitation. It basically led to the massive expansion of the prison system – it increased state funding for prisons, put 100,000 police officers on the street, and contributed to the exploding prison population. In the Reagan era, the war on drugs became a part of our modern culture, andBblack people became overrepresented in the news as criminals.

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