The two teams would meet again in 1928 (which the Yankees swept in four games); 1942 (which the Cardinals won in five games); 1943 (which the Yankees won in five games); and 1964 (which the Cardinals won in seven games). He was tagged out at the plate by catcher Bob O'Farrell. [29], The Yankees scored the first run of the game in the third inning on a Babe Ruth home run into the right field bleachers. Required fields are marked *. Our outfield is better, stronger and more experienced, and all the boys are cocky and ready to go. [21] Each game was to start at 1:30 p.m. local time. Alexander bunted right in front of the plate. The hit-and-run play was on, and Ruth got hung out to dry when his teammate missed his pitch. Lazzeri lined a shot to left but Gehrig, on a headfirst dive, was tagged out at third by Bell. The Series took place from October 2 to 10, 1926 at Yankee Stadium and Sportsman’s Park. Discuss both modern and historic Ballparks.

The 1936 World Series matched the New York Yankees against the New York Giants, with the Yankees winning in six games to earn their fifth championship. But the Yankee smasher laid off and ran the count full.

Top Row, L-R: Doc Woods (Trainer), Fred Merkle, “Sad” Sam Jones, Earle Combs, Aaron Ward, Bill Skiff, Waite Hoyt, Tony Lazzeri, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Miles Thomas, Herb McQuade, “Jumpin’ Joe” Dugan.

“No matter what anyone else may say, I know the reason I lost the 1915 World Series was that I was not in the proper physical condition to give it my best.” Was he drunk or hungover?

We're Contacted by Relative of a Former Player! In the Yankees' half of the inning, Mark Koenig grounded into a double play, and Babe Ruth followed by striking out. For a home run!

It was also the first in which both teams wore uniforms with numbers on the backs of the shirts. [40], The 1926 World Series produced one of the most famous anecdotes in baseball history, involving Babe Ruth and Johnny Sylvester. In 1926 he finally had the chance to redeem himself. On the following play, Yankees catcher Hank Severeid struck out, and Lazzeri then attempted to steal home plate. Hi Bell replaced Reinhart as pitcher, but he was not able to suppress the Yankees' offense.

[17] (p119) Ruth's failed attempt to steal second base ended the 1926 World Series; it is the only time a World Series has ended with a runner being caught stealing. Two strikes and one ball. That's what it takes to win. 1926 Major League Baseball championship series.

Alexander's next pitch fell outside of the strike zone for ball one.

With one out and no runners on the bases, Hafey hit a single. This was the first World Series appearance for the Cardinals, while the Yanks were in their fourth World Series in six years. [37] Doc Woods, the team's trainer, ran out and sewed up Ruth's pants, much to the amusement of the crowd. Hoyt struck out the next batter, and Wattie Holm hit into a force play at second base. Pennock had pitched a complete game three-hitter in the 2–1 Yankees victory, while Sherdel had pitched seven innings, giving up two runs and six hits. [27] In the top of the seventh inning.

Where Every Player Is Safe At Home! …or was he the one that had “a few” between innings? Although Grover Cleveland Alexander had pitched a complete game the day before and may have spent the night drinking (Alexander later denied this, saying that Hornsby specifically told him to limit his celebrating since he might be needed the next day), [60] Hornsby decided to trust him after Alexander said he "had it in easy in there" in Game 6 and would be ready whenever Hornsby needed him. [32] All three runs in the inning were charged as unearned on Hoyt, due to the two Yankee errors. [43], The Cardinals were first to bat in the game. [40] Urban Shocker was the starting pitcher for the Yankees.

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Ruth would rule the long ball, the RBI’s and the outfield defense.

Alexander sent the Yankees down in order in the 8th inning, then retired the first two batters in the 9th. [31], The Cardinals scored again in the top of the seventh inning. This would be the first of the Yankees' 27 World Series championships. ( Log Out /  At this point, there were two outs, and Haines had developed a blister on his pitching hand, and could no longer pitch in the game. A little too close. [29], The Cardinals responded by scoring three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning. Tommy Thevenow followed with a two-run single to right fielder Ruth. Bob Meusel was then walked, but was tagged out at home after attempting to score on a Lou Gehrig single.

We were told , by many sources, that Ol’ Pete never took a single warmup pitch, telling his catcher that he only had a few good pitches in his right shoulder. [19] By September 23, the Indians were only two games behind New York, but then lost three of their final four games to finish the season three games behind.

[8], The Cardinals won the 1926 National League pennant with 89 wins and 65 losses, two games ahead of the runner-up Cincinnati Reds, [9] after finishing only fourth in 1925 at 77–76. (Read all about this World Series here.)

[7] (p77), Sportsman's Park was filled with 37,708 people on October 5 for Game 3.

Billy Southworth and Rogers Hornsby followed with groundouts in the infield to end the inning. Alexander's next two pitches fell too low for balls two and three, making it a full count.

The object of the game is for a team to score more runs than its opponent.

Up comes Bob Meusel, Lou Gehrig is on deck, with Tony Lazzeri to follow. Joe Dugan followed with a single of his own, moving Lazzeri to third base. He started Meusel with a fastball that Bob was late on. It’s important to note that newspaper accounts of the game, where they detailed the game action, never called Ruth’s play a “caught stealing” and at the time they did not criticize Ruth’s conduct.

The great grand kids all get these incredible items but nothing makes it come to life like reading the exciting making of this game! Jim Bottomley lined a one-out single into left field to start the Cardinals' fourth inning rally. [17] (p119), With two outs and Ruth at first base, left fielder Bob Meusel came up to the plate, with Lou Gehrig waiting in the batting circle after him.

Stories you have never heard about but should: The 1926 World Series.

The New York Yankees' 1928 season was their 26th season.

He played for the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and New York Giants from 1925 to 1936. Called out, the Babe trotted back to the dugout in old Yankee Stadium as the St. Louis Cardinals celebrated their first World Series championship. The 1926 World Series was the championship series of the 1926 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, featuring the St. Louis Cardinals against the New York Yankees. [28], Future Hall of Famer Waite Hoyt started Game 4 for the Yankees at Sportsman's Park on October 6. The Only Website Dedicated To Deceased Major League Players! Meusel was a .315 hitter that year and had batted in 81 runs in just over 100 regular-season games. In the bottom half of the inning, the Yankees loaded up the bases with Earle Combs, Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Change ). On the mound for the Cardinals was right-handed knuckleball pitcher Jesse Haines, a future Hall of Famer with a 13–4 record and 3.25 ERA in 183 innings in 1926.

Each member of the championship team collected $5,584.51, while the Yankees' players were given $3,417.75 each.

Don’t hold your breath, Nationals fans, it’s not going to happen. Gehrig was their offensive star with both of his team's RBI. ( Log Out /  Ruth, successful in half of his stolen base attempts in his career, [6] took off for second base on the first pitch. Anthony Michael Lazzeri was an Italian-American professional baseball second baseman during the 1920s and 1930s, predominantly with the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball.

There were two outs and Grover Cleveland Alexander was on the mound for St. Louis, primed to close out Game Seven. REMEMBERING WHITEY FORD, THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, JOE MORGAN – LEADER, ALL-STAR, HALL OF FAMER.

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